Artificial Window Box Flowers: It’s a Thing

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Today I’m talking artificial window box flowers. I would guess that most people would think that faux flowers in window boxes is incredibly tacky! Well, I’m here to hopefully change your mind. I’ve got 2 little tips on how you can “cheat” your window boxes to be so much easier!

Artificial Window Box Flowers

Faux flowers used inside of course are more widely accepted these days among regular folk and designers alike. We have seen what a long way faux flowers have come in the past decade! Many come at a high price, but they can trick even the most discerning eye!

If you wouldn’t think twice about a few faux springs of greenery in your home, why bat an eye at a few artificial window box flowers as long as they can fool the average neighbor?

Real and Faux Flowers For Our Fall Window Boxes

I know everyone likes to see what others are doing during the change of seasons. If you are looking for fall window box ideas – this post is for you!

a white brick home with faux flowers for window boxes
(A home with pretty fall window boxes near by where I live)

large house with 3 real and Artificial Window Box Flowers

We built our house on a corner lot. It’s the first house you see on our street, and it sits somewhat prominently as you drive into this side of the neighborhood. Now that we have our backyard fixed up the way we like it and are really enjoying that space, I am focusing on the front.

A typical day has our front walk covered in bikes and children’s toys, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up trying!

large front porch with Artificial Window Box Flowers

See our fall front porch here!

Decorating Fall Window Boxes And Adding Faux Flowers

If you are looking for tips from an expert botanist, well just hit the back button because it’s not here! But I understand color and have an eye for design, plus I’ve now done this enough times to figure out a few hacks to share. That goes a long way here.

Also, with a little planning, everyone will find window boxes surprisingly easy to make beautiful!

With 4 kids at home – tending to window boxes daily isn’t an option. I have to rely on a little sorcery to keep these window boxes looking good year round! Socerry as in, faux flowers.

Passing Off Artificial Flowers In Your Window Boxes As Real

I believe the key is in mixing the faux and the real. My lavender plant is actually fake lavender picks and works hard as filler in spring and summer – and now my fall window boxes too. If you don’t have that magical gardening pro gene, or if you want to save a little cash on an extra full box, you need a few faux sprigs in your boxes to give you a break!

faux flowers for window boxes - a mix of Artificial Window Box Flowers and real

There are all kinds of faux plants that are UV resistant and sold as window box fillers. I prefer to mix just one or two faux plants in with my real flowers. This keeps the real, most vibrant blooms the star of the show- the faux plants are there to just complement your bold flowers.

Having a few faux sprigs will also save your boxes when the real plants aren’t looking their best! A mix of real and artificial flowers in your window box is key to creating a full fall window box design that’s easy to handle and not tacky.

I love these wisteria stems – the kiwi color could work for spring, summer, and fall! These fall blooms could also complement a traditional autumn faux box.

Keep Them In Their Pots

My summer plants had all been planted in the good gardening soil, but I didn’t want to have to replant my pretty mums and kale. So I dug out a small space, kept the plants in their pots and dropped them in.

a mix of Artificial Window Box Flowers  and real

Just take care when picking out blooms that they are in pots the right size to squeeze in your window box. Next, push the soil in the box up against the pot so it looks covered, and you’re good to go!

Remember that plants in their pots will likely dry out faster than if in a self watering window box.

Artificial Window Box Flowers with purples and blues on a house

I bought these self watering window boxes last spring after a trip to Charleston motivated me – where every little window has a colorful box! And I did see artificial flowers in window boxes!

Colors for Fall Window Boxes

The 3 popular color combos:

  1. Traditional Autumn Window Box Using bronze, yellow and deep orange (mums, pansies, ornamental peppers etc.), fill your boxes with orange and yellows. Fill in empty spots with mini ornamental peppers, pumpkins and yellow squash or gourds.
  2. Green & White Window Box Using lots of leafy greens and focusing more on textures,  fill in your window boxes with ornamental kale, cabbage, green ivy. Look for leaves that have colors from white, lime green to deep forest green on leaves. Lastly, use white mini ornamental pumpkins and white gourds to fill in spaces.
  3. Wine Colored Fall Window Box Choose blooms from light pink to deep purple or even maroon flowering plants. This could be mums of all kinds that have those colors, and cabbage and kale with the deep purple centers. Fill in spaces with green trailing ivy or white mini ornamental pumpkins and gourds.

I decided on wine colored mums for the lavish centerpiece and the bold pop of color. Next, I complimented the large mums with heads of ornamental kale with deep purple centers and fun ruffled leaves.

a fall window box with purples and blues

Ornamental kale is ideal for real or artificial window boxes – it has great texture, and ruffled leaves that are various shades of green. Lastly, I stuck in the lighter purple lavender for long-lasting color within the gaps.

An optional step here is to add some baby pumpkins – the small, white little ones. If you find yourself with some empty spaces, baby pumpkins make a great fall window box filler.

Drop in a little Miracle Grow fertizlier once a week to every 10 days, and water when the soil is dry, and you should be all set! Learn more from all my Blogs here!

white hanging outdoor chair on a porch

Our summer window boxes seen in the back, overflowing from the Miracle Grow!

a fall window box with purple mums

Now that you’ve seen how we mix them in, do you still find artificial flowers for window boxes tacky?

I always love to look at other window boxes for inspiration. There were so many good ones when I was looking around for fall window box ideas. Here are my favorites!

close up of purple fall window boxes
fall window boxes with purple mums

Source : BHG

a fall window box with peppers

Source: Driven by Decor

fall window boxes with orange pumpkins

Source: Pretty Pink Tulips

a fall window box with green and purple flowers

Source: Simply Stylings

gorgeous window box with flowers
purple and red fall window box with flowers

Source: Lily Pad Cottage

Be sure and take a peek at our fall front porch, or my fall living room and entry:

living room with blue ginger gars and green magnolia leaves


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