Corn Husk Wreath + Our Fall Front Porch

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We put up the most beautiful corn husk wreath on our front doors, which was all I needed to start the ball rolling on our fall front porch. Corn husk wreaths a different spin then most fall wreaths, and they have a huge impact! You could easily consider your porch “done”, or add a few a pot of flowers, a pumpkin or two, and you’re all set.

I’ve also included a simple tutorial for how to make a corn husk wreath, below.

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fall doormat and 2 corn husks wreaths

year round adorable HELLO doormat

Corn Husk Wreath On A Fall Front Porch

front door slightly open with large corn husk wreath hanging on the door

I wanted a slightly different take on a traditional wreath this year. I was also envisioning a velvet bow (velvet is so good this time of year). When I stumbled upon a gorgeous, generously sized corn husk wreath with a big gold velvet bow I couldn’t add it to my cart fast enough!

White House with 2 corn husk wreaths

Two of them were meant to be that is! They are HUGE and come in two sizes. I can leave these here from August right through Thanksgiving.

Corn husks are just the outer covering of an ear of corn. These wreaths will keep nicely in storage year after year so you can continue to use them. Just be careful to not to allow them to get wet, as that will damage them. Keep them in a dry spot for storage, and of course make sure your porch is covered porch from the elements.

The Etsy shop owner reached out and was nice enough to give my readers 15% off any wreath in her shop, using code CHRISSY. See those gorgeous wreaths here:

Tying in the corn husk wreath to our fall front porch

The blue gray paint on my door (Uncertain Gray, read about it here) can sometimes look a little delicate or feminine, so I appreciate the rustic beauty the corn husk wreath brings.

side of a house with a corn husk wreath on front porch

I brought in a hay bale this year – just one. I try balance not overdoing it with the fall theme while still feeling like the porch is decorated. The colors on the hay bale and corn husks tie into each other and that makes me all types of happy.

big front door, fall window boxes and wreaths
fall window boxes, corn husk wreaths on a front door

Although I was tempted to go crazy with the green and white pumpkins, this year I decided to tame it down and go for a more edited look. We did just one giant pot of mums instead of several small ones. That is something to consider when you are planning out your fall porch.

How To Make A Corn Husk Wreath

Although these wreaths are indeed beautiful and very well made by the talented creator, I also considered doing a DIY corn husk wreath instead. It’s a fairly simple project! Anyone can handle it – it feels funny even giving a corn husk wreath tutorial. Here is how to make a corn husk wreath.

You simply tear corn husks into strips, and hot glue them to the back of a basic wreath form! Nothing tricky. Add on a velvet bow to be extra.

You find the corn husks on Amazon, or grab them in the Hispanic food aisle of your grocery store – I know this because my husband buys them when he makes us tamales. Sometimes too many of the small strips are included so he throws those out – and that’s when I realized they are exactly what is on my wreath!

The Boxwood Topiaries On Our Porch

Because it’s a common question, the boxwood topiary is real- I picked it up from Lowe’s last summer! I am crossing my fingers it continues to thrive here.

If you want faux boxwoods here are three great options that look similar in size and shape. The third option is the tallest and my favorite!

white home with corn husk wreaths on the door
large front porch with fall window boxes

The Hanging Chair

The hanging chair on our porch is the MOST fun to sit in, for adults and kids. I really did not know if it would be a hit or not! Although it looks adorable, you can’t tell if it’s comfortable – but it is great. I’m glad I didn’t go with the more traditional porch swing instead. (See this post for 11 pretty outdoor hanging chairs listed here.)

The kids fight over the hanging chair so much we ended up putting two more hanging chairs in our playroom for them. How’s that for a recommendation!

See the rattan hanging chairs in our playroom here.

hanging rattan chairs with atelier coffee table in a playroom

Our Fall Front Porch Over The Years (Without the corn husk wreaths!)

Just for fun, here is our 2019 fall front porch… before the doors were painted!

front porch with purple mums

And our porch from 2018:

Fall front porch with mums and ferns

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