Our Black And White Bedroom

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Lately, I have been so drawn to a black and white bedroom – and contrast! I love a good coastal, light room – but I also appreciate how black grounds a room.

a black and white bedroom with white bedding

This is not your moody, dark black and white bedroom. This is me toeing the line into some contrast, while still staying true to my summery, coastal style.

A Coastal Black And White Bedroom

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After discovering this fun floral wallpaper, I knew we were going to turn this very neutral space into a black and white bedroom. I still wanted to keep all the light in the room though!

a black and white bedroom
a black and white bedroom with black and white wallpaper

Once the wallpaper was installed (read about how I put the wallpaper up), there was one final thing I wanted to update: the drapery panels.

Lets Talk About Those Drapes

I found some nice Target ready made panels last year- which were nice considering the price! (See those drapes in our bedroom, here). But, I wanted to extend the drapery rod to either side of the wall, so that it extended the look of the windows.

Here it the before where you can see the size of the actual windows:

big windows in a white bedroom
white pinch pleat drapes in a black and white bedroom

These almost custom drapery panels off of Amazon (yes, Amazon!) with the pinch pleat top upgraded our space. They fold and crease perfectly.

white drapes in a black and white bedroom

They are about half the price of other pinch pleat drapes this size. There is no way you could find pinch pleat drapes that look custom like this for the price in the U.S. (and if you can, please share!).

(Update! I wrote a post all about our pinch pleat drapes from Amazon here, sharing more photos and info).

We chose 100″ in width and lined. It’s called blackout but it is more like room darkening. It is very dark and blocks the sun when we wake up in the morning – but I wouldn’t want someone buying these thinking they will be plunged into total hotel darkness. They took about 2 weeks to arrive.

The drapery hardware is all from Q Design, except for the drapery rings . Those I just picked up on Amazon. See drapes here:

Oversized Leaning Mirror

We went with this gorgeous oversized mirror on one wall in our bedroom. It came with an anchor so I don’t have to worry about it falling on any of my little ones.

a black oversized leaning mirror

I considered brass for the mirror frame, but once I decided on the black and white bedroom theme I changed my mind. I love the sharp contrast against the white walls.oversized leaning mirror on the floor in a bedroom

The Harbour Cane Nightstand

The cane and brass detailing on our Harbour Cane nightstands warm up the room so it doesn’t read too cold. They are wide enough to match the scale of our bed. Big beds need large nightstands!

Serena and lily harbour cane nightstands in a bedroom

The white top is still in great condition. We use coasters for drinks for the most part, but we don’t really baby them. Good furniture is for using and enjoying, after all!

If you are looking for a large, white nightstand, you know how hard it is to find. This is the other nightstand I went back and forth considering:

Here are some other beautiful large nightstands I loved:

Shore Bench At The End of The Bed

The end of the bed bench is an important piece to rounding out a spacious bedroom.

the shore bench from Serena and lily in a bedroom

We bought the Shore Bench with the intention of sitting it in front of the windows, but it looks great at the end of the bed. Obviously, its’ true purpose is for us to pile up laundry and stuff on it, but we do enjoy sitting on it as well. 😉

If your room is large, the end of the bed often needs a little something. This could be a large basket, cubes or a bench! If you are putting together a black and white bedroom, here are a few end of the bed ideas I like:

Driftway Dresser

I wavered between a standard white dresser with black hardware and this beautiful blue Driftway Wide Dresser. It’s wrapped in blue linen, with extra wide drawers, and stunning!black and white bedroom with the driftway wide dresser

We set our things on the dresser with no hesitation, but I am diligent about not sitting wet things on top. Although the linen was sealed more than once, I am careful because a spill would likely be noticeable!

Shop Our Bedroom:

Black and White Bedroom Tips

  • If you are dreaming up a black and white bedroom scheme, even if you are going very dark bring in warmth through rattan, canning, or even brass. A black and white room can easily read too cold and sterile; the opposite of cozy! This is especially true if you are using grays as well.
  • Crisp white drapes look good in every room, but especially a black and white room! They go a long way in keeping the room from feeling too dark if the walls are dark.
  • Black and white bedrooms still need warmth and white (unless you are going for that truly dark and moody look!). Consider bringing white trim – like our board and batten – into the room to contrast the dark walls and bounce some light around.
  • Or, if you have a feature wall, consider painting the rest of your walls a crisp white. We used Sherwin Williams Extra White.

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