10 Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

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Ceiling fans for bedrooms mean a few things: you want your fan to be silent, powerful as all get out, and good looking. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently, because a quick Google search will pull up a myriad of terrible fans! After we upgraded our ceiling fan for our bedroom (see below!) – the result was so lovely I stopped thinking a fan wasn’t as pretty as a statement light. In my case, our bedroom ceiling fan is just as good looking as a chandelier!

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a white and gold ceiling fan for bedroom

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10 Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms With a Splurge and Save Option

Below are 10 fans that we own, or just love (and are well reviewed!) that proves sometimes practical can be beautiful. My bedroom fan is number one!

10 ceiling fans for bedrooms

Ceiling fans for bedrooms:
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

“Splurge” can be personal – in this case the “splurge” fan is simply more than the “save” version of the ceiling fan. Looking for more? See also, 15 Cute Ceiling Fans For All Budgets.

1. Splurge On The Maverick: A Ceiling Fan Made For Your Bedroom

a white bedroom with a white and brass ceiling fan

We have the 52″ Maverick, and it is an expense that I went back and forth about – and now consider it worth every penny! Dead silent when on, powerful air on the max setting and so pretty – this fan is as high quality as you would expect for the price. Even the remote is pretty! As a hot sleeper I highly recommend.

Shop it here:

2. Save On The DC Motor Ceiling Fan

a white and brass ceiling fans for bedrooms

The “save” version of the Maverick, and for around $200. (If you don’t see the white and brass option, it’s sold out but often comes back). When I shared this on social media a few people responded that you have it and love it. Bonus: it comes with a light!

Shop it here:

3. Splurge On The Wave Ceiling Fan For Bedrooms

the wave ceiling fan in a bedroom

This was a ceiling fan designed for stylish bedrooms! We used it in my daughters’ shared bedroom in our last house. The curve of the blades is so chic.

Shop it here:

4. Save + Blend In With This Good Looking + Basic Ceiling Fan

living room with a basic white ceiling fans for bedrooms

(our living room above, find sources in this post here.)

Not everything has to be over the top – and we bought this basic three times! If you want a good looking ceiling fan that blends in, we love this fan. It has a powerful motor and is the most affordable but best fan in the house. Our son has it in black in his bedroom. I would call this the biggest bang for your buck fan!

Shop it here:

5. Splurge On A Brass and Acrylic Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

acrylic and brass ceiling fan for bedroom

This ceiling fan is well loved by designers. The acrylic blades with satin brass AND a light make it both practical and pretty! The acrylic can read feminine or modern, making it the perfect ceiling fan for bedrooms.

Shop it here:

6. Save on A Brass and Acrylic Ceiling Fan

brass and acrylic ceiling fans for bedrooms

Slightly less expensive, this is another great option that I’ve seen used in several well designed spaces. A beautiful choice for a ceiling fan in a bedroom.

Shop it here:

7. Splurge On The Goozegg Ceiling Fan

coastal ceiling fans for bedrooms

Although this fan also works outdoors, it would be beautiful in a modern bedroom. Real wood and I can attest it is strong, powerful and worth every penny – we have two on our back porch!

Shop it here:

8. Save On This Coastal Ceiling Fan

coastal ceiling fans for bedrooms

Another real oak wood fan that coastal design lovers will appreciate – for a fraction of the price of it’s expensive twin! This fan would look beautiful in a beachy room with lots of whites and woods.

Shop it here:

9. Splurge on the Haiku Smart Coastal Ceiling Fan For Bedrooms

coastal ceiling fans for bedrooms in a living room
4 options of ceiling fans for bedrooms

If you love light wood and a breezy California coastal style, this ceiling fan is offered in lots of styles including a beautiful light oak wood that is so stylish.

Shop it here:

10. Save on Noiseless Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

dark ceiling fans for bedrooms

I can see this cool ceiling fan in my son’s bedroom or in a modern den! This has a light attached and is a steal compared to some of its’ lookalikes.

Shop it here:

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What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need For My Bedroom?

Ceiling fans are measured by the size of their blades all the way across. In other words, the measurement from the end of one fan blade all the way to the end of the fan blade directly across.

Below is a rough guide for what size to look for:

  • Fan blades of 42″ to 48″ for bedrooms up to 175 sq ft.
  • Fan blades of 52″ to 56″ for bedrooms up to 350 sq ft.
  • Fan blades of 60″ for bedrooms larger than 350 sq ft.

In an ideal world, your ceiling fan should hang at least 8 inches from the ceiling for adequate air circulation. But due to low ceilinsg or tall furniture (hi canopy bed!), that’s obviously not always possible. But the fan should never be lower than 7 ft above the floor, no matter what, for safety reasons.

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