Our Homebody Couch Review

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Since sharing our Lounge on Instagram, our Homebody couch has had more questions than any other item! My husband Jose and I spend so time together daily in that room; I’m relieved that we not only like – but love – our new Homebody sofa.

What we got: we have the 3-seat sectional with a chaise on one end, and added on 2 recliners on middle and end seats. See it here!

our homebody couch in the lounge

Our Favorite Space: The Lounge

This sitting room attached to our bedroom was the previous owner’s office! With a gas fireplace, a full bar and 2 doors that fully close it off, we affectionately named this room The Lounge.

We ripped up carpeting, installed white oak hardwoods, added picture frame molding and painted the walls Sherwin Williams Peppercorn, and did the ceiling Benjamin Moore Simply White in a lacquer finish. I had the bar painted Simply White in a gloss. I wasn’t going for cave vibes (too dark for me!) – more cozy den vibes. The white sofa really pops against dark walls!

Jose and I have four kids including two teenagers, so you can find us here in the evenings when we’re “done” being parents. We make a drink and watch our shows, or Jose’s late night sports. It’s very much a personal space, since it’s off the bedroom. This is our escape!

Our Homebody Sofa


The assembly process was a breeze – just ask Jose! I was on a girls trip; the perfect time to request things to get done around the house! The sofa came in big boxes – he said unboxing and set up took roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

homebody couch in boxes before putting it together

The Fabric

We chose Marshmallow fabric; stain-resistant, pet-friendly, and cushion covers are removable for cleaning! Pet hair doesn’t stick. At the time of our purchase (March 2023), Marshmallow was the lightest fabric color offered – it’s white. As a habit we don’t regularly eat on the couch, but we do indulge in a late-night snack here on occasion.

I noticed other fabrics say “machine washable”. The Marshmallow is not.

You can replace individual pieces of the slipcover if you do have a stubborn spot (or switch out the whole sofa for a different color!). Some of the other fabrics are machine washable!

Is The Homebody Comfortable? All About The Cushions

Expect it to be firmer straight out of the box. After a few days, the cushions softened up beautifully. Marshmallow fabric itself has a velvety feel. Each seat cushion is 9 inches thick, offering support and softness.

The arms of the sofa are cushioned more than your average sofa arm – designed to serve as a headrest when you stretch out sideways.

The seat cushions are reversible; one side is firmer. (But who would want firm!?) The headrests on the Homebody couch are adjustable, extending by 3 inches to accommodate taller people and can be angled for ergonomic comfort. (They also sell a headrest pillow for additional comfort).

One maintenance tip: you’ll need to fluff the back cushions from time to time. It’s not as demanding as some brands where you’re fixing the sofa every time you stand up, but after a few movie sessions you’ll want to perk up the back pillows.

Stand Out Features On The Homebody Couch

Little Extras Make The Big Difference: The Recliners

One major standout feature of Homebody sofas is they can be customized with recliners. Powered by remote or a sofa button, and there’s a dedicated pocket on each headrest for remotes. This ensures it doesn’t get lost – plus no getting out of our seat to adjust ourselves.

remote in the pocket

Above: remote pocket in the Homebody Couch

The recliner requires 2 inches of back clearance. The front needs 20 inches when fully extended, enough so I can still keep my pretty coffee table close without having to move furniture each time I want to recline.

I did recliners side-by-side so that we can fully relax next to each other, regardless of where we sit down.

couch with recliners
homebody sofa recliners

The Chaise Vs. The Recliner

For quick moments of relaxation, the chaise lets you put relax immediately without reaching for a button. Plus, your feet go straight out on a chaise, unlike a recliner.

For movies, the recliner wins because I can completely relax my back (and fall asleep, ha!).

Jose surprised himself how much he likes both chaise and recliner, after insisting he would only use the recliner. Why do men love the idea of being able to recline 24/7?

My point being: you only sometimes want to recline – but you always want to relax comfortably with your feet up. In that case, you may want both options, or add the chaise on later.

Phone Charger

Two built-in phone chargers are hidden under the cushions! We keep the charging wire plugged in at all times for convenience; I tuck the wire behind the pillows when I clean the room.

Buying The Homebody Couch

Truthfully, I’m so glad we didn’t go with a traditional sofa.

While the sofa is an investment, we can switch out pieces, slipcovers or add on single pieces if we move it to a different room later or – god forbid – move homes again. This flexibility adds to its long-term value!

You can add on or purchase individual pieces, such as a standalone reclining chair as well. Or buy a chaise down the line. I can even switch out to a whole new slipcover if our color schemes change here.

Our Homebody Sofa has been a fantastic addition for us! It’s now an indispensable part of our evening routine. I’m so glad we went with this sofa!

Homebody Couch reached out and graciously offered a discount code for my readers! If you’re considering any of their furniture, use my code CHRISSYMARIE to get 5% off.

Shop the Homebody Sofa HERE. Use the discount code CHRISSYMARIE.

our sitting room attached to bedroom

(See how this room initially looked right after we moved in with our furniture, here.)

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