A Fall Tablescape To Duplicate

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I am creating fall tablescapes here in my home this season! Tablescapes are some of my most fun photo shoots – a table full of food is everyone’s favorite thing, right?

a fall tablescape covered in pumpkins

My Fall Tablescape For You To Mimic

This beautiful blue pitcher is a touch on the antique side. I decided to set up a fall tablescape around my blue pitcher, which would be the statement piece.

The soft blue of the pitcher would bring in the theme of muted colors. So today I am bringing some entertaining inspiration for you with an idea for your fall tablescapes!

a pumpkin tablescape for fall entertaining under a big white light

Our table is the Bradding Table from Pier 1, and we found our cute chairs on Amazon. I talk more about spindle chairs we like in this post.

a lazy susan decorated for fall  

Tablescapes – especially fall, which is associated with harvest – is all about abundance.

Are you creating a fall dinner party tablescape? Set out all the food. Don’t leave anything behind on the counter or in the fridge. I used a wooden lazy susan and paired it with my glass dome so you can keep goodies fresh as guests mingle.

When working with holiday decor, I encourage you to use mostly classic pieces that will work year round, and use actual holiday decor in smaller amounts.

This will help you use your new finds in other ways throughout the year- but also keep your table looking classic.

Keeping It Classic: Tips For Creating Fall Tablescapes

a closeup shot of a pumpkin tablescape with fall decorpumpkins and fall decor on a table for fall entertaining

That morning light. Not great for capturing everything in photos, but sooo pretty! I hope this post gives you some fall tablescape ideas!

Get Creative With the Placemats

I really like using wooden cheeseboards in stock right now – marble ones as well. Depending on how many guests you have, you could even put everyone’s plates on cheeseboards!

For the other placemats, I pulled out the blue gingham placemats. I love the gingham in the spring, summer and the fall!

It’s All About The Layers

If you look carefully you’ll see I layered long runner on the table peeking underneath everything. Layering a runner under placemats and all your pieces can work as a great base!

Color Scheme

I wanted to bring in fall colors with my pumpkin tablescape, but keep them a little muted, since that is more my style. Soft oranges, light blues, whites, and browns.

a blue pitcher on the counter next to lemons

I love using basic white plates because it doesn’t ever have to be a matching set. Home Centric must have just stocked up- they had all different sizes, as well as soup and salad bowls etc.  a pumpkin tablescape for fall entertaining with white chairs around a table

Pull out your cloth napkins! They make every fall tablescape look better.

long table covered in pumpkins and food and home decor

Our table is the Bradding Table from Pier 1, and we found our cute chairs on Amazon. I talk more about spindle chairs we like in this post.

7 Thoughts On Creating Fall Tablescapes For Entertaining

  1. The nice thing about creating fall tablescapes is you really don’t need a lot to make the table feel “full”, because of the pumpkins. Just 2-4 medium sized pumpkins and that’s going to take up most of your table!
  2. Decide on a color scheme first, like I always say. You don’t “have” to go bright orange, remember. Pick 2 or 3!
  3. Create some highs and lows on the tables for visual interest. It is all about LAYERING. I started with the runner, then went from there.
  4. I used two cake platters to elevate food and decor. Using varying heights.
  5. Do something unexpected on people’s places. Nothing overwhelming, just something little to make it memorable for your guests. You want them to smile when they come to the table. Cheeseboards as placemats, why not?  Maybe tuck a flower or a small piece of greenery inside everyone’s napkins- I used some Baby’s Breath (the little white flowers). You can find that in any grocery store. Or even better, bring some in from your yard.
  6. If entertaining without little ones, always, always have candles of multiple sizes! I like a few well placed bigger ones, and fill in with tall and slim and/or small votive candles.
  7. Pitchers are not only useful, but they are so pretty on the table. Even if you are serving wine I like to keep a pitcher of water on the table. 

Shop The Fall Tablescape:

My exact chairs are an Amazon purchase found here

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