Our Fresh and Neutral Bedroom

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We have few updates in our neutral bedroom this year you will love. We love our room and spend a lot of time in here, especially with both of us working from home currently!

UPDATE: We have installed wallpaper in here and updated the space again, see it here.

a door cracked open, peeking into. natural bedroom

With 5 windows, this room gets a ton of sunlight. Between the light and the quiet palette of neutrals the room feels very zen, even on cloudy days. For us, we need the zen.

We made this room priority because, to put it nicely, with 4 kids this room is our escape! Our bedroom is a little bit of peace away from the storm… the storm being the rest of our home with screaming, running children, crap on every surface and a massive fluffy dog. Where are their parents, anyways?

Our Neutral Bedroom That Feels Fresh and Inviting

I don’t actually feel like this room is quite “done” although it’s getting there.  At the bottom of the post I’ll share my remaining plans for the room.

white canopy bed in a neutral bedroom

The paint color in here is Sherwin Williams Ice Cube. More about this paint color and Ice Cube painted other places in our home here! 

I didn’t want just another white bedroom. Keeping in vibe with the rest of the home, we used layers of white to create varied hues, layers of wood tones and some shades of gray too.

We recently added two crisp white nightstands with caning detail in here.

la jolla basket, harbour cane nightstand and a neutral bedroom

Here are our old nightstands:

bed with hardwood floors under it

Basic, non offending nightstands before were serving as place holders while we searched the entire internet for the perfect bedside tables.

And today:

white and gold nightstand harbour cane from Serena and lily

These are called the Harbour Cane Nightstands. I was so happy to find these gorgeous pieces! The white is a crisp, true white, with sturdy caning on the bottom shelf. We are about four months in – no scratches on the white tops.

See my nightstands here:

If you are buying all new furniture for your bedroom, it is a lot! My opinion is money is best spent on two high quality nightstands, and saving money on the bed frame. I have seen so many beautiful beds at low prices, I don’t think it’s necessary to splurge on the actual bed frame unless you have the budget. How many cute headboards have you stumbled across at Home Goods? 

But it is hard to dupe a really great nightstand. Two beautiful, visually large nightstands just MAKE the room. You can even have a basic headboard, but if it is flanked between 2 stunning bedside tables you’ve got a knock out room right there! 

white drapes in an all white bedroom

white drapes in an all white bedroom

A dark curtain rod is a good idea in every all white room. It is grounding, keeps the room from feeling too delicate, and adds a nice contrast. Black and dark colors acts as a neutral hardware so it works regardless of your other choices.

shore bench in our neutral master bedroom

Our curtain rod is room darkening- meaning the drapes can close all the way to the wall.

We used another griegy layer of off white on the drapes. If you are looking for drapes on a budget, I can’t recommend my affordable curtains enough! Thick, lined, and textured, these are the queen of budget drapes.

the shore bench by Serena and lily in a neutral bedroom under a window


When your palette is pared down, an interesting shape or object provides something memorable in the room. Instead of one juju hat, I use a trio of juju hats for visual interest in our neutral bedroom. I found them sold as a juju hat set from this Etsy shop. I LOVE them all together!

a big white canopy bed

We love our Mirabelle rug in here and I wrote about it in this post last Christmas. The pattern is a great match for neutral bedrooms.

a white bed with white bedding on it

I think I am the one woman in America without a lot of throw pillows on the bed! Generally I just use one long lumbar, only for simplicity’s sake. A trio of euros wouldn’t hurt though! I like these quilted Euros that match the textured quilt.

a white harbour cane nightstand, mirabelle rug and a neutral bedroom

shore bench in a neutral, white bedroom with big windows

our pretty blue dresser (art is a Gray Malin, accessories from Home Goods)

Scroll To Shop Our Bedroom Here:

Most Similar Bed – Mine is discontinued from Pottery Barn | Quilt | Nightstands | Nightstand Lamps | Rug |

Lidded Hamper | Blue Dresser | Gray Lamp is Home Goods | Art |Juju Hats

Drapery Hardware | Affordable Drapes | Bench | Brass Floor Lamp | Ceiling Fan

What Is Missing?

 I still feel like it’s missing some pattern and color. I think with neutral bedrooms this is often a struggle. So what am I looking for exactly?

I would love to bring in wallpaper in for more interest and pattern. With the white trim all around the bottom, I feel like pattern would pop! The only pattern in the room comes from the rug currently.

I am also looking for a large, oversized wide mirror for getting dressed. I love the curve of this giant mirror, and as many of you pointed out on my Instagram this would bring a nice contrast to the straight lines of the bed.

Tips For Creating a Not Boring Neutral Bedroom Of Your Own

Worried a neutral bedroom might be too unexciting? Here are some tips to create your own:

Pick a color palette with color

Even a soft muted color thrown in once or twice will make a big statement in neutral bedrooms. Our blue dresser pops! If you don’t want any color at all, pick your shades of neutrals.

In an all white neutral bedroom, the smallest pop of color will sing! It’s important not to overlook these items so that the room doesn’t fall flat.

Use Just A Touch of Black So The Room Doesn’t Lean Too Heavily Feminine

Feminine is fun and can be gorgeous, but it can also look cheap if overdone. Black gives an all white room just a touch of contrast. This doesn’t have to be a lot of black, of course. Think hardware on a dresser, a striped pillow, or the curtain rod. A black curtain rod is my favorite. Have I mentioned that yet?

Don’t Let All White Mean Vanilla… Keep It Fun

Pick 2 or 3 objects/shapes/textures that bring interest. Our trio of juju hats are fun texture. The big rug with the boho pattern is interesting, especially since nothing else in the room leans that way or has pattern. Our blue dresser is a pretty color in a world of white!

To see more of our home, take a peek at my mini home tour I gave, featuring our new Gray Malin prints!

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