31 Beaded Chandeliers To Fall In Love With

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A beaded chandelier can be the bridge between various styles of lighting in your home. What do you use in an open concept home, when you have various lighting styles around the house? What direction do you go in when you have modern and coastal all together? Why, a beaded chandelier of course! It will help coordinate everything together, in a not too formal but not too casual way!

About a decade and a half ago, I was looking for a beaded chandelier to hang over my kitchen table and they were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. 

A lot has changed since then! Retailers have met the trends and demands with gorgeous, unique wood and white beaded chandeliers of all price ranges. At that time I envisioned an oversized, white bead chandelier casting beautiful shadows – but I was ten years too early – or maybe just a few thousand dollars too short!

31 Beaded Chandeliers That Will Make a Statement, and Fit All Budgets

I gathered 31 beaded chandeliers that span a wide range of prices for all budgets. This included 13 affordable wood beaded chandeliers, 11 high end beaded chandeliers, and 7 blue and white beaded chandeliers.

13 Affordable Wood Beaded Chandelier 

These wood bead chandeliers are sorted into categories: under $300, and between $300-$600.

Pinterest round up of beaded chandeliers

Sources: Under $300: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven (amazing price) | eight (large!)

$300 – $600: nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen

Beaded Chandeliers Under $300

Click on the photo to shop:

1. Kelly Clarkson Chandelier

affordable beaded chandelier

2. Joss & Main Chandelier

affordable beaded chandelier

3. Narrow Beaded Chandelier

narrow beaded chandelier

4. Rustic Wood Chandelier

wood beaded chandelier

5. Flushmount Wood Beaded Chandelier From Pottery Barn

wood bead chandelier

A darling flushmount option. If you like this though, also see number seven for the Amazon look alike.

6. White Beaded Chandelier

white beaded chandelier

7. Flush Mount Beaded Chandelier From Amazon

a beaded chandelier in a girls room

This is my girls room, seen above.  This is a  FANTASTIC purchase and lookalike of Pottery Barn! It looks identical to number five (from Pottery Barn Teen), but a third of the price!  Truly, you cannot tell the difference. The beads on both lights are a cream, not a stark white. See it here.

8. White Beaded Chandelier 

large wood beaded chandelier

This one is huge and simply stunning, especially for the price.

Beaded Chandeliers $300 – $600

9. One Light Chandelier

a large light

10. Distressed Wood Beaded Chandelier

a big bathtub in a bathroom
via: DecorPad

This gorgeous affordable chandelier (number ten) is seen here over a bathtub.

11. Large Bohemian Chandelier

large bohemian light in a living room

12. Anthropologie Beaded Chandelier 

Anthropologie beaded chandelier

This beauty is stunning and will look stunning in a coastal setting.

13. Metal and Wood Light

metal beaded chandelier

If you still want to look at more affordable options, try pulling up this exact search on Amazon. There are some beautiful lights on Amazon now, and with free shipping and plenty of reviews it’s a good place to search! 

The White Beaded Chandelier: 11 High End Options!

Sometimes nothing else but a splurge will work for a room! It’s true: when you’ve looked over everything and nothing feels quite good enough, you might just need to splurge. The heart wants what the heart wants! (Please convince my husband that this is a fact as well.)

Below are 11 of the most popular and beautiful high end options. 

11 beaded chandeliers

Sources: one | two | three | four  | five (no longer sold)

six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven (offers a square option too) 

Just tap each photo to shop.

1. Large and In Charge White Beaded Chandelier

a kitchen with a beaded chandelier over the table

A stunning and very popular choice for high end homes.

2. Beads + Brass Light

brass and beads in a light

3. Petite High End Chandelier

a beaded light blue light

4. Feminine Beaded Chandelier

feminine chandelier

I can see this beauty in a high end closet or any sort of room with a more feminine design!

5. Update: Currently no longer being made

6. White Beaded Chandelier

2 wood bead chandelier over dining table

If you have the room, double them up for double impact! See this light here.

7. Stunning White Chandelier

glam beaded chandelier in office

dining room with white beaded chandelier
via: Studio McGee

beaded chandelier over breakfast nook

via: DecorPad

This stunning chandelier is a favorite of designers. It is made by Visual Comfort, who makes all designers’ favorite (and expensive!) lights. 

8. Metal and Wood Chandelier

a bedroom with a beaded chandelier over bed

via: Life On Cedar Lane

a wood bead chandelier over a dining room

via: Palm and Prep

Above the light is from Pottery Barn ,looking beautiful over a bed, above, or in a dining room.

9. A Popular White Beaded Light

kitchen with white beaded chandelier
via: Kelly Nan
a dining room with white chairs

Gorgeous wood beaded chandelier in a kitchen and dining takes everything up a notch.

10. Beaded Serena & Lily Malibu Light

the Malibu light

11. Rectangular Beaded Chandelier

beaded rectangular chandelier

7 Blue Beaded Chandelier

7 blue beaded chandeliers

Sources: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Want something different or styling a coastal home? These seven chandeliers below are all so unique:

blue beaded chandelier

glam beaded chandelier in dining room

What Color of Beads Should You Choose?

If you’re anxious about the color of the beads, look to the style of your home to tell you. Glass beads are great for a dining room or an entry where you can be a formal. White beaded chandeliers or wood can go with more rustic, laid back or be a nod to coastal decor.

How Long Will The Trend Last?

I installed a beaded light fixture over my kitchen table almost 15 years ago. But even farther back – beaded chandeliers were in large homes centuries ago. Rest assured, they are not going anywhere. That’s why some of the options you see have been available for years! Although these lights might be especially trendy now, they will never be considered “out”.

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