16 Long Sofa Tables To Go Behind Your Couch

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Looking for a long sofa table? I am sharing 16 favorites of console tables 60″ or longer… sometimes much longer! And if you need a long, narrow sofa table, many of these are on the skinny side.

Our family has a long sectional that runs 120″ long on each side, so most sofa tables I looked at felt dinky and miniature!

The Hunt For A Long Table: 60″ and Longer!

But first – verify what size you need!

When you’re looking at the back of your sofa, a long sofa table that is the correct measurements will make all the difference in the room feeling put together correctly.

Sofa Table Size Guide

  • Height: Your sofa table height should be a few inches below the top of your couch – never taller.
  • Length: You have some flexibility here, but your sofa table should be at minimum about half the length of your sofa. (So for our 120″ long sofa, we needed 60″ minimum.) At most, leave about a foot to half a foot of space on either end.

Thinking outside the box:

  1. Double up two smaller sofa tables side by side. It’s just as good as one long table!
  2. Two benches will also work.
  3. Add a large basket or a medium sized plant to one end of a smaller sofa table to “trick” the eye. This makes the sofa table feel like it takes up the right amount of space visually. (I did this! Scroll below to number 13 to see.)
  4. If all else fails and you can’t find a console table the right size, add a beautiful throw to the back of your couch. Hang it parallel along the backside of the couch so you get to enjoy it from that angle… and call it a day!

16 Long Sofa Tables With Length: 60″ and More

16 long sofa tables image for Pinterest

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1. Driftway Linen Sofa Table 62″

Although not cheap by any means, the Driftway piece looks so unique. This is offered in a blue or a beige linen – and if you’re sofa is extra long, two next to each other would work perfectly.

driftway long sofa table

2. The Everett: The Most Popular Sofa Table 71″

The Everett table has been used beautifully in so many homes because it’s affordable and lovely. It does not – have to read farmhouse!

Below is a mock up of how you could style the Everett table:

styling a sofa table

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3. Streamlined Long Sofa Console 80″

This slimmer frame of this beautiful long table looks great and doesn’t take up too much room!

4. Live Edge Wood 72″

This striking wood table has a live edge, gives an earthy natural feel to a room and has a slim brass band running all the way across.

5. Extra Long Sofa Table 84″

If a piece of furniture could be sexy, this is it! With eight long tapered legs, it is a hefty but sturdy piece with space to display your favorite decor. See it here.

black long sofa table

6. Slender Console Table

This more narrow wood table has a beautiful finish. If you haven’t heard of Scout + Nimble, while I haven’t ever ordered furniture myself I have purchased a few pieces of decor and had a good experience!

7. Low, Long + Modern 62″ or 80″

I love, love, love the extra long version of this table! Not just for minimal styles – if modern coastal is your style, take a peek at this long sofa table. It comes in two lengths.

long sofa table behind a large sofa
a living room

8. Sutherland Console Table 72″

Unfortunately this gorgeous furniture piece is tougher on the pocket book, but this table is truly beautiful and unique! Note the brass detailing on the bottom.

9. Glam Dresser 62″

At 29″ tall, this low dresser just the right height to slide behind most sofas because it doesn’t look bulky, even with all the drawers. The brass details are the chef’s kiss!

10. Affordable + Narrow Space Filler From Amazon 60″

If you need something for a tight space (like your sofa backs up to your kitchen island, for instance), this will be a great fit.

11. Low and Long Sofa Table 77″

The lovely Binah low console table can be coastal, minimal or modern.

12. Reclaimed Wood Console 72″

At 72″ long, this table will fit longer sofas beautifully. Offered in several finishes.

13. Cabot Console Table 64″

Serena and lily cabot table as a long sofa table in living room

It was a challenge to hunt down an extra long console table that had the right length for our 120″ sofa. The Cabot was pricey but worth it for us – it’s the first thing you see as you walk in the living room. It’s held up so well. The basket on one side adds just the extra length it needs!

14. South Seas Console Table 66″

Gorgeous, breezy, and coastal- and handcrafted in casual but always sophisticated rattan.

This gorgeous table is a favorite of designers.

rattan extra long sofa table in a living room

15. Elegant + Traditional 72″

extra long sofa table black with lamps

Make note of the height on this one – its 35″. But if you have a higher back sofa, this table has beautiful legs and fairly reasonable price are calling me!

16. Affordable Shaker Style Table 60″ or 72″

What a great find if you are shopping on a tight budget! The price is right and the piece is clean and attractive!

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