A Black and White Bathroom That Never Gets Old

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Updated: February 2, 2023

While in the process of designing our home, I knew I wanted to switch it up and create a classic black and white bathroom. After decorating the majority of our home with white on white, I wanted to use black in this room!

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The Classic Black and White Kids Bathroom

Our two boys share a Jack and Jill style bathroom, sandwiched between their bedrooms. A door closes off the toilet + shower.

Even though the girls have their own bathroom, we typically have all the kids brush their teeth/faces in this room before bed. This room works hard for us!

classic black and white bathroom with a white double vanity and black mirrors in a shared bathroom

Money And Planning

I looked high and low for modern black and white bathroom inspiration while building. Of course, this meant I was on Pinterest pinning black and white kids bathrooms all the time! (Are you on Pinterest too? Come see what I’m pinning!)

Our budget wasn’t too high for this bathroom. After all, IT’S A BOYS BATHROOM. We all know what this is going to be covered in sooner or later!

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t want it to be fun and cute. In the end, I came up with a simple design that stands out and came in under budget.

double white vanity with two classic black bathroom mirrors

black tile white grout in the classic shared bathroom

The Details on This Classic Black and White Bathroom

I love all the contrast we were able to work into this room – from the pop of the grout to the fun shower curtain!


Our handles are from Amerock and you can find the matte black pulls here, and the little handles here. They are called “Blackrock”. I love the clean lines and the fun handles- these would be a cute way to upgrade a dresser, too.

We found an affordable but modern and streamlined faucet for this room – we loved it so much we ended up putting this faucet in all the kids’ bathrooms.

black and white classic bathroom


These streamlined mirrors were a great find! I was so excited to find black, clean lines on a framed mirror with that price. 


Our matte black sconces have a cool industrial vibe. I do wish they gave off a little more light to be honest- had I realized that before hand I would have added a few cans in here to the ceiling. These black sconces are similar but have more wattage. 

close up shot of black industrial bathroom sconce

The Quartz Countertops

We went with Cosmos’ white quartz for the vanity. White quartz feels like a classic to me. I love to see white quartz paired with dark cabinetry too. It helps light bounce around even if you have a lot of dark tones in the room!

Quartz is known for being durable, low maintenance (even less so or on par with granite), and doesn’t stain or chip easily. It’s nothing like marble where you need to worry about it.

(I wrote all about our white quartz countertops in our kitchen and elsewhere, in this post!)

The Grout Issue In Our Black and White Kids Bathroom

The old view below is from when we moved in (you can see Leo’s cactus wallpaper was up). Originally the bathroom grout was gray. As soon as I saw the contractors putting it in I regretted it.

This was my first experience picking grout, and gray grout is funny.  People seem to fall into two categories with gray grout- and I’m in the hate it camp.

a view from bathroom into boys room with cactus wallpaper

(Before we get to the grout disaster- we LOVE our dip dyed wood and white step stool in the above picture and highly recommend! It is so sturdy for the kids; we bought another for the kitchen for us adults to use for the up high cabinets. We have had them both for about 3 years and they are one of our favorite purchases!)

But back to the grout… this was unfortunate. I disliked that there was no contrast. It looked dirty all the time. The grout didn’t even look gray- it just looked dingy and discolored next to the black. Like it was supposed to be white but wasn’t.

We had some water damage a year after moving in, and we had to replace this tile. This time I did my research and found I could actually get away with doing white grout in a bathroom! We used an epoxy grout in here to do a white grout that would be essentially stain proof.

Epoxy grout is different than cement grout. It is durable and the most resistant to stains and water damage. It is great for high traffic areas if you don’t want to be cleaning your white grout all the time!

white subway tile with gray grout in the shower

Their shower has basic subway tile and gray grout, with a small niche cut out. Basic but fun.

black white forest friends shower curtain

Get The Look:

Their Mirrors Off Amazon:


Future Plans

Of course I have future plans for this room. Is a room ever done?? (Never!)  I would love to put some tile behind the mirrors in here one day- even just that one wall would be enough!

And there you have it! What do you think? I hope sharing their black and white bathroom gives you some ideas on how to make a kids’ bathroom stand out, even on a budget!

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boys bedroom

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Jenny Lind bed in a bedroom

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bathroom with circle mirror


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