All Our 2020 Holiday Decor

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2020 Holiday Decor Pieces

Looking for some holiday decor you saw used in my home? It’s all here! I am keeping it simple – this is a simple list and photos of everything we use.

I update this regularly with new photos from 2020, but some photos are from last year.

Our 3 Full Size Christmas Trees

We have 3 faux trees we use, listed below.

Our Living Room Tree

We went faux for our main Christmas tree in our living room and now we are converts for life! Cleaning up the mess of real trees was not worth it for me. WE LOVE OUR TREE. The value for a full and lifelike tree under $300 cannot be beat. 

christmas tree on home tour

This tree is prelit and has several sizes/options. (As a guide, you want between a foot and a foot and a half between your tree and ceiling). We love this tree – it looks so full and the branches are realistic. The price is awesome!

IT DOES REQUIRE FLUFFING! They sent a youtube link showing how to fluff the tree. You don’t necessarily need to watch it- but you do need to devote time to fluffing each branch alllll the way out, one by one, when it’s right out of the box.

Here it is in 2020:

christmas trees

I used these battery operated candles on them this year (plug in option here). I also hang these Christmas tree fragrance sticks – they totally smell like a tree!

Our Second, Smaller Tree

I like to use a lovely, natural looking faux Christmas tree in our foyer.

christmas tree in foyer

This tree is a Noble Fir – a skinny, trendy tree. It took some convincing to show Jose that not every tree needs to be overpowering and “the fullest tree ever”. A natural, smaller tree decorated is beautiful too – and it makes the entrance to our house so welcoming for the holidays. This tree is offered in prelit or unlit. Ours was prelit, but Zion ate right through the cords… so now it is unlit.

Our Flocked Tree

In our bedroom we have our flocked Christmas tree. We have had this flocked tree since 2017. It is gorgeous! The flocking does a good job of staying in place – even taken in and out of storage. It still looks equally as beautiful as the day we got it. It is a very full tree and you can’t see the trunk.

a flocked christmas tree in a bedroom

ANOTHER flocked tree that is an AMAZING (better?!?) alternative (and I was so tempted to buy this year – even though I was told 3 trees was enough!) is this long needle green pine tree. I love the long natural needles on this one! I wish wish wish I had a place for this! Someone who has this tree- tell me is it everything I am dreaming of??

Three other beautiful trees to consider:

Christmas Tree Collar

We use this pretty woven collar on our big tree- this guy does sell out every year in late November. Trust me, I had to drive an hour away to a store to grab the last one two years ago! (Pottery Barn has an even prettier version, and Target has a cheaper alternative but it doesn’t ship.)

We have a simple fur skirt wrapped around our smaller tree in the entry.


If you are looking for a faux garland read this post about the best garlands– along with images of how they look in real people’s homes.

This year I am using everyone’s favorite garland year after year, the Faux Cedar Garland.  Cedar hangs really beautifully – you can’t beat that natural look! It does  need bulking up – I used 3 of the 6ft garland in this photo for the extra full look.

christmas tree with christmas decor in the living room

Shop it here:

I did create a massive garland last year out of several pieces and hung it over the fireplace, you can read the DIY Tutorial here!

3 image collage of Christmas garland for fireplace with text overlay Easy 6 Step Christmas Garland


High Quality Garlands:



All our wreaths – indoor and outdoor below.

Our Indoor Wreaths

This indoor light up wreath is gorgeous and fun! It has a little house that lights up, bottle trees and stars. I used a gold gift wrap bow to make it more glam (similar bow here ).

It actually came with a red felt (see below!).

This wreath sells out mid November!

Window Wreaths

Nothing like beautiful boxwood wreaths inside windows to bring the magic inside!

To hang them, I just stuck are 3-5lb command hooks on the center of windows, pressed them in for 30 seconds, and left them alone for an hour. Later, come back and hang your wreath!

Ours are no longer made sadly but below are similar.

Porch Wreaths

Our large wreaths got a tweak this Christmas. It appears very similar- but like a  few extra pieces of pine to the wreath.

Of course I wanted just a little embellishment – so I added those oversized cow bells to my wreath, with a velvet ribbon. You can use a velvet ribbon in lots of places in your home during the holidays (bows on garlands, tying up gifts, the back of chairs).

That little tree in the bucket is from Target and such a good one- especially for the price. The pretty birch logs are from Target and still sold.

The blue plaid door mat is a year round favorite but looks especially cute during the holiday season!

My Porch:

Below are some cute wreaths – don’t settle for the cheaply made ones! Here are some favorites:

And off Amazon:

Ornaments and Decor

Right here is our star on our tree, and our large white washed wood beaded garland.

More Favorite Tree Ornament Pieces:


These cream stockings are a nice break from all the green and red. They are great quality, soft and thick! The reviews are what sold me.

This year I am adding to our collection with these understated linen pom pom stockings. I am accentuating them with this pretty gold leaf ornament!

The kids do not care about them (of course), because what kid cares about linen. They would rather pull out their PBK Quilted Stockings. I bought and added onto these adorable stockings when they are on sale just before Thanksgiving. We chose not to monogram them because the kids like to trade off.


Other Favorite Stockings:

Grab a whole set::

If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy last year’s holiday tour!

christmas home tour with wreaths on window

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