25 Kids Christmas Gifts in 2019

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25 Kids Christmas Gifts In 2019

Bringing you 25 of the best kids Christmas gifts in 2019 today! I try and get a head start on holiday shopping each year, so that I can slow down and enjoy the season. I’ve had enough holidays where I spend the whole season procrastinating, followed by panicking. I try not to repeat that every year! My 2 gift guides cover the coolest gifts I know of for your sweet little one, and some truly unique Christmas gifts for kids. You know, the kind they’ll actually enjoy as much as you loved gifting it to them.  I tried thinking outside the traditional gift ideas and plastic toys for girls and boys.

I have it broken down into two carefully curated gift guides. Scroll through and shop some of cutest kids Christmas gifts in 2019! 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Preschoolers or Toddlers

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  • 1- Victorian Dollhouse: Not only is this dollhouse the size of furniture, it is as sophisticated as the furniture you are already putting in their room!
  • 2- We gave our children this Nugget last christmas in pink! I reviewed it here. Our pink Nugget was replaced, but with a similar berry color called Rosebud that pops. Nuggets do sell out (sometimes in a matter of days) so this is not a gift you want to save for the last minute!

nugget toy, our kids christmas gift

Read Our Nugget Comfort Review

  • 5- ** A Reader Favorite! Our favorite dolls are Madame Alexander dolls because of their lifelike, delicate features. I have said it before and I will say it again- they make the best dolls! Take a peek at the reviews. These dolls are collective – we give our girls one each Christmas. It might be only October, but this is the first Christmas gift I bought so far! I didn’t want it to sell out! For now it is squirreled away in our attic until Christmas.
girl holding madame Alexander doll
Camille with last year’s Madame Alexander doll

I am still deciding which one to give Sofia this year. They are totally different from your average baby doll because of how lifelike and sweet their face and bodies are. Their skin tones come in all shades, and always rosy and warm. All their facial features are delicate and sweet (the little mouth!), but they have a weighted body that can be made to sit up. This one stood out to me because of all her little accessories. My girls live for the accessories! Because of how good the quality is, I actually think they will be passing these dolls down to their children. 

a madame Alexander Kids Christmas Gifts in 2019a pretend doll

  • 6- Balance bikes are they only (and best) way to learn how to ride imo- especially if you want to skip the dreaded and annoyingly slow training wheels. 
  • 7- A lovely rattan stroller. Not just for dolls- my kids used to push around their toys too. The white one looks like a Serena and Lily piece.
  • 8- A Caboodle just like we had- but first fill it with bows and hair ties for them. This gift is an easy win for thoughtfulness!
  • 9- This is a new shop for me and I was audibly oohing and ahhing when I scrolled through. Looking for beautiful but unique gifts for kids? Scroll over to these colorful play rockers and wooden climbing sets for kids.  

a kid on a rainbow wooden rocker is her christmas gift

Childs purse

  • 11- **We’ve owned this too! You won’t hate the way this ladybug ride on toy looks in your kitchen. Well made, we kept ours for all 4 of the kids.
  • ladybug ride on toy 12- This toy bassinet made from rattan looks straight out of a magazine. So beautiful it could be an heirloom gift, but only if my kids weren’t so hard on everything.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Kids

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  • 1- Large Statement Piece Nightlights. I have two listed here because I couldn’t decide which one is better! 
  • 2- Echo For Kids All the fun, music and games, but geared towards kids and family friendly material only.

 echo for Kids Christmas Gifts in 2019

  • 3- Just like the classic Jenga… but with a die. This teaches colors and numbers with little ones, as well as being adorable to look at.

Rainbow Jenga

  • 4- The cutest and most fun dinner plates– especially made for picky eaters. The reviews are raving, so take a peek.


  • 6- Construction site or dinner, I’m not sure. This plate is on Leo’s list, but he doesn’t know it yet! He will get a kick out of this.
  • 7- Beach Cruisers are the new Huffys! All colors for boys and girls. Sofie and her little friends cruise our street with their beach cruisers, and they’re the cutest little things on the block!

a christmas gift for kids, a blue Beach cruiser bike

  • 8- We love our little Instax cameras and the kids do too! They have a ton of fun with these. We buy them extra film on birthdays, Christmas (stocking stuffers), etc. I would consider this a gift for any age, but starting with a somewhat responsible 4 year old who won’t drop it. They also sell protectors for kids- this one is cute, and this one is more gender neutral. (I don’t have the cases, just the camera)

instax camera kids christmas gift

  • 9- I would love toting a personalized tumbler to carline and the gym, so I’m sure my daughter would love it too.
  • 10- This alarm clock on wheels is for your heavy sleeping teens. So brilliant! It lis meant to be loud and obnoxious until your kid wakes up.

Alarm Clock with wheels

  • 12- Leo is obsessed with his handheld Tetris, but in a good way. It feels like it might be somewhat educational… at least as far as video games go? We bring it on car trips. If you are traveling this holiday, this is addicting and keeps them quiet… until they fight over it.

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a boy jumping over nuggets, which is a Kids Christmas Gifts in 2019

art 2

A girl playing blocks, which is a Kids Christmas Gifts in 2019

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I hope my list was helpful. This should make it easier if you are looking for kids presents I would buy myself, we have already bought our kids, as well as some of the top kids Christmas gifts for 2019. 

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