Our Jenny Lind + 9 Spindle Bed Options

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The Jenny Lind bed looks casual but sophisticated in our son’s room!

 I have 9 Jenny Lind beds, from affordable to high end, rounded up below.

All of these were beds we considered before we bought our Jenny Lind bed. But first, I have “before” pictures to show you what a game changer the bed is in his room.

Jenny Lind Bed Review

It’s no secret that I love a room full of coastal colors, but I wanted a twist in our middle school son Robbie’s room this time. Although white is my go to, he has his old white bottom bunk when we moved in, and I didn’t love how it blended in.

We were planning on replacing his bed anyways, but once I saw this I knew we would be picking something dark. A black Jenny Lind bed sounded just right!

Before – The Old Bed

child's bedroom with a white bed in it

Our old white bed was from Wayfair and a major bummer. We bought it years ago because it was cheap. I am pretty sure the wood dented just from my kids breathing on it! I have never seen soft wood like that. The mattress sagged at the head because the bed was not made with enough slats.

Robbie’s room today with his new Jenny Lind bed:

Childs bedroom with Jenny Lind bed

black Jenny linen bed in a bedroom

Robbie’s Room Sources:

I wanted to purchase a higher quality bed after that experience. Although we could have gone the antique spindle bed route, I was okay with paying for the real thing so that we wouldn’t need to replace a bed again or worry about lead. We purchased his bed from Crate and Barrel (this is his exact bed here) and we went for the full size.

Despite being full size, it doesn’t visually take up a lot of room. Because it is low to the ground it doesn’t look heavy in the room – it feels sleek and somewhat modern. The bed is a nice balance between masculine but pretty, and will one day make a great guest bed. Robbie might only be 11 but I plan on getting my life’s worth from this bed!

This bed will transition well with him to the teenage stage. My only regret is I should have just bought this for him when he was a rambunctious three year old because it would still be in the same condition! That’s why I don’t mind paying a little more- I won’t be buying him another bed again.

I am so pleased with the quality. Solidly built, with a metal center support under the slats as well. No sagging mattress at the head this time!

Jenny Lind bed in a boys room

9 Spindle Beds / Jenny Lind Beds

Below is a round up of all the spindle beds and Jenny Lind beds we considered when looking for the perfect bed for our son.

Jenny Lind bed roundup for pinterest

Scroll to shop the beds:

1 |2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 

7 | 8 |9

My other favorite is the top right (#2), because visually this is just the prettiest bed of them all!  This also is one of the few spindle beds that come in King size. I would happily sleep in this bed! 

We also considered some of the more affordable beds, and briefly considered buying an antique freshly painted off Etsy. An Etsy search is worth checking out if you want to go the antique route!

bedroom with a bean bag chair and large art behind bed

Get The Look:

Bed / Duvet / Triangle Mudcloth Pillow / Nightstand / LampsStriped Camp Stools / Bean Bag Chair / London Art

Other Details In His Room

Robbie’s walls are Sherwin Williams Extra White (which we have all over our home – see this post for more examples of how Extra White looks in my home in different lights). It looks great against the black of the bed.

oversized London art hanging over a bed


London Art / Duvet / Please Sleep pillow / Triangle Pillow

As far as bedding for his Jenny Lind bed, we love his blue and white duvet. Robbie isn’t supposed to eat up here but he got chocolate on it after Christmas. I was able to get it right off with a little Shout Out stain spray. It doesn’t feel too “nice” for older children. And of course, I love that slightly wrinkled look linen has.

The nightstands were a budget buy that we picked up from Target! They often go on sale and we had them delivered with their two day shipping. The drawers roll out smoothly and we are two years in- so far so good. I like that the white nightstands contrast the black Jenny Lind bed.

Ok. Honest feedback here? Although I love the way his dresser looks in the room – I’m not sure I recommend it. The drawers do not hold that much stuff! My kid wears the same 3 shirts anyways- so we make it work- but I wouldn’t go this route if I were buying again. Just being truthful, because it does look like they are deep drawers in the photo- trust me, they aren’t!

a corner of a bedroom with a dresser, a basket of toys and a bean bag chair

I bought him that modern bean bag chair to read in because I remember loving my bean bag as a kid. After our dog threw up on it last year, I washed the cover and it came out perfectly- so I can attest to its’  longevity now too. The bean bag itself is nice and firm. It has a cute nautical rope on the back.

Jenny Lind bed with dresser and nautical framed art

I get asked if his jute chevron rug is scratchy – it is awesome and actually soft! In fact, I liked it so much I bought a second one. It is made of jute and chenille. That is a great combo- the jute makes the chenille strong and durable, and the chenille makes the jute not scratchy. It doesn’t shed either!

If you like this rug you can see how it looked in our master bedroom, before we moved it up to the kids’ playroom!

dresser with 2 large nautical flags above it in a frame

Get The Look: 

Dresser / Nautical Framed Flags / Lamp / Striped Camp Stools

Those framed nautical flags on the wall above make me happy! A nod to my coastal style but also Robbie’s love for the water. Speaking of…

fishing poster in a boys room above Jenny Lind bed

This is the other side of the room. I found that fishing poster AND the magnetic wooden frame AND the wooden hooks off Amazon! Thank you, Prime! I am obsessed with his fish poster, mostly because I used to hang these kinds of posters on my wall as a kid.

If you click on their Amazon shop you see they make these “collection” posters for everything: seashells, birds, animals, etc. and for all areas of the country. 

I laughed with my husband because when I told him about my favorite animal posters, he told me about his favorite Jenny McCarthy poster he had up on his wall.

fishing poster over book and toy combo shelf

Get The Look:

Fish Poster / Magnetic Wooden Frame / Hooks / Book and Toy Shelf

Those affordable wooden hooks are handmade and pretty neat! I didn’t bother putting them into the stud since these just hold his hats. I put the screw right into the drywall. We’ve had them a year now- they are an affordable way to update a space with function.

That book and toy shelf have been shared by two of my kids. Moms of younger kids- as your kids get older they have a lot less stuff!  It DOES get easier in that regard. Robbie doesn’t have nearly the same amount of toys he used to. I am hanging on to the stuffed animals for now because I am not ready to let them go!

His book / toy shelf is versatile in that way. We use this as his “back up” bookshelf since his other bookshelf is filled. 

Is that London print fun or what? Oversized is the way to go with children’s art- and it’s not too heavy either that it scares me above the bed. I did put it on screws that are in the studs, however.

Jenny Lind bed in a bedroom

We installed basic custom rollers (from a local company here called All Phase Blinds) that block the light. 

Overall I think it was the Jenny Lind bed that really made his room come together. It is polished and sophisticated, but cute enough for a child’s room!

You might also like seeing my son Leo’s room with two tone paint, or take a peek at our shared girl’s room.

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If you are considering knock off versions of this bed, my blogger friend Arin wrote a review about her DaVinci beds that look similar! Give it a read.

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