Is The Nugget Couch Worth The Hype?

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*This review is NOT sponsored by Nugget Comfort.*

One of my very favorite kids’ toys, our Nugget couch, just happens to be something I resisted for far too long- which makes for an interesting Nugget Comfort Review.  I swore we weren’t going to get a kids’ couch- but now it has been 4 years of loving the Nugget!

What The Heck Is A Nugget Couch? 

Below are my thoughts and 4 Nugget alternatives if you’re stuck on the waitlist.

2 girls doing handstands on the nugget couch

The Nugget was originally a play couch designed to be made as a small untraditional sofa for college kids. Younger kids quickly took a liking to it, and the company realized they had a different audience than expected- this was more of a toddler couch than a dorm room sofa. The company switched tactics and turned it into a kids’ play couch!

The Nugget couch is made up of four pieces. It has two supportive pillows shaped like large triangles, one thinner soft seat cushion, and a thicker sturdy base. The two larger pieces fold together and have large handles. It is somewhat lightweight – my kids can drag it around, and the fact that it folds up makes it easy to set aside.

For so long I doubted the hype and the possibilities. How could this funny kids’ couch possibly live up to all the talk? I didn’t know if the kids would really play with the Nugget that much after the novelty wore off. After all, it was a couch! 

But before I get to my own personal opinion…

Nugget Comfort Facts You Need To Know

(If you have a Montessori baby you might be interested in my own personal experience with our rainbow Pikler Triangle– it is my other Montessori toy I swear by)

The Cost of The Nugget

The Nugget will cost you $229 and ships free within the 48 US states. Certainly not a cheap kids’ couch, and sadly they do not run big sales. However, considering this is around the cost of a lot of gaming systems many of us end up buying our kids, this is a much better use of your money (in my opinion!).

We haven’t needed to even wash our cover yet, but if it were to get destroyed or you want a change the color out, they do sell the cover separately. A new Nugget cover will cost you $99. That made me feel okay about buying pink! If I want to go neutral I can shell out $99 in 5 years or so. I feel confident my kids will love our Nugget just as much at that time. 

Per their website, they do take money off multiple orders in a cart – you save $25 on a 2-pack, $50 on a 3-pack, etc.

Scroll down to Nugget Alternatives down below!

2 girls playing with a nugget couch

Nugget Couch Colors- Piglet and More

We picked out Piglet; a light soft pink they no longer sell. If you’re wondering how my boys feel about the pink- because we do get that question – they have never brought it up. (In general, we don’t encourage pink being a girls’ color only, so that helps.)

Many of the brand new colors quickly go out of stock when released. Get on the waitlist, and pay attention to announcements.

Their communication with customers is great about expectations and future plans for releasing colors!

If you like mine, take a peek at Sweatpea. This is the closest color to Piglet- but with more blush tones.

boy on top of a nugget couch

4 Nugget Couch Alternatives

With all of these toddler couches not shipping right away, there must be something similar out there right? Some kind of Nugget couch alternative, right?? What is a mom to do?

Well, I can’t vouch for any of these Nugget couch alternatives from experience, but I did take a peek at the reviews and they all seem pretty great option for a toddler couch.

  1. Pottery Barn Kids has what they call a Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch. Shop it here.
  2. This guy is the best look alike on Amazon (vinyl cushions? Interesting!)
  3. This kids’ modular loveseat also on Amazon looks very cool and has reviews that back it up. I like all the neat configurations and colors! The reviews have images of kids building themselves fun little forts!
  4. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, this folding sofa and play mat look fun! This is a great nugget couch alternative. It’s also washable, and bonus- it has different sizes! I love that! It doesn’t look like the Nugget couch, but I can see how kids could really get into this. It’s self described as a “launch pad for indoor mischief.” 

When you’re a mom stuck at home with kids going nuts right now (hi, me), you just sadly may not have time to sit around and wait. No shame in grabbing that kids couch from Amazon!

Nugget Comfort Delivery

The big orange box arrives within 10 days or so. Be aware these details could change if it is back-ordered. If this is a surprise, be aware it is not supposed to be stored too long in the box. The foam is compressed too tightly to be stored in a box for long periods of time! Ours was a Christmas present, so we stashed it outside of the box in my parents’ attic. 

This Kids’ Couch Care

The material of this kids’ couch is a durable microsuede. The seams and zippers are heavy duty, the fabric on ours is in great condition. No pilling. Like I said, we haven’t needed to wash ours even though it’s been a year. You are encouraged to wash it in the washing machine on cold, and hang it to dry. Of course, you wouldn’t want the cover to shrink in the dryer!  

playroom with 2 kids climbing up a Nugget Couch

How I Came To Love Our Nugget Couch

We have a history, this Nugget couch and I, as it originally was made right here in my town. Long before my blogging days, the people behind the Nugget were looking for website/marketing photos. They needed a few kids and a home with natural lighting, two things I happen to have a lot of. We spent a fun morning getting to know the Nugget, all the configurations and the fun colors.

My kids immediately thought I should buy them one. My answer was a quick “nope”- we have enough stuff!

Over the course of a full year (I resisted!) I saw first hand how this toddler couch could be the best thing to ever happen to my kids’ playroom!

A lot of our friends are Nugget owners. One evening our family was visiting our friends’ home for dinner. They have two toddlers, who of course need two toddler couches – so they own two Nuggets. How excessive, right?

Well, all our kids of various ages were deep into fort building and pretending all evening with these two Nuggets. They literally played on and around them all night. We were clearly missing out!

Despite all the various ages and interests, our kids were finding different ways to play with this toy. On the ride home my husband looked over and smugly said “Admit it- you’re thinking we should get the kids a Nugget for Christmas.” At that point, I happily got on board.

2 kids playing on a nugget couch in a playroom

My Review After Owning Our Nugget Couch For A Year+

Come see our playroom refresh, complete with hanging chairs!

For this review, I wanted to photograph typical play. I told the kids to just come play with the Nugget and do their thing, as I would be standing in the corner taking some quick pictures. 

Obviously, a kids couch is not usually a “sit still” toy. Especially if you have little ones – because it is essentially a perfect toddler couch. Lots of sliding, jumping off, climbing, houses, tunnels, and their favorite – forts of course.

They drag our babysitter up here and involve her, making her get out all the blankets and drape them over it. (She loves the Nugget now too, which is hilarious.) This photo of our Nugget covered up with blankets actually made it into the local Durham Magazine:

a magazine showing an image of the nugget couch review

Although it is mostly used for action and imaginative playing, the kids do some lounging on the Nugget as well. We just didn’t get any images of them relaxing (HA). 

nugget couch with children climbing on it
playroom with 3 kids doing handstands on a nugget couch

My neighbor, who has a special needs child, told me that the Nugget offers her son a better option than a bed. Rather than sleeping on a traditional bed that poses problems for some kids, the Nugget provides a soft spot low to the ground for safe sleeping. (Not actual medical advice, of course!)

child sliding down the nugget comfort child jumping on nugget couch in a playroom

Get The Look:

Our blue plaid wallpaper (it’s peel and stick!)


My Hesitations Put To Rest

I mentioned that my one fear before we bought the Nugget was that the novelty would wear off after a few weeks. But here we are over a year later, and it’s still played with weekly. The Nugget appeals to all their friends of all genders and interests. <em>I think it comes down to the simple fact that it is an oversized object in the simplest form that creates endless opportunities for imaginative and active play.


Just 4 pieces of foam. No batteries, no light up parts or beeping or movement.  A Nugget couch.

Because kids don’t get tired of using their imagination when they can create anything they want (until they grow up, that is!). 

child reading a book on the nugget comfort
2 girls smiling under the nugget comfort shaped like a tent
2 girls playing in a playroom with dolls

My other fear was that my kids would destroy it. My kids play rough and there are 4 of them! (They ruined a certain popular and very loved company’s “Everywhere Chair” in a matter of weeks.) But the Nugget couch has retained its’ shape. The foam inside is solid.  

2 kids doing handstands on a nugget couch
close up of 2 kids doing handstands
little girl jumping on a pink nugget comfort
little girl standing on a pink nugget comfort

Get The Look:

 The blue removable wallpaper 

Our Playroom Tour

hanging rattan chairs with atelier coffee table in a playroom

My Other Favorite Montessori Toy:

Although Nugget is a Montessori toy, we’re more “Montessori Light” kind of people. I love the ideas and adhere to them when possible. If you love the Nugget, the Pikler Triangle is another imaginative Montessori toy! It has been a “must have” since our babes were little – as in 6 months old!

Sometime around 6 months Camille was pulling up and standing on the bottom rung of the Pikler, and after her 1st birthday, she climbed over the top. I will never forget the way her face lit up- beaming in confidence. Take a peek at my Pikler Triangle Review – you will love this imaginative toy!

Or take our playroom tour here, or my recent room makeover in my 6 year old’s bedroom.

the nugget comfort in the harbor color

Pikler Triangle Review

2 kids playing on Pikler Triangle

Our Playroom Tour

hanging rattan chairs with atelier coffee table in a playroom

A Little Boys’ Room

I hope my review was able to answer some of your Nugget couch questions. If you are looking for toys that will help develop their imagination, Nugget Comfort should have a top spot on your list. You can always learn more with me and shop my home to see all the items in my home.

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