12 Navy Throw Pillows Your Home Needs

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I just bought several navy blue throw pillows from Serena & Lily for our living room! Our sofa was starting to look a little stale with the mismatched polyester pillows we had kicking around here forever, so it was time for a refresh.

At this point I have a full blown addiction to blue Serena & Lily pillows, so I am rounding up all the ones I have in my home and sharing images of them – and others I love.

My Favorite Navy Throw Pillows

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Here are the navy blue throw pillows that I bought last month in our living room.

sofa with navy throw pillows in a living room

Since most of my other colors in our living room are neutrals (whites/creams/grays/tans), these navy throw pillows are room-making statement pieces.

Serena & Lily is known for blue and whites – their blues are various shades, but they all play so well together.

Few things will breath life into a neutral room as much as a high quality throw pillow with color. It’s like putting lipstick on a pretty face, am I right?? When I tried to tell my husband this theory he gave me a blank stare back… but you know what I’m talking about!

throw pillows on a grey couch in a living room

Shop Pillows In My Living Room Photo: Stripe Pillow in the basket | Large Fringe Pillow | Medium Geometric Pillow

Serena and Lily Pillows

Let’s have a real chat about the Serena & Lily pillows, shall we? The elephant in the room is that they are a splurge. There is no getting around that.

What you need to know is that your Serena & Lily pillows will last and look amazing for years and years. (Case in point, I am updating this post a year later and they are STILL our favorites and look just as high end on our sofa as they did when we first got them!)

For the most part, I stopped tossing little pillows into my shopping cart from that certain unnamed big box store several years ago. No more “just okay” or lumpy throw pillows …that I tire of a season later.

I started thinking of it this way – two or three beautiful pillows that last, or double/triple that amount of “just okay” pillows. I’ll take less but better please!

I have 4 kids, and Serena and Lily pillow covers UNZIP! Most you can toss in the wash (on delicate and don’t dry. I do this all the time!) or dry clean.

My Favorite Navy Throw Pillow Picks:

Pinterest image of navy throw pillows

Row 1:  1   / 2  /  3

 Row 2:  4 /  5  / 6

Row 3:  7  /8/  9

Row 4: 10 / 11 / 12

Buy less… and buy better! I am working hard on losing my “more is more” approach to decorating, and trying to use discipline when I shop. Save for a splurge, that will in the end last longer than the 4 cheap pillows bought on a whim during that chips and salsa run.

Use A Serena & Lily Pillow INSERT Or Any Down and Feather Insert

Here is our playroom, with Serena & Lily pillows on it. What’s the trick?a sofa in a playroom

If you are wondering why the Target throw pillows isn’t holding up- this is why:

Big box stores have pillows full of cheap cotton / polyester, and that will clump up and makes the pillow look stiff. A higher quality pillow, like a Serena & Lily pillow, has an insert you buy separately. You must use an insert with DOWN and feathers inside, to get the same look.

Truth be told, I don’t think it matters one bit if you use Serena & Lily inserts or Amazon inserts (I buy this kind off Amazon too). Just make sure the filling is DOWN, or FEATHERS, or a combo. I find the Serena & Lily inserts to be tad on the heavier, fuller side, but I am very happy with both kinds. Neither one has feathers that come out and poke you.

Serena and lily pillows on a bench

Shop My Entryway: large tassel pillow |medium paisley | striped lumber | rug

a gray couch with navy throw pillows and a blue rug

If you are looking to elevate your pillow game, it starts with buying better quality pillow inserts.

You also might want to take a read at a recent post, What Throw Pillows Do I Put On A Grey Couch?

There are quite a few shops where you can find top notch pillows, but Serena & Lily is my usual go to for splurge worthy pillows.  Why?

1. Sizing Is Simple

Don’t get hung up on what size pillows will coordinate. Sure, sizes are important, but don’t overthink it. Just vary them slightly. Serena & Lily pillows don’t come in a million different sizes, so it is easy to pick.

I put the big 24″ on my bed:

a canopy bed with cozy bedding

Tour our master bedroom here! Or, read about what fluffy bedding I use on my bed.

The giant 24″ square size is my favorite way to go on a couch. This big pillow is attention getting and falls just so on a sofa. It looks good slouched or sitting up with a karate chop.

(Tour our playroom and the Serena & Lily pillows on the playroom sofa here!)

a large navy throw pillow with a small lumbar in front
If You Feel Overwhelmed, Here Are 3 Options For No Fail Sizing Success Using My Favorite 24″ Pillow:

There are no rules. The big 24″ size matches up well with all their smaller sizes, so you don’t have to be too concerned about getting it “right”. Below I have the Leighton pillow in my favorite size, a 24″ square, and put the long Leighton lumbar in front.

gray sofa with 2 navy throw pillows on it from Serena and lily

Here are my 3 favorite ways to use a 24″ square:

Option 1) Combine a 24″ square, with a smaller 20″ square

Option 2) Pair two 24″ square throw pillows up together

Option 3) The trio: Combine a 24″ square, an 18″ or 20″ square, and a longer lumbar. This is a great combo if you have a sectional or a large sofa to make it look welcoming and lounge worthy!

2 blue chairs with navy serena and lily pillows in them

Arm Chair Sizing

Their smaller, little lumbars are 12″ x 21″ and fit PERFECTLY inside a standard armchair. If you are unsure, measure the width of your armchair seat – these should fit just right!

desk chair with a white and blue striped navy throw pillow from Serena & Lily

2. It Starts With A Down Premium Pillow Insert 

Remember when I confessed the big secret about throw pillows? A good pillow that an interior designer can spot a mile away starts with good fill! A while ago I wrote a post all about picking throw pillows. I encouraged you to stop buying cheap pillows – despite the tempting price.

Look for pillows / inserts filled with high quality feather down (or down alternative) materials. Better materials and construction translates to pillows that have perfect density and fluff, to generally just looking more expensive, and to lasting much longer in your living room. Trust me when I say- you will see a MAJOR difference in how long you will love a high quality pillow with a good insert for!

This was my first experience with the Serena & Lily inserts. Although the pillow covers are a bit of a splurge, I actually don’t find their inserts terribly expensive compared to others. They have just the right amount of weight.

a navy throw pillow and a Serena and lily blanket in a package

3. If You Love Blues Like Me, Their Blue + Navy Throw Pillows All Play Well Together

 The colors of your pillows playing off each other can be the difference to a room looking pulled together instead of half hazard. Instead of buying a pillow here, a pillow there, and trying to make them all work- coordinate several together at one time.

Serena & Lily does a few shades really, really well. Blue and white is a color combo they are known for. When shopping for navy throw pillows, look here first. Each shade goes well with pillows within that same color group. So pick a color or two, and you really can’t go wrong!

Take a peek at their whole page assorted into only blue throw pillows, making it easy for you to pick.

two navy blue throw pillows in a living room sofa
desk chair with a white and blue striped navy throw pillow from Serena & Lily

Get The Look:

Wondering how these hold up to kids? Our other Serena & Lily pillows don’t need cleaning yet.  The fabric is thick and holds up nicely – but they are darker colors. With our two new white pillows I am sure we will be needing to clean them once a year or so. The covers unzip and are wash or dry clean.

Our bedroom lumbar:

bedroom with the shore bench with a throw pillow on it from Serena and lily

Get The Look:

Shop My Pillows We Own:

What I am buying at the sale

We are excited to grab these two end chairs for my kitchen table:

 I would like the end chairs to be slightly different than the all matching look.

kitchen table with sofa in front
Pinterest Image of Serena & Lily Pillows Review

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Row 3:  7  /  8  /  9

Row 4:   10 / 11 / 12 

I hope this Serena & Lily Pillows Review was helpful, especially if you are shopping for navy throw pillows. 

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boy sitting on bed in room

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