Serena & Lily Rugs: Our Mirabelle Rug

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It is scary ordering something so big like the Mirabelle Rug from Serena & Lily, sight unseen! If you don’t live near a Serena & Lily retail store, you are buying a designer rug without ever actually laying eyes on it or feeling it! This was the situation I found myself in when I decided to place an oder for the Serena & Lily Mirabelle Rug.

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Serena & Lily Rugs We Own, and Our New Mirabelle Rug

Serena & Lily make some of the most beautiful well made rugs that are unique yet ready available! They specialize in the high end style investments that have the potential to even passed down as heirloom pieces. They offer a unique collection of designer rugs in all patterns and price ranges.

Serena & Lily rugs under bed

>>Get a full tour of our bedroom here!<<

Before I discuss our other Serena & Lily rug, let’s talk about this brand new beauty!

Serena & Lily Mirabelle

We knew we would be choosing a Serena & Lily rug for our bedroom because of the quality. I’ve had my eye on the Serena & Lily Mirabelle Rug since I saw it first in the catalogue years ago. I was drawn to the slightly boho pattern; it adds a bit of playfulness to an otherwise classic rug.

Mirabelle Look Alikes

If you want something a little more affordable – look at this rug from Rugs USA, or this rug from Ruggables! And this one here from Boutique Rugs is the closest I’ve seen.

The Rug In Our Bedroom

Our bedroom doesn’t have any pattern, and one thing I had in mind was making sure the room didn’t fall flat and come out boring! The new rug would need to bring interest and a bold pattern to the room.

I ordered a swatch this time like a good girl. That’s a very adult thing to do for large investments, even though its a test in patience. I loved the feel of the wool and the thickness of the rug. I knew the material was perfect for an area rug. We were planning on putting this in our bedroom. We needed a rug where our toes could sink into something cozy!

Serena & lily rug under a bed

(source: Serena & Lily catalogue)

If you recall, we had a jute rug in our bedroom for a while. (Our master bedroom with more of a farmhouse feel from is here). The previous rug had a pretty, casual vibe. We were ready for something more luxe in here, a layer that would add a high end feel. Being that my house (and life) are overrun with kids 24/7, I have always tried to keep our bedroom special. It is our retreat away from the craziness, and we want it to stay refined. I want my bedroom to say to you “THIS IS NOT KID’S SPACE, OK???”… in the nicest, but loudest voice possible.

I convinced my husband that our kids’ playroom needed some coziness, so it made sense to move the jute rug up to the playroom. Now we were left without a rug, and he was ready to begin looking with me. See how that worked itself out???! 🙂

We lived with no rug for a little while. But as winter hit I couldn’t take waking up to cold floors any longer. When Serena & Lily asked to sponsor this post I pulled the trigger.

Shop Around My Fav Rugs Here:


bed with hardwood floors under it


Serena & Lily rugs under bed

You guys, Serena & Lily rugs are stunning!! What an impact this rug makes in the space. It truly looks one of a kind. I was amazed at the change. The Mirabelle Rug is gorgeous – online but even more so in person.

The Pattern

I love the Batik-inspired pattern. Just boho enough to be a tad trendy, but overall a very classic look and pattern. It has a touch of tribal, but also a bit modern. I like that it doesn’t lean too far in any direction, which will keep it in favor for years to come. My hunch about what the room needed was indeed correct – adding a bold pattern in this room added so much interest!

feet on the mirabelle rug

Of course as always, one project leads to another. A luxurious wool rug is an upgrade from the pretty-but-casual jute rug. So we knew it was also the right time for our nightstands to get an upgrade was well.  How about another before and after, shall we?


bed with hardwood floors under it

These nightstands were cute and flowed with the feel of the room, but size wise the dimensions were a bit small for our big bed. I wanted a more interesting piece.


Serena & Lily mirabelle rug under a bed, harbour cane nightstand next to the bed

So lovely. These nightstands are called the Harbour Cane Nightstands. I love the pop of brass on the knobs, the beautiful caning below, and how they fit perfectly under each window. See more peeks of these nightstands in my Christmas Bedroom Tour.

> Update: We put wallpaper up and installed wall to wall drapes. Take a peek at our new master bedroom refresh (still with our Mirabelle Rug) here! <<

Size of a Rug Under a King Size Bed

We have a king size bed. Our previous rug was a giant 9′ x 12,’ and I felt like it took away too much of the hardwoods. We just put in these hardwoods last winter, and I love seeing them.

Although I love the plush rug to step on in my bedroom, I didn’t want to completely cover the hardwoods up. Otherwise we might as well have kept the wall to wall carpeting!

In general, you want a foot minimum of rug around the bed. If you want to see more hardwoods than rug, go with an 8′ x 10′ under a king size bed. Put the long side going lengthwise under the bed. If you want to see more rug and you have the space in your bedroom, go with a 9×12 under a king size bed.

Colors of the Mirabelle

One thing I was concerned about with the rug was if colors would mesh with my white furniture. The colors in the rug are made up of a deep gray and a contrasting cream – would it be too off white?

The rug flows beautifully though with everything I have. The Mirabelle rug isn’t so off white that it appears to have yellow undertones. The cream still resembles a warm white. The darker gray adds another layer of beauty to the space.

I might bring the dark gray into the room in one more place- perhaps a pillow. My husband was just saying he wanted more pillows. 😉

big canopy bed with black and white rug from Serena & Lily

shoes next to the mirabelle rug

The Feel

The rug is plush and soft on my feet in the morning. We have a 1/4″ rug pad under the rug, as that is good for the life of the rug. Serena & Lily is known for making long lasting, high quality pieces, and I fully expect to love this rug for years and years. It is made of soft New Zealand wool (100%), and double tufted by hand.

christmas bedroom decor

We are so pleased with our Mirabelle rug that we have been spending more time in our room lately, especially in the evenings. If you are rug shopping, consider looking into Serena & Lily rugs!

Get My Bedroom Look:

This room can also be seen all decorated for the holidays here!

The Welfleet Rug

I bought the Serena & Lily Welfleet rug last year. This is one of their Indoor/Outdoor Performance rugs, which sounded perfect for my dining room. I didn’t buy a swatch so it was a bit of a risk! I wanted it to be soft enough not to feel like an outdoor rug. At the same time – I didn’t want to be nervous about my family eating over it.

dining room with a Serena and lily Welfleet rug

It checks off all those boxes! I loved that it is water resistant and easy to blot spills.

The Welfleet rug is great because it’s so versatile! We love having it inside, but I might even bring it outside to the porch this summer. The geometric pattern is done in muted gray mixes in well with my decor. It is thinner of course than a wool rug, but not overly thin. It has a nice feel on your feet- pleasantly soft, never scratchy.

Thank you to Serena & Lily for sponsoring this post! I’ve enjoyed a life long love affair with their beautiful catalogues. I am drawn to their high quality furniture that can be used for years to come. I am pleased to partner with them as well.

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Serena & Lily mirabelle rug under a bed

If you are shopping for Serena & Lily Rugs, I highly recommend my Mirabelle rug. I’ll circle back around in 6 months and update the post with more photos and a 6 month review!

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