My $30 Christmas Garland

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I gave up my dreams of real garland in my thirties. Now I don’t even look at the stuff! This year we are hosting Thanksgiving, and I like to eat my turkey with the tree up (obviously) and garland over the fireplace.

Target asked me to take on the challenge of sprucing up our holiday decor, without burning a hole in my wallet. And guess what? I nailed it with a $30 garland from Target. Move over, Rockefeller Center Christmas tree — I’ve got this in my living room!

our fireplace garland

Now, let me paint you a picture. My fireplace is narrow, because the other 10 months of the year I prefer no decor on top. I’m not sure why I designed it this narrow… Clearly I forgot about Christmas garland because there’s just not a lot of room for that! Of course nails aren’t an option with limestone. I keep it in place with two Jumbo Hooks. Since I draped the garland down just one side, I placed a hook in the middle and a hook on the end.

I used a small base garland I already had (this is a good option), and on top I placed two Mixed Pine and Eucalyptus Christmas Garlands from the Studio McGee line at Target. It’s like the more garland, the merrier the Christmas, or something like that. But especially at this price!

our fireplace garland

Seriously though, you’ll want two in total if you intend to drape it down the side like I did. One for each side of the mantel. It’s super full and you want to fluff it out to see all the pretty pieces!

I used pretty marble stocking holders to hold the embellishments – stockings, ribbon and little metallic Merry Christmas garland. You can also hang ornaments or ribbon from them! If your stockings aren’t monogrammed, hang an ornament from each stocking holder so your kids can remember their own stocking!

marble stocking holders from target
our fireplace garland over limestone fireplace

My $30 garland from Target is the unsung hero of my living room! I suggest you snag it soon as Target’s holiday decor goes quickly.

At the end of the season, keep it dust and bug free in a storage bag that’s easy to carry. I like a bag like this where you can throw all your garland and greenery in at once.

See more Target Holiday pieces here:

I proudly parterned with Target on my garland post.

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