Everything To Know When Picking White Quartz Countertops

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Going into our new build, white quartz countertops was on the top of our “must have” list! Quartz countertops offered up a look and lifestyle we couldn’t match with other surfaces. After reading this post, you will know about the maintenance of quartz, how our white quartz held up over 4 years, cost, specific names of quartz, and tips for picking quartz countertops.

This will be an update about our experience with the Cambria Brittanicca, Viatera Minuet quartz and Cosmos White countertops in our home. Spoiler: still no stains!

white quartz in a kitchen

Update on the Quartz Countertops Colors + Kinds We Used In Our Home

After much back and forth and hand wringing, we chose a mix of premium, high priced quartz and simple more budget friendly quartz. All 3 kinds of quartz have done well in our home!

Cambria Brittanicca on our Kitchen Island

We chose Cambria Brittanicca for our island, a premium quartz. Brittanicca is your statement piece for the room!  

stunning Cambria Brittanicca quartz in a kitchen

We now have brass hardware in our kitchen. You can see the change here.

Cambria Brittanicca has a white base with a lot of contrast, thick large veining splashed across it, and bold movement. It has soft warm gray undertones, and the veining is light to medium gray tones. It says “look at me, I’m so pretty and extroverted!”, but it’s not ostentatious.

a mitered edge with Cambria Brittanicca

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Our island is generously sized at 9.7 x 4.3. If yours is large and in charge and needs a quartz that can keep up!

A Mitered Edge Countertop

We added a 3″ mitered edge just to the island countertop. A mitered edge means the edge is 3″ thick around, instead of 1.25″ like the perimeter countertops (the standard thickness).

Don’t be fooled – the whole slab is not 3″. Typically a mitered edge has sidepieces that are simply laminated on! In our case here, 3″ side was laminated onto the sides. This extra detail cost us right under $1500. The mitered edge countertop is a detail I don’t regret, because it really pops.

Cambria Brittanicca

Cosmos Quartz White Zen On Our Perimeter Countertops

We saved a little by using White Zen quartz (a less expensive quartz) made by Cosmos on the perimeter countertops. White Zen looks just like what you would imagine – a pure, solid white countertop. No speckling or veins, nothing “exciting” but a great backdrop so your kitchen can shine.

Although most of our cabinetry is white, this could look great paired up with the trend of darker, moodier cabinets too!

a blue pantry door in a white kitchen

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We continued the White Zen all through the house; in all the bathrooms too.

White Zen In Our Guest Bathroom:

arctic white quartz in a bathroom

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Viatera Minuet Quartz: A High End Look

I wanted something special in our bathroom. Something high end feeling and lux!

We were able to find our Viatera Minuet top from a remnant. What a score!

a bathroom vanity with 2 sinks and 2 mirrors
a master bathroom with minuet viatera

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Viatera Minuet quartz is made by LG Hausys. Viatera Minuet might by a mouthful to say, but it sure is easy on the eyes! It has grey marbling that makes it look classic and luxurious. It has a rich feel, and somewhat mimics marble.

At the bottom of this post are three more kinds of quartz we loved that you should look out for!

Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Quartz Countertops

We’ve had our white quartz for 4 years now.

I recommend making sure you are able to get countertops without a seam. This isn’t always possible, but it is worth looking further if the first answer isn’t positive.

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

But how much are my quartz countertops going to cost me? The cost of quartz runs $50 to $100 square feet. Premium types of quartz will be on the high side of that range (our Brittanicca island is a premium stone, for instance, and our perimeter White Zen is not).

The installation of quartz is an even bigger range, running between $75 and $200.

When getting a quote for the cost of quartz, make sure to ask if the price includes installation, and removal of older countertops if needed!

What Are Quartz Countertops Made of?

Quartz countertops are man made. They are not a slab pulled from a rock quarry- they are an engineered stone, made in a factory. Quartz is made from mixing crushed up pieces of (real, actual) quartz and other stones, and bonding all the pieces together with plastic resin.

Our stone manufacture told us quartz countertops are roughly about 90% ground up particles of real stone, and 10% plastic resin.

It’s that 90% that gives quartz countertops the look and feel of real, natural stone! Quartz doesn’t feel man made, it feels like a true stone.

white quartz in a kitchen

How To Care for Quartz Countertops

A quick google search of quartz makes the stone sound like an overblown exaggeration. We read it was more durable than granite, and no sealing ever! (Does anyone actually seal their granite yearly?)

Because quartz is almost impossible to scratch, our countertops still look new 4 years later! Even with 4 kids who are determined to tear apart my house – my countertops are one thing here that still look brand new.

Quartz is nonporous, so it doesn’t hold onto bacteria from raw meat. Quartz should not be used as a cutting surface – although it likely won’t ruin the countertop – it will ruin your knives.

We use our island heavily – mainly, piling up all our crap (isn’t that what they are there for?). But also for cooking, homework, kids crafts. The white quartz seems indestructible. 

You will not have to seal quartz, ever.

Do Quartz Countertops Stain?

We do not baby our countertops. We used them heavily. Case in point:

white quartz countertops

No, quartz countertops do not stain. Ours see red wine, lemon, red slime, coffee spills, all of it.

I once forgot to bring a box of popsicles to a party and left them out on the counter – dripping food coloring all over the white quartz island for the better half of the evening. It did not stain.

For cleaning up dark stubborn spills, I’ve used my beloved Shout Out (the laundry cleaner). One spray and any leftover red popsicle wipes right up. If you like a more natural approach, just try a baking soda and water paste. 

white quartz countertops

My boys have a toothpaste problem and can’t not leave toothpaste all over their bathroom quartz countertop (please tell me I’m not alone???).

Shortly after move-in day a dream crushing child wrote with permanent marker on our white quartz island! I shed actual tears, thinking it was forever. We gave it several 5 minute soaks with rubbing alcohol and were able to lift all the ink up.

How To Clean Quartz Countertops?

Aside from daily wiping up, no maintenance is required.

a woman standing next to white quartz countertops

Seriously, we do nothing.

You can use what you have on hand to clean it: a warm soapy rag, a cleaning wipe, or a Norwex cloth are fine. What you shouldn’t use are abrasive cleaners with bleach. It’s not necessary. 

Sources: Anti-fatigue mat | cherry blossoms | kaftan

Are Quartz Countertops Heat Resistant?

This is something to be careful of – high heat will damage your countertops! Not a cup of hot coffee though, we’re talking about taking a pot out of the oven and setting it down directly on the quartz.

I say this with every ounce of good intention, but in my little opinion, people sometimes get far too hung up on this heat thing. Getting the family into the habit of setting hot pots on the stove top or using hot pads can be easily accomplished in most cases.

Just like you don’t think twice to reach for a cutting board – you can also learn to use hot pads like second nature too. It doesn’t take much coaching until the habit is ingrained, even in kids.

white quartz in a kitchen island

3 Other Kinds of White Quartz To Consider

Make sure you try out the a a sample in the light of your own home! What looks like a regular white quartz in the showroom could can be stark and cold  amongst your own lighting.

1. Cambria Ella

Cambria Ella is hands down gorgeous. It gave me pause even though my heart was set on Cambria Brittanicca. If you have concerns Brittanicca is too bold, Ella is the compromise you are looking for. The veins are thinner, more delicate.

Ella looks more like marble with the veining. The white in the quartz is luxe. 

a white countertop in a kitchen


2. Calacatta White quartz

Similar to Calacatta Marble, but without the price tag. I don’t believe you should expect this to be a total dupe for marble, as quartz often looks like quartz,  but it is nevertheless stunningly beautiful. 

a large slab of quartz in a showroom


3. Torquay Cambria Quartz

Small light veining on Torquay makes it a crowd pleaser. Super clean looking!
white quartz torquay


Torquay is not a bright white quartz, but more of an off white, with subtle interest and movement. If you love the look of marble, take a peak at Torquay.

Although I love the way the white quartz countertops contrasts against dark floors, I really love how they look against light wood flooring! You can read about our light hardwoods here

Thoughts After 4 Years With White Quartz Countertops

Especially as trends go in and out (from white kitchens to dark!), white quartz has staying power. They looked great in the heyday of all white everything, and they look super on trend and stark contrast against a moody vanity. And as a bonus, they keep darker rooms from feeling too dark.

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Bottom line? If we were ever to build again, I would be inclined to use quartz a second time. Real stone is lovely, but at this point in motherhood, low maintenance takes priority!

You will also love reading my guide to 10 types of white countertops!

a large slab of granite

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  1. I love all the quartz you chose! My house had a major reno from a cottage to a squared off post and beam cape back in 2000. My mechanic husband decided to do a lot of the work himself and he did pretty good. But everything was unfinished for a.long.time. The house had plywood floors until 3 years ago AND I just had Eterno Bianco Carrara quartz installed last week. I am in LOVE!! I started reading your quartz blog post and was waiting for the “con” but there really wasn’t one!
    (Except I would have lost my mind if my kid wrote on it with marker ??)

    • Wow. That is a crazy story. Knowing me I would have had all the time in the world to overthink each decision and I would have driven my husband crazy. ???‍♀️ You will both be so proud when the home is finished!
      I’m glad you found this helpful. And as far as the “incident” I 100% did lose my mind And my you know what. ?


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