11 Washable Kitchen Runner Rugs That Wow

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You are reading a round up of kitchen runner rugs: washable edition!

After sharing 14 of the best kitchen runner rugs in this post here, I was asked for washable kitchen runners that are equally as good looking. For those of us with toddlers, careless teens, pets, or just real life messes, a kitchen rug cannot be delicate.

woman standing on a washable kitchen runner rug

Above: Our wipeable, washable kitchen runner rug from House of Noa (see it here). Seriously soft and spills wash right up with a wet rag or you can even hose it down. One thing I will note on this particular pattern is that the crisp white stripes get dirty faster. House of Noa is basically the top tier when it comes to washable rugs, so you will find them pricer than others.

We used Rug Tape to keep our runner in place.

Kitchen Runner Rugs: 11 Washable Options

Have a stained and dingy looking old kitchen rug? Try a washable version that you can hose down – or actually put in your washing machine to stretch the life of your runner.

11 kitchen runner rugs washable

sources: One (House of Noa) | Two (House of Noa) | Three (House of Noa) | Four (Nuloom) | Five (Ruggable) | Six (ReaLife) | Seven (Bloom Rugs) | Eight (Bloom Rugs) | Nine (Bloom Rugs) | Ten (Ruggable) | Eleven (Loloi)

And P.S., if they’re sliding around use some kind of rug tape to hold that runner in place!

One: Heritage Mat in Dove From House of Noa

blue kitchen runner rug

*More sizes available.

This is an anti fatigue mat – so extremely soft on the feet, and spills wipe right up. This is a beautiful neutral color! Offered in several different sizes from short to extra long.

Shop it here.

Two: Minerals Mat in Quartz From House of Noa

washable kitchen runner in blue

The Minerals has a fun boho pattern but the blue gray called Quartz pairs beautifully with natural kitchen decor, as well as being anti-fatigue.

Shop it here.

Three: Heritage Mat in Sand From House of Noa

beige washable kitchen runner rug

This anti fatigue mat is a beautiful neutral color! Offered in several different sizes from short to extra long.

Shop it here.

Four: Machine Washable Vintage Medallion in Grey From Nuloom

gray washable runner

This beautiful rug has a vintage inspired pattern, is low maintenance and designed to be washed in the washing machine.

Shop it here.

Five: Best Selling Celestine Coral From Ruggable

Reminiscent of a well worn oriental rug, Celestine Coral is the best seller from Ruggable. Stain resistant, water resistant, and designed to get clean in your home washing machine.

Shop it here.

Six: Machine Washable Blue Washable Runner Rug From ReaLife

blue washable kitchen mat

Another machine washable rug, made to resist spills & stains for easy cleanup. The dark color should also help disguise foot traffic and dirt!

Shop it here.

Seven: Washable Terracotta Runner From Bloom Rugs

washable terracotta runner for kitchen
terracotta runner

The colors in this rug are so beautiful; blues and terracotta and beiges. This rug can be thrown directly in the washing machine as well.

Shop it here.

Eight: Washable Runner with Distressed Beige + Teal (Bloom Rugs)

washable runner rug

A gorgeous washable runner rug full of color that can be thrown in your washing machine when it’s dirty!

Shop it here.

Nine: Washable Runner with Distressed Silver + Gray (Bloom Rugs)

silver washable runner

This pretty kitchen runner rug is washable and full of pretty grays and silvers. This would look great in a kitchen that has some grays and blacks.

Shop it here.

Ten: Sarrah Blue Quartz Rug From Ruggable

This kitchen runner rug that is washable features a floral medallion and shades of slate and blue, balanced with off-white.

distressed kitchen runner rug washable

Shop it here.

Eleven: Popular + Best selling Kitchen Runner Rug From Loloi

blue cabinets and a kitchen runner rug washable
a washable kitchen runner rug in a hallway
Design Loves Detail

The reviews say it all: people love this rug! I do too – that’s my kitchen in the top photo. This rug hides stains. After a few years it needed a wash and I hosed it down with soap and water outside. It air dries perfectly – no curling corners.

Shop it here.

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