21 Save or Splurge Kids Christmas Gifts for 2020

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Bringing you 21 of the best kids Christmas gifts in 2020 today!

21 Kids Christmas Gifts In 2020 

This gift guide includes unique Christmas gifts for kids that are outside the traditional gift ideas. You know, the kind they’ll actually enjoy as much as you loved gifting it to them! This gift guides cover the coolest gifts I know for kids, none of the same old same old.

This post was republished and updated for the 2020 holiday season. 

This Christmas gift guide is unique in that it includes look alikes for a splurge/save options. Given that 2020 is an especially different year financially I know lots of us are shopping for deals or for the next best thing.

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us its that everything will take a hundred times longer than you think! I’ve had enough holidays spending the season procrastinating. I think this year doing that would set us in a full on panic.

Scroll through and decide if you want to save or splurge on some of cutest kids Christmas gifts for 2020! 

Best Christmas Gifts For Kids

Kids Christmas Gifts in 2020 Save or Splurge Edition??

There are high quality items in both categories- save or splurge!

1 (splurge) or  2 (save) | 3 (save) or 4 (splurge) or 5 (save)6 (splurge) or  7 (save) 

8 (splurge) or 9 (save) | 10 (save) or 11 (splurge) | 12 (save) or 13 (splurge)

14 (splurge) or 15 (save) | 16 (splurge) or 17 (save) 

18 (splurge) or 19 (save) | 20 (save) or 21 (splurge)

1. Basket Ball Hoop (splurge) : Not only is this basketball game now for more than one person to play, it has appeal as the “big” gift kids love!

2. Basket Ball Hoop Over The Door (save): My son has this and it’s great quality – I love how it keeps him either him and his friends busy (albeit loud) in his room.

3. Ride On Wooden Bumble Bee (save): The price on this high quality toddler toy is great – and the reviews are great too. We owned a similar one from the same brand (a ladybug) that lasted us for years.

4. Ride On Airplane (splurge): The cutest toy that makes a great gift, especially for little ones with an aviation obsession!

5. Ride On Toy (save) Or for the ride-on toy that will grow with your child right into kindergarten, this toy brilliant. How does it move when both feet are up? We used to keep ours inside because they liked to glide through the house, now my kids ride up and down the driveway.

6. Push Trike (save): Classic push tricycle that makes a walk around the block more fun!

7. Push Trike (splurge): A delux version that folds up with rest mode, parent mode or bike mode. This is probably a good choice to take on trips!

8. The prettiest Doll Stroller: (splurge) We all know you’re really buying this for you! 😉

9. Wooden Doll Stroller (save): Sweet and also adorable looking, this is a high quality stroller too.

10. Go Cart (save): Make sure you get the right size! It look like you could start out at age 4 or 5 according to the reviews. Looks w

11. Motor Bike / Dirt Bike (splurge): Don’t think this is for bigger kids. My son is now 12 and he is aging out (although he still loves to ride it, I can just see he is looking too big on it). Was ideal for age 6-11 for him! We didn’t use it as a dirt bike off the road – he used it on our sidewalks.

12. Affordable AND Adorable Grocery or Lemonade Stand (Save): This wooden stand is made by Melissa and Doug.

kids lemonade stand for christmas gifts for kids in 2020

13. Grocery / Bakery Stand: With shelving to display food as well and a chalkboard to note if you’re ‘open’ or ‘closed’! 

14. Barrington Dollhouse (splurge): With doors that open on each side and a storage door and a classic exterior, this makes for a gorgeous Christmas gift idea!

15. Kid Kraft Wooden Dollhouse (save): This 3 floor house is a vintage modern dollhouse that is 4′ tall.

16. Dress Up Organizer (splurge): This is a beautiful piece of furniture for a little girls’ room that even has a space for shoes, hooks and a full length mirro. I love this idea!

17. Dress Up Organizer (save): Wouldn’t this be a great gift to give your child on Christmas morning, with some costumes already hanging up for them? This affordable rack comes with 10 velvet hangers already.

18. Large Lego Table (splurge) We don’t own this but it was on my list. I would love to have all our legos stored together with space for two – even three – kids to play!

19. Lego Table (save): Just a cute, well laid out basic lego table!

20. Motorola Walkie Talkies (save): My kids own these walkie talkies- I bought them based on all the good reviews. They work great but be warned they work best in areas that aren’t full of hills. Hills break the connection faster.

walkie talkies for kids christmas gifts 2020

21. Walkie Talkies (splurge): These have amazing reviews! They are not only great for simple play but are heavy duty enough for adults farther away as well. These have rechargeable batteries and work long range.

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I hope my list was helpful. This should make it easier if you are looking for kids presents I would buy myself, we have already bought our kids, as well as some of the top kids Christmas gifts for 2019. 


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