Preschooler + Toddler Christmas Gifts

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Here ya go, the the best preschooler and toddler Christmas gifts, for kids ages 1-4. I’ve had 4 toddlers/preschoolers at this point and countless Christmases with them full of good and bad toys!

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These toys are all SCREEN FREE! The gift guide is full of high quality, unique toddler toys, or imaginative toys kids can play with in multiple ways.

I suggest ordering just a little earlier this year due to how long everything takes in 2020, and all the delays we are getting.

Toddler Christmas Gifts / Preschooler Christmas Gifts for 2020

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Click on the item below to shop, or scroll down for descriptions:

Fort Builder

On the older side of this age bracket, 4 year olds and older will love this fort builder! So many imaginative games can take place with the fort.

Ride on Horses

Looking for the “big gift” that leaves their mouth open? These ride on horses are worth looking into…


Adorable wooden doll stroller – made from Hape so you know it’s a good brand.

Finger Family Puppets (Save Option HERE)

When Leo was 2 he was obsessed with finger family play. He always had story telling play happening on his fingers – naming each one, etc. – so Santa gave him these adorable finger puppets for Christmas. He got so much creativity out of them! There are two options here – handmade and budget!

toddler christmas gift finger puppets

Pikler Triangle and Ramp

We ADORE our Pikler Triangle and I’m a huge fan of getting these for little ones – even as young as 6months. It helps with their confidence, balance, and coordination so much! You can read my full review here, or head to Wiwiurka. They have several options and sizes, and are handmade to be the best quality!

toddler christmas gift  rainbow Pikler Triangle rock wall

Toddler Bike (10 Months – 2 Yrs)

Our kids started this just as they showed interest in walking – around 10 months – and they got the hang of it immediately! The “steering” design is an introduction on how to use their balance. We kept this bike inside all winter because it didn’t scratch the hardwoods! NOTE: this is a small bike. It’s really a bike for under 1 through 2 year olds. Scroll down for ages 3+ bikes.

toddler christmas gift  boy on toddler bike

Balance Bike (age 3+)

What a great first balance bike! This adorable bike is for the 3+ crowd. Don’t give up if your child doesn’t figure it out perfectly right away. It took a few weeks for my kids to figure out how to “glide”. The Banwood bike is the original, but the knock off appears to be the same bike.

Expressway Toy (or Basic Playtape here)

This toy is uses their imagination and they have to think to put it together. My kids still pull this toy out to play – I have them take it outside on spring days, and we brought it on our trip to the mountains as an “rainy day activity”.

That being said – I can’t not mention the basic highway tape – which is a similar watered down version. This still uses their imagination and is a great budget minded alternative!

Just Like Mommy Purse

Perfect for a little one who loves to use imagination and be just like Mommy. Our littlest got this as a Christmas gift from me and didn’t want to open any gifts after. Adorable!

mommy and me purse for toddler christmas gift

Ride On Ladybug

Oooohkay, for all you parents who want toys that also look cute in your house – this is it! We had this guy around our kitchen for years. Our toddlers would climb on and off of it and scoot around all day. Likely best for the 1 and 2 year old crowds, but our 3 year olds weren’t ready to give it up quite yet! (I want to say we had the small because they started riding on this toy early, but I can’t remember exactly.)

toddler christmas gift is a ride on ladybug

Rattan Shopping Basket

Another imaginative toy that will look darling in your home. Is it a suitcase – a doll stroller – a grocery cart? This beautiful toy is full of playtime ideas.


There is something special about the gift of a beautiful dollhouse. This one comes with little furniture too. I love the look and the size of this one.

Toddler Bumper Car

Never did I ever think I would say those words, but this bumper car for ages 1.5 – 5 year olds looks cool! The reviews are full of little babies driving around in these cute little chairs. I would guess they do much better as an inside toy (they do work on carpet). Never knew this existed yet now I need one.

Everyone’s Favorite Rocker

This company makes the most beautiful, high quality Pikler triangles, climbing arches and ramps. Technically this “rocker” is a climbing arch. My kids love it either way. Even our 7 year old still loves to play! They love to use it like a see saw with each other, pretend its a boat, or turn it on its side to make a fort. (Read my full review of our Pikler Triangle here)

toddler christmas gift  Pikler Triangle

Large Gray Dollhouse

Beautiful wood dollhouse priced just over $100 and is such a quality piece. This dollhouse is gorgeous on the outside, and opens up to 4 spacious rooms.


Of course you can always grab the lesser expensive primary colored slide that is likely equally as fun – but if I’m going to recommend a large can’t miss toy that’s going to sit in your living room, I want to recommend a pretty modern one! This makes a great addition to any playroom.

toddler christmas gift slide

Cozy Coupe

Receiving this gift is like a rite of passage. Is there any more classic toddler Christmas gifts than the cozy coupe? We kept ours inside for the winter, and didn’t bring it out until spring so that the wheels stayed clean. This is a wow factor gift for a little one!

Reborn Doll

We have a select few baby dolls we really like. Soft bodies, reasonable prices and sweet faces, I am a fan too.

toddler christmas gift baby doll

I hope you found this round up of toddler Christmas  gifts helpful. 

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