Guy Gift Ideas: My Husband’s Favorite Things From Amazon!

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This Guy Gift Guide Ideas List was written by a guy… for a guy!

Yo yo yo! Jose here, logging onto my brilliant wife’s blog for the first time. This is… unexpected! Yes, for me too!

Since every dad’s favorite holiday is on the horizon, Chrissy asked me to put together a list of my favorite gifts/gadgets of things that I already own and love.

Obviously, she is putting together the little graphics. She just put me in charge of what I do best- the talking!

a pinterest image of a lot of gift ideas for guys

This post may have affiliate links; if you choose to purchase through the links provided my wife may make a small commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, she earns from qualifying purchases. This blog is her business and I hope you find the links and information helpful!

Jose’s Favorite Things: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

I had the clever idea to title this post “Jose’s 12 Diggity Dope Deals”, but Chrissy mentioned something about keeping this on-brand for her? Not sure exactly what that means, but she obviously knows more about this stuff. Although I thought that was an eye-catching title, no?

So let’s get to it. These 12 gift ideas are items I actually own and use (daily!) and recommend to any man on Father’s Day. I’ve been the guinea pig here, my people!

1. Cordless Screwdriver OR similar but ships from Amazon

 This is 1000% my very favorite #1 tool in the toolbox. Say these words out loud: GAME CHANGER.

My wife might have mentioned that I am so-called “not handy” (and she might be onto something there), but nevertheless, I still find myself putting together things for my kids or doing small jobs where a screwdriver is necessary.

This tool makes it a breeze. A flicka’ the old wrist and this puts screws right in for you. No more endless turning your tired hands.

2. Gas Powered Leaf Blower Backpack

Picture this: My next door neighbor has his leaf blower backpack on, skipping around like a happy school girl as he quickly tidies up his yard. Now picture me, sweaty and red faced, hauling my 50lb leafblower around that has no less than 3 extension cords. I am unplugging and plugging the cords in over and over, as they continuously fall out or worse – not reach.

I got tired of being tired. Put this backpack on, forget the cords, and you’ll be ready to blow ALL THE LEAVES.

3. Folding Pocket Knife

An incredibly useful utility knife that I use for so many tasks. One of my sweet wife’s many, many, many, many packages arrives and she needs someone to open it? Not a problem. Breaking down those boxes a few short minutes later? Hi. I find this utility knife practical and… manly. Chrissy agrees.

4.Remington Beard Trimmer 

Stay Home Approved – no need to leave your house for the barber!

I sadly spent the majority of my life without a beard. Now that I am a bearded fellow, I still need to keep all that burly hair fresh and clean. What I like about this beard trimmer is it actually saves my last settings – so I get the same fresh cut every time.

5. Yeti Waterbottle  /  Yeti coffee mug / Straw Cap


I resisted the Yeti bottle for years because I thought this was too trendy to be anything great. Just a name brand on a bottle. What it actually is is your new best friend. 10 hours later, and my water is still ice cold. It’s really incredible.

I bought a straw cap to put on mine, just personal preference though.

If you’re a coffee drinker, the mug is nice too so you can grab your hot (or cold) coffee on the way out the door.

6. Air Pods and Charging Case

The most obvious Father’s Day gift. This is 2020, let’s be done with the wires already. If the man in your life doesn’t own these yet- do him a favor!

7. Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

My family loves hearing me sing in the shower. Don’t fact check me on that.

This speaker is waterproof! I like to have a little background music just about anywhere – at the lake, brushing my teeth, playing with the kids, hiking, etc. In the shower, my voice sounds the most powerful and it would be a disservice to keep that music from my family.

This one is under $20, holds a charge for weeks, and the volume is perfect. Has a suction cup to cling to the shower wall, or you can use the ring to hang it.

8. Herschel Duffle Bag

I used to travel with an overstuffed garment bag. The Herschel duffle bag is popular because it’s not just good looking -it has extra space for work out and carry on items too. It even has a shoe compartment for my sneakers along the bottom. I’ve had it for a long time – no rips, great quality. I have the black one as well, which doesn’t show dirt!

9. Herschel Toiletry Bag 

The quality for the toiletry bag is the same as the duffle. Durable, thick material – and they have a few colors. What I like about this bag as opposed to my last toiletry bag (that I owned for 20 years!) is it has SO much more space inside. Here’s to another 20 years.

10. Foldable Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The only sunglasses I will probably ever wear. I’ve had the exact same pair for 7 years now- the folding idea is clutch. Easier to put them away, harder to lose, they fit in the jacket of my suits or any upper shirt pocket.

OR More Affordable Alternative Folding Men’s Sunglasses

An excellent alternative to the classic Ray Bans at a much more affordable price. Still foldable (because that’s the whole point!) and polarized.

 11.  Adidas Slides Are My Summer House Shoes

Because a gentleman always wears house shoes in his house- and one cannot wear the same shoes that have been all over the street inside your home. But what are you to do when it’s too hot for slippers? Slides are the house shoe of the summer. Chrissy bought me these white slides for my birthday (they come in various colors though).

12. Cast Iron Skillet

We are team season at Jose’s house.

A cast-iron skillet should be in anyone’s kitchen – a novice, intermediate, or a professional cook. It’s one of the most versatile tools.

Why is it better than a regular pan? It maintains the heat and gets hotter. You can start searing a steak, cook it for 2 min on each side to get a nice crust, and then put it in the oven. I bake – fry – make bacon on it. The more you use it the more the seasoning and flavors stay in the pan.

You did it! Or… you just scrolled down to the bottom of the post!

Of course, while I hope you found a few of Jose’s 12 Diggity Dope Deals that will work for the man in your life- really just having a day off and enjoying the family is all a man really ever needs on this day. And no bedtime duties. And a cold one on the couch.

Back to you, babe! 

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