12 Board & Batten Bedroom Wall Ideas To LOVE

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If you’re looking for board and batten wall ideas, I’ve got plenty here and some tips as well. We took the popular trend of the board and batten bedroom wall as a feature – and carried it onto all four walls.

The pretty detail adds character and personality to our bedroom, and it removed the urge to clutter the wall with tons of “stuff”.

bedroom with white walls

The Board and Batten Bedroom Wall: 12 Types To Give You Ideas And Inspiration

This might come as a surprise, but board and batten isn’t that expensive to add to your home.

But don’t do what I did – because there was a big drawback! The height of our board and batten makes it impossible to hang anything on our bedroom walls. And mounting our TV onto it? Nightmare.

A little careful planning can help you out tremendously!

12 Ideas For Board and Batten Wall Ideas In Your Bedroom

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Looking for a little inspiration? Below are beautiful board and batten bedroom walls for each type of style… showing you what’s possible for every bedroom. I hope this inspires you in your own home!

1. The Traditional Half Board and Batten Wall Idea, and What Not To Do

This is our bedroom below. We used traditional board and batten, bringing the trim up half way up the wall.

board and batten bedroom wall

Room Sources: wallpaper | nightstand | lamp | bed (similar) | green plaid pillows | bench | rug

We have 9 ft ceilings in our bedrooms! We had our board and batten stop half way, right at 4.5 ft.

Major regret on that detail here. By taking the height of our board and batten exactly half way up, hanging art at eye level (ideal from a design perspective) will always be difficult for us.

If you are creating a more traditional board and batten accent wall, think through the height carefully!

how to hang art tv over board and batten

To mount our Frame TV, we had to cut a piece out of the board and batten bedroom wall up. I couldn’t stand how much space was left underneath with the TV mounted above the molding, so this was our only choice.

Our Bedroom Reveal

I shared all the details and more photos of our bedroom in this post here.

2. Full Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

To avoid the “hard to hang art” problem, many of these styles are best done with just board and batten along one single bedroom wall and up to the ceiling- a feature wall.

large navy board and batten on a bedroom wall

via: Blue Copper Design

A more modern take is to fill up a whole board and batten bedroom wall. The wall in this dramatic color makes for a cozy bedroom wall!

board and batten bedroom wall

via: Thrifty Decor Chick

3. Board and Batten Ideas Around Moldings

Dark hardwoods, crisp white board and batten, while adding different (or keeping!) trim at the top and around windows and doors.

all white board and batten wall ideas
white board and batten in a bedroom
I wish I had a source for you but Pinterest was making it so difficult to find where this actually came from.

4. White Board and Batten Feature Wall

Such a fresh take – the white on white look is fresh and clean in a bedroom, with white drywall on the other sides. An easy answer! The monochromatic paint gives this bedroom a ton of understated texture and sophisticated detail.

white board and batten in a bedroom wall

via: @Apriljoy_ful

5. Vertical Ship Lap

The verticle board and batten is a relatively simple wood construction detail – and here the boards were simply added to the preexisting drywall in a boys’ room.

black walls with kids bunkbed

via: @theheartandhaven

Erin, the homeowner, added one horizontal board with hooks for hanging. If you are adding board and batten to a bedroom wall for a child, this is a great idea! The hooks provide a place for storage and decor.

6. Custom Looking Board and Batten Wall Idea

I know you love how she put a twist from the traditional straight planks with her own custom trim! How great is this board and batten wall idea? This gives the room more of a traditional and formal feel. This look would also work well in main living areas of a home.

nursery board and batten

via: Design Loves Detail

Soothing colors keep this space very zen. I know dark is in, but I am also loving this calming color for a bedroom.

7. Board and Batten Wall Ideas With a Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceiling make the math trickier but can still be done easily a number of ways! Below they ran a trim piece along the edge of the ceiling.

a white bedroom with blue pillows and board and batten wall

Or in the photo below, if you look closely you can see they ran the board and batten vertically directly into the ceiling in the following two examples.

white walls with a black bed

via Clark & Co Homes

vaulted ceiling in bedroom

via: With Love, Mercedes

Of course, you can also make the board and batten also not fill up the whole wall.

white bedroom with vaulted ceiling

via Treasure In The Detail

8. Coastal Board & Batten Wall Ideas

Coastal decor loves natural textures. Paring crisp white board and batten with blue wallpaper in a grasscloth gives a calming effect.

coastal bedroom board and batten

Via: Driven By Decor

9. Herringbone Board and Batten

Want something totally different than the traditional verticle and horizontal slats? Think outside the box for a design.

herringbone board and batten in a bedroom

via: Honey Built Home

This is a herringbone design and although it requires careful measuring and planning, it’s a popular design for DIY-ers. It’s a nice remix on typical board and batten wall ideas- and makes a great feature wall for a bedroom that is missing some pizazz.

10. Board and Batten Bedroom Wall in a Nursery

Since it doesn’t make sense to hang many things above the crib, often times parents wonder how to keep this spacefrom feeling empty. Board and batten on the bedroom wall nearest the crib is a great solution!

board and batten in a nursery

via: Steals With Stella

11. Board and Batten in a Child’s Room

This is a nice touch for a kids bedroom! The board and batten wall treatment in here lets the wallpaper shine without feeling overpowering, and it was affordable too – it cost them less than $200 for all the walls!

kids board and batten bedroom

via: Young House Love

12. Board and Batten Bedroom Wall with Wallpaper

If you like being extra but are hesitant that wallpaper might be overpowering to a room, adding a board and batten bedroom wall underneath is so smart! The room gets more interest, but a nice break from the wallpaper.

a blue and green nursery

Via: @leclairedecor


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