Rattan Chairs In Our Playroom

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Not one, but two hanging rattan chairs went up in our playroom over the weekend! These chairs are so lovely, why not double them up for duel impact!

hanging rattan chair with a stuffed animal and pillow in it

Update: Take a tour of our whole updated playroom here!

Does drilling holes into your ceiling sound scary??

It did for me too. But I am also sharing a quick tutorial on how to hang hammock chairs, securely and easily in a matter of minutes!

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two hanging rattan chairs next to each other with a Childs bookshelf

Seeing Double: Our Two New Hanging Rattan Chairs

Funny thing is, we considered putting the hanging rattan chairs out on our covered back porch last spring. But rattan is really an indoor material.

The Serena and Lily design shop does not recommend putting their rattan chairs outdoors. Actually, Serena and Lily make a different hanging chair specifically for outdoors. Scroll to the bottom to see it on our front porch – or see it here along with 10 other outdoor hanging chairs.

So I took a second look at these hanging chairs and decided to go for it, using them inside our home.

a playroom with colorful books on the walll

Hanging chairs | Coffee Table | Stripe Pillow | White Pillow | Blue Solid Pillow | Dip Dye Stool

Our playroom is a large space but with plenty of room for two comfortable chairs.

I was eyeing the cute space right in front of the kids’ book ledges and the window seat – a perfect little spot for kids to curl up with a book (or… as they would likely prefer… a video game controller!).

a Serena and lily hanging rattan chair in a playroom

How much space do I need for a hanging chair?

Ideally, you need about 3 feet of space behind the chair so you can sway a bit, and 2 feet on either side to prevent hitting a wall or railing. The chairs look best at around 25-28″ off the ground.

And of course, I emphasized to the little people (multiple times 😉 ) that Serena & Lily advertises this a chair, NOT a swing. Swaying is great. Swinging… not so much!

two ceiling chairs in a playroom

How To Hang The Chair From The Ceiling In 3 Steps

I originally planned on hiring out the job to install the hanging rattan chairs, but I am trying to keep as many extra people out of my house during this weird season of life.

I called my handyman who installed our Serena & Lily hanging chair on our front porch last year, and he reassured me I could without a doubt install these chairs by myself – as long as I used the right little piece of hardware.

Don’t worry, I stressed to him how NOT handy I am, and he still assured me this was straight forward, as simple as drilling screws into the right spot. My husband was working on this particular day, so I grabbed my 12 year old to help me and I’m so glad we did it together!

pinterest image that reads how to install a ceiling chair

The Serena and Lily hanging chair can hold up to 300lbs. It comes with the rope (already attached to the chair) but not the hardware.  Serena & Lily recommends per their website that you have these chairs professionally installed.

Supplies You Need:

  1. Using the magnet or stud finder, find your ceiling joists. Think of ceiling joists as just studs for the ceiling. This is what you will want to put your screw into – not drywall. Similar to studs, the joists run 16″ (sometimes 24″) across your ceiling. Wondering which direction? Usually, they run parallel to your rafters. (Rafters are the sloped frame of your roof.) 
  2. Simply screw the ring attachment into the joist, taking care that both screws are hitting the joist. Once it’s attached, just clip on the spring snap hook to the ring attachment.
  3. Loop the ropes through the ring attachment. My kid knows all kinds of fishing knots and taught me one that held tight. (“Trust me, Mom.” Ooookay, son!) You will have some extra rope – just loop them around in a large looser knot.
a close up of a knot in a rope
two hanging rattan chairs in a playroom

Obviously, these chairs are our kids’ favorite spot now! 

Take a tour of our whole updated playroom here!

a blue striped pillow in a hanging rattan chair

Perhaps best of all, they make a double hanging rattan chair that has a lot of white worked into it.

If you like using natural elements in your home – consider using rattan furniture. Bringing a piece or two into your home will help you capture the casual style of a coastal home. Rattan is having a big moment right now, but it is considered a classic and a great material for furniture. 

hanging rattan chair with 2 blue pillows

I love using natural materials – rattan – because they give both a casual and polished look to a space. A marriage of the sophisticated with the laid back and familiar is my favorite kind of look. (Read all about our rattan barstools and how they compare here!)

The light, golden color brightens a room. I love the mix of rattan with all the white and pops of color in here. The two hanging chairs took the room from a regular playroom to downright chic! I am a big believer in adding charm to kids’ play spaces, and these rattan chairs do just that!

Serena and lily hanging chair

Hanging Chair | Blue Pillow | Blanket

Piling on pillows and blankets into the chairs for extra coziness is my favorite part.  I am having trouble deciding which pillows look the cutest on the chairs- I think they all win!

These are my favorite hanging chairs for indoors:

white hanging chair on a porch

We have Serena & Lily’s white hanging chair out on our front porch (see this chair here), which is what originally caused our family to fall in love with these hanging chairs! This particular chair is made to be outside so it can withstand the elements.

white front porch with hanging chair

White Chair | Blue Checkered Pillow | Blue Lumbar Pillow

Shop all their hanging chairs – indoor and outdoor – here!

So, where in your house do you have room for hanging rattan chairs?  

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