Why We’re Obsessed With The Pikler Triangle + Where To Buy Them

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When I first saw the Pikler Triangle, I had no idea what it was. I was standing in my friend’s impeccably decorated home, but she had this ginormous wooden rainbow triangle sitting in the middle of her living room. There were several ramps and climbing walls attached.

“What’s that jungle gym doing here?” I asked.

What The Heck Is A Pikler Triangle And Why Do People Love it? 

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Pikler Triangle pinterest image

The Pikler Triangle is the triangle piece Camille is climbing on – the ramps, climbing arch and bridge are simply additional pieces.

The Pikler is a sturdy indoor climbing structure that encourages little ones (ages 6 months to 6 years!) to practice gross motor skills and physical challenges at their own pace, encouraging confidence in their own abilities.  Babies begin by pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand, and can slowly teach themselves to climb up and over. 

The idea behind the Pikler falls inline with the Montessori belief of empowering children to safely explore what their body is capable of, independently of their parents!

The Pikler Triangle is associated with the Montessori method for learning, but it is based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in free movement, and learning through play.little girl climbing up rainbow Pikler Triangle rock wall

My baby is already a climber and it scares me. Why would I want to encourage this?

Contrary to popular belief, playing on the Pikler won’t encourage your tot to start climbing furniture. But it will teach your child better balance and limits. A child with physical awareness and an extra dose of confidence? Yes please!

girl in overalls walking on the Pikler

Camille, above, is 3 years old. My other kids are 5, 7 and 10.

But Is The Pikler Triangle Even Safe?

It will surprise you how soon an infant will want to play with the Pikler Triangle. As babies are pulling up on things around them, they are ready. They get to let you know when they are ready to climb, or when they are uncomfortable!

Letting your child explore on their own terms is a different concept from unsupervised play. The Pikler Triangle goes in a communal area with you near by.

girl climbing up the Pikler Triangle

And get ready- the first moment they figure out how to climb to the top is a big “I did it” moment. Camille laughed at the top the first few times. Out of sheer joy, and amazement at her own ability.

Where to Buy the Pikler Triangle? Where to Buy Extras, Like a Climbing Arch and Ramps?

As the Pikler has grown in popularity and become a “trend”, there are so many shops popping up it’s overwhelming.

My recommendation:

  • Buy a Pikler that collapses (they take up a LOT of room – but when folded it’s nothing!)
  • Make sure it offers a safety stop
  • Don’t skimp safety to save a few bucks

We are very happy with our Pikler and accessories from Wiwiurka’s shop. This is where my friend purchased hers (the one with the impeccable house but a Pikler and its’ accessories smack in the middle of it all).  This brand name was popping up repeatedly in my Montessori mom’s group and the reviews gave me the confidence to order.

The quality and the construction is what you pay for, and later we went back and bought the other ramps. You know you love a business when you come back to purchase more!

No rough edges, splintering or anything rustic. It is a professional set – not a project that looks like the kids’ fun Uncle put it together in the garage (no offense Uncles).

Our Pikler has a safety “stop” that you screw in that stops the triangle from folding up when your child is playing on it.

 Their shop has really gown and they offer more options than when we purchased. Update: The Wiwiurka Pikler is all back in stock.

5 More Places To Buy A Pikler Triangle Besides Wiwiurka

  1. Lily and River Yay for a US based company! Out of Phoenix Arizona, this popular company makes Pikler Triangles, balance boards, balance beams, and more wooden toys. I’ve also heard good reviews of this shop from Montessori friends. Check the measurements though, they are shorter than other brands of Pikler.
  2. Home For Dreams Another well reviewed (albeit expensive) shop. They make some crazy fun add ons, and toddle jungle gyms! This ships from the country of Georgia, not the state. 
  3. Happy Moon Reasonably priced in comparison and popular.
  4. RADs Kids Furniture Another American company, this shop keeps things simple. No rainbow colored sets here but high quality for sure.
  5. Amazon Fastest delivery if you are looking for something quick. They also sell the rockers and ramps. I have no experience with Amazon pikers, but plenty have gone this route happily. My advice would remain the same, check reviews and make safety a priority over price.

Shop Our Wiwiurka Pikler Triangle, Climbing Arch + Additional Sets Here


2 kids playing on a climbing arch and Pikler Triangle

Our Playroom Tour

Our Playroom is our attic space that we finished for the kids’ playroom. I have photos and more information about the whole space here. 

Our Wiwiurka and How We Use It Now That Our Kids Are Older

We now have the XL size since my youngest children are 3 and 5 at this point. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend perhaps getting the medium so it will grow with your child.

We have a few of the cool accessories that have kept my older children’s interest as they age. We have two double sided ramps – one has a rock wall on one side, and when you turn it over it is a slide!

For older ones, the Climbing Arch is at the favorite! As my kids  grow out of the Pikler, they became more interested in the Climbing Arch. Even my 10 year old plays on the arch. 

Wiwiurka climbing arch in a playroom

You could say we’re committed! All of our Pikler accessories are from Wiwiurka shop.

What age is the Pikler Triangle best for?

These toys are best for children ages 6 months to 6 years. I recommend starting as early as possible (within reason). Older children can (and will) play on it in different ways. It is versatile – not a toy that your children will outgrow in a season. This is why I think it’s best to start with a medium size.

2 kids playing on Pikler Triangle

Leo (age 5) and Camille (age 3)

We also love our Nugget Comfort, another imaginative toy that my kids aged along with the Pikler.


But What About A Pikler Triangle DIY?

Yes, it is costly to go out and buy a Pikler. Especially one made of high quality materials. If you are looking for a good Pikler Triangle DIY instructions, I’m not too handy with the toolbox and I don’t have the patience! 

A good set of Pikler Triangle DIY instructions can be found all over Youtube. You can even find woodworking printable plans with tutorials on how to build a foldable Pikler Triangle and a climbing wall! I know my limits, so this is not for me.

girl walking on Wiwiurka ramp

Summing Up Why the Pikler Triangle is Worth the Investment:

  1. As your babe is learning to pull up, crawl, and climb, the Pikler Triangle encourages physical abilities like gross motor skills and balance. It also supports concentration, independence and even grip strength (needed in school for activities like holding pencils).
  2.  “Conquering” the Pikler Triangle gave my babes confidence that we couldn’t teach them. They beamed with pride and tiny baby confidence at the top, because they did something hard on their own! Encouraging curiosity paves the way to self-assurance in their own physical abilities.
  3. Our kids are age 3 through 10, and I still find this is an invaluable tool that we get use out of. My kids have grown up with the Pikler. They lost interest in the triangle around age 6, but they continued to play with their climbing arch and use the ramps in other ways.
  4.  We LOVE active imaginative toys that don’t have batteries, sounds, or screens!  As your children age, the Pikler (and some of the cool accessories) foster their developing imagination in ways a battery-operated toy doesn’t. 
  5.  Ours folds up and slides under or behind furniture. When shopping for yours, make sure you not only find a high quality Pikler that is safe, but one that can fold up. Or, if you decide to go with the Pikler Triangle, DIY, make sure you build one that folds up!

Pikler Triangle folded up against a wall

Shop Our Pikler Here

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I hope explaining our experience with the Pikler Triangle helped you. We have been very happy and feel safe with our Pikler Triangle.