Was HelloFresh Worth It For Our 6 Person Family?

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Meal kit delivery services have taken the world by storm, so is HelloFresh worth it?! Here are my 6 thoughts!

My husband and I both work full time with busy kids and schedules, and we eat out way too often! I saw the variety of healthy meal options on the HelloFresh website and my curiosity was piqued.

A few things about our family:

  • We have 4 kids (7, 9, 11 and 14) and the serving number options of meals are 2 or 4, unless you buy two!
  • We work full time, and our kids have activities every weeknight during the school year
  • We prefer to all sit down and eat together – even if it’s quick
  • My husband loves cooking (I don’t) but we don’t have the time we used to for cooking big meals. We need easy!
  • Eating healthy / healthyish is important to us
a woman trying HelloFresh to see if its worth it

Is HelloFresh Worth It For Busy Families and People? 6 Thoughts From a Mom of 4

After a few test runs with our family of 6, we started getting the hang of the meals for one or two busy weeknights. It allows us to eat home-cooked meals instead of pizza AGAIN. The biggest benefit? Less stress to our marriage because less meal planning / mid week grocery shopping. Plus, if it’s a basic recipe with the ingredients ready, I am more willing to help out with cooking. I know, I’m slightly spoiled!

Here are my 6 thoughts about our HelloFresh experience.

1. Is delivery convenient or just one more thing to remember?

I am at the point in motherhood where I can’t handle one more “easy” thing on my plate, so I was suspicious of the ordering process. I found the HelloFresh website to be simple to navigate. I could get in and get out, picking meals in 5 minutes!

You DO have to think ahead to choose the meals, but at least it’s quick and you can pick several at once – meal kits are delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

Also – very important because I am always forgetting about auto renew subscriptions – you can pause or cancel your subscription whenever. We like to adjust our meal plan before crazy weeks when our schedules changed quickly; I appreciated how flexible it is.

a woman trying HelloFresh to see if its worth it

2. The biggest benefit: it saves us time. It’s easy and fast.

One of the biggest advantages of HelloFresh is that we stopped having to stop by the grocery store on the way home for that last minute dinner ingredient.

I plan a few meals quickly on the HelloFresh website. A few days later everything we need for the meals is delivered. The recipes are easy to follow, so I have a delicious meal on the table in 30 minutes! So when it comes to saving us time, yes, HelloFresh is worth it.

My husband Jose does all the cooking – but since it’s low stress, I’m wiling to cook more often.

Fresh ingredients from hello fresh

3. Packaging and food waste from HelloFresh

There was a lot of packaging in the boxes. We care about environmental impact; although the packaging may seem excessive, above all else I want to ensure I am getting foods at correct temperatures. There really is no other way around that, and I appreciate that most everything is recyclable (including ice boxes).

Do I wish it could be done with less waste? Yes. But I’m not sure how safely.

On the flip side, having exact portions delivered to us reduced our personal food waste. With traditional grocery shopping, it was challenging for us to purchase the exact amount of ingredients we needed for a recipe. We had a lot of leftover ingredients tossed. But each HelloFresh meal kit comes with pre-measured ingredients.

HelloFresh meals on the table

4. How does a family of 6 eat HelloFresh?

We do this 3 different ways. Remember our kids ages are 14, 11, 9 and 7.

  • Eat the pastas – they are enough for all 6 of us to fill up on
  • There’s at least one night every week a child is gone and involved in sports/activities/socializing. This is always a HelloFresh night. It’s easy to make 1 meal portioned for 4 for the 5 of us 
  • With some meals, I can tell it will work best to order 1 meal but have my younger and older kids each sharing. This happens often!
  • My least favorite – but it works – make 2 of the same meals (a portion size of 4 and 2). We order a second box to have enough portions for everyone! Just note that when ordering multiple boxes you need to place each order separately.

I like the portion sizes – they are filling. My younger two usually leave a little leftover on their plate.

a girl cooking in her kitchen

5. Is HelloFresh worth it financially? How cost-effective is it really…. and a discount code!

It’s interesting to see how HelloFresh stacks up once you factor in the cost of groceries, meal planning, and time spent cooking. Remember though, it’s not always just the cost of a meal.

If I shopped a traditional grocery store for ingredients, came home and prepped dinner myself, financially this would likely cost less. But on busy days where we work late and our kids have homework, sports and activities – this traditional meal also costs me time and marital stress. For us, this means Hellofresh is worth it financially.

Other days, the only alternative is grabbing fast-food on the go. In this case, we’re not only saving financially, but eating a healthier, home cooked meal in our kitchen all together in just 30 minutes. There’s more than just a financial gain in both examples!

For this season of life, it is worth it for us financially! We always keep an eye out for HelloFresh discounts and special offers, which can makes it more affordable. Right now my code CHRISSY50 gives you 50% off and free shipping!

Tap Below And Use My Code!

was HelloFresh worth it for our family - street cart chicken bowls

6. Healthy and nutritionally balanced meals

One of the biggest challenges for us was finding the time to cook something even half way nutritionally balanced! I can throw together a frozen chicken nuggets in 15 minutes, or frozen pizza no problem. That’s okay, but it’s not ideal!

The HelloFresh meals are nutritionally balanced and our kids like almost all the meals. Each recipe is crafted by professional chefs and nutritionists to ensure you are getting the right balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

hellofresh lemony spaghetti

Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this post. Our family has truly enjoyed the benefits of this meal kit service and my opinions are my own!

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