Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sofa Reviews

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Our Crate and Barrel Lounge ii sectional and family life!

Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. That’s why when we wanted a lounge sofa, we eventually ended up buying the same lounge sectional 3 times. This was the Crate and Barrel Lounge ii. In total we have owned THREE, in various sizes and colors. With four kids, a giant dog, plus a husband who occasionally eats on the sofa- have confidence in my qualifications to write these Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sofa Reviews!

Want a Lounge Couch? We have owned 3! My Detailed Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sectional Review

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I first sat down on a Lounge couch while browsing Crate and Barrel years ago. I wasn’t even sofa shopping, but I came across it and sat right down. I sank into the deep couch cushions and thought “This is what a REAL family has in their home”.

Of course, I was much more “real” with my craigslist, juice stained couch at home. But sitting on the Lounge sofa, I could envision it holding up to our every day life- sippy cups, kids jumping, our big dog, cuddles on the couch, etc.

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crate and barrel's lounge ii sofa with blue pillows in a living room

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Crate and Barrel Lounge II

If you have not sat on this sofa in store, and are looking for more than a review but also a description, here are the details you need:

The lounge couch comes in various sizes – from apartment to grande size sectional. All are offered in two depth options, which I discuss below. In my opinion, the lounge blows a lot of other sectional sofas for sale out of the water because of its durability. It is incredibly deep and the kind of sofa you sink into. The cushions are durable and they are not attached to the couch. The covers can be unzipped off the cushion. The family friendly Taft fabric is thick, textured, and each color is woven of several different shades of the same color, so it hides stains. Clearly, it is meant for lounging, because your feet won’t touch the ground. This sofa just checks off all the boxes!

Update: Our Living Room As It Looks Today:

lounge couch crate and barrel in a living room

living room with crate and barrel sectional and blue rug

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How Deep Is The Lounge Couch?

There are two depth options for the Lounge sofa: regular depth at 41″, and deep depth measuring 46″.

We own the Lounge Sofas in the Deep and we love this deep couch for our casual lifestyle, but if you like your feet to touch the ground, or you don’t want to sit far back, you should consider the regular depth. 

My parents are in their 60s and they don’t like to sit on a sofa with their feet up. They prefer to sit up straight at all times. When my mom visits us, she has to put a pillow behind her back on our Lounge Deep couch. For someone like her, or if you like your feet to touch the ground, I would suggest going with the regular depth.

What’s Up With The Lounge II Apartment Sofa?

The Apartment lounge sofa is 10″ smaller in width than the smallest regular lounge sofa, measuring just 73″ in width. There are two depth options for the Apartment sofa: regular at 41″ and deep at 46″.

What We Wanted In Our Lounge Couch

We wanted a sofa with a low profile back, because the back would face the entrance to our room.  Most sofas were about 5+ inches taller! I also didn’t want a sofa with tufting or anything extra that would go out of style; I loved the clean lines on the Lounge.

We were of course looking for highly durable. There are several in stock fabrics that are durable- and more that are special order. We want 10 years minimum out of our sofa. Our floorpan is open to the kitchen and there are 4 of those kids! Even when they aren’t eating- their hands and faces are sticky, like, for most of their life.

Our First Crate and Barrel Sectional

We finally made the plunge and bought our very own Lounge II 2 Piece Sectional, in the family friendly Taft fabric. We went with Steel color. This is the exact sofa we bought with the exact color, fabric and dimensions listed. Steel is a neutral but more of a blue-gray.

I was SO in love with this sofa: the performance fabric, the sleek design, the whole thing. I knew right away I would not have to worry about my kids staining the sofa. The color is on trend but also dark enough, it would be hard to stain.

the lounge II sofa in a playroom

The sofa is about 3 years old in this photo. Looks brand new, right?

Upon arrival, expect the cushions to look puffed up and feel slightly firm, but within a few weeks of use they mellow out to be their normal comfortable selves.

Feathers popping out were a complaint I saw on the reviews, but we only see feathers occasionally! The feathers have not been an issue or even noteworthy in our experience.

corner of crate & barrel's lounge ii sofa with pink pillows and a blanket on it

The Lounge II sectional has alligator teeth on the bottom that hold the sections together.

Here is a tip- make sure it fits through your doors – even the interior doors – before you buy! Why is this important? Because when we moved into our newly built home and brought this sofa with us, we told our moving guys (who had just carried this massive sofa up to the 3rd floor of our home!) to pick up a mallet and hack at the trim – THAT BRAND NEW TRIM – of our play room door – YES, YES, THAT BRAND NEW DOOR – because it was about an inch too small.

Although I never want to repeat that experience, we fit the sofa into the playroom! The next day we had our contractors come back to fix the door, trim, walls, and repaint. You live and learn!

(Take a tour of our playroom with the lounge sofa in it here!)

Our Second Crate and Barrel Lounge ii

We wanted a second crate and barrel lounge ii when we moved into our new home. I was so impressed with the Taft fabric I was ready to commit to the lighter Cement color for our new living room. I bought the lounge sectional before our home was even built yet, and scheduled it for delivery the day after move in.

We went again with this 2 piece sectional, and did the Deep, in Taft, Cement fabric color (the link brings you to the exact sofa we bought with the dimensions).

This random photo was from a few days after the delivery men dropped it off.  Had I known I would be writing a review years later, I might have taken a better photo!

new home and a lounge ii sofa

review of the lounge ii 2 piece sectional in living room

We owned this particular Lounge sofa for a year. It is about 1 year old in the above photo. No regrets on the color, even being so close to the kitchen! The large back cushions do not sag, they hold their shape. I fluff them out every few months. Feathers are a non issue for us. This is just a really well made sofa.

The worst thing that has happened to our lounge sofa is when someone ate chocolate ice cream and then proceeded to face plant right on the cushion. The guilty kid must have ran off, becuase I found it later when it was dried. Chocolate stains, right? But after dabbing gently at the chocolate with a damp rag, it all came up. Something about the Taft texture allows food – even staining food – to be whisked off. We have not spilled anything like red wine- but we have gotten juice, dog throw up, etc. At the bottom of this post I talk about how I have managed to get all of that off this fabric!

Our 3rd Lounge Sofa: The 3 Piece Lounge Sectional

About a year after the purchase my husband and I agree that the room felt half empty, and we wanted to go bigger. There was no sofa shopping- we wanted the exact same sofa, with the same Taft/Cement fabric, just bigger. So we put our current Lounge sofa on Craigslist, and used those funds towards the larger sofa. This is the 3 Piece Sectional Lounge II we went with, with the exact color and dimensions listed. My personal opinion is that the colors look more realistic in my photos than the website.

lounge ii with sheepadoodle dog sitting on it

The alligator teeth that keep the pieces together are separated here. When my kids jump on the couch repeatedly (they’re not supposed to but of course they do it anyways) the alligator teeth can slide apart. The dog is not supposed to be on the sofa but he also pretends he doesn’t know.

lounge ii sectional sofa with blue pillows on it

Our sofa is almost a year old in these photos. No stains!

the back of a sofa

This was before we put benches as sofa tables behind the couch. See 16 extra long sofa tables that will fit behind the lounge here!

For a family of 6 and a spacious living room, this 3 piece sectional was the perfect fit!

Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sofa in a living room

What I Dislike About This Lounge Sofa

The toss pillows the sofa comes with flatten out over time. After a year or so they are deflated and unexciting, no matter how much you fluff them. Eventually, I switched all the toss pillows it came with for my own throw pillows anyways. But it’s cuter like that anyways, don’t you think?

Some reviews mentioned feathers coming out in an annoying or painful way. We haven’t experienced any of that.

My Biggest Secret About The Crate and Barrel Lounge ii

 This is a big question I want to cover while writing my Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sofa Review. The store won’t tell you to do this, but I zip off a cushion cover that needs extra cleaning and wash it in my washing machine on cold/delicate. I had a child lose her lunch on the playroom sofa. I unzipped the cover, sprayed stain remover on, and threw it in the wash . Close the zipper up before you wash so that the zipper doesn’t get damaged. I air dry the cover– do not use a dryer to prevent shrinkage. No damage at all to the fabric- it comes out beautifully!

Update: You can read ALL about how we clean the Lounge ii here – and how I clean the arms of the sofa as well.

how to clean the crate and barrel lounge sofa Pinterest image

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