Mantel Decor With A TV: 6 Ways To Pull It Off

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Figuring out mantel decor with a TV is a challenge for so many TV loving people! What to do- leave your mantel empty and let the TV be the focus? Fill it up with all the things?

I am sharing 6 ideas on how to style a mantel with a big old ugly TV above it – because with a little effort you can make your fireplace decor – even with a TV – look a lot better!

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Mantel Decor With A TV – It Can Be Done & Still Look Great!

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While building our home, I was anxious because we had the opportunity to design our living room any way we liked, but we planned to put our mantel under the TV. We considered carving out a space for the television next to the fireplace, but I loved the idea of windows in that spot.

While I don’t particularly love that we have our mantel under a TV, the tradeoff is worth it.  Here are 6 mantel decor ideas that will help you decorate around your TV!

6 Mantel Decor Ideas With A TV

Just a note – if you have open built in shelves on either side styled with objects, go easy on decorating your mantel so it doesn’t look cluttered. If the mantel feels bare, try a group of items on one side only.

Below are 6 ideas that include: switching to a Smart TV with art, adding sconces, 13 greenery ideas, 21 pieces of decor to use, size/scale of objects, and using trim work.

1. Upgrade to a Smart TV with Art or the Frame TV 

Of course not in everyone’s budget, but it is the easiest solution. We made our regular TV work for a while – and then upped the game with our Frame TV. Finally, we added sconces which I talk about below.

We went from this:

mantel decor with tv and green pumpkins on the mantel

To this:

The Frame TV solves the whole issue, right? Alternatively, I have been told that some smart TVs also display art.

Before we installed sconces, and with a black frame:

You can read more on the pros and cons in my review of the Frame TV in my post here.

Another look at minimal mantel decor with an art TV (also the Frame):

the frame tv as mantel decor with tv

via: Lauren McBride 

2. Sconces Next To TV

Sconces next to the TV – one on each side – upgrades the whole mantel under a TV look. Sconces are a space filler and will save you from feeling like you have to decorate with more “stuff”.

The light might not actually be needed, but it adds so much to the ambiance! In the evenings we love to light a fire and turn on our sconces next to the TV for a cozy look – and always while entertaining.

Our sconces are hardwired – but what if you can’t do that? You could try the old puck light trick (from Nesting with Grace) and slip a puck light inside the light. Simply attach a battery-powered puck light inside a sconce shade. Mount the sconce to the wall with a nail or screw (no electrical box needed). The puck light comes with a remote to turn it off and on.

sconces next to tv on a mental


We did this puck trick in our bedroom, on a sconce we didn’t want to hardwire, using these exact pucks.

sconces installed on the side of a tv

via: A Thoughtful Place Blog

These are our sconces next to our own TV, and below are some more affordable sconces.

3. Use Greenery As Mantel Decor With A TV

Greenery, the opposite of technology, for the win! Fresh greenery looks nice and happy under a big dark box. Something alive (or that looks alive) is the remedy to the struggle of ugly televisions dominating the room.

green mantel decor under a tv

via: In My Own Style

A long wooden bowl sits low on the center of a dresser, with green moss balls lined up neatly.

Or place a long garland along your entire mantel. It doesn’t have to be for holidays- a eucalyptus garland looks nice year round.

TV styled with decor underneath it on a mantel

via: Thrifty Decor Chic

We used our faux magnolia stems in our vase here that nobody (seriously nobody) would know are faux. These are SO lifelike – even the branches are fuzzy like magnolia branches are. They come on a long branch, so I cut my stem to make it look best in the vase.decorating a mantel with faux greenery

I found this gorgeous faux eucalyptus topiary below at Pottery Barn. Now that we installed sconces I don’t have it on our mantel because it blocks the light. But if you don’t have sconces, this is the perfect pop of green for a space filler on your mantel!

topiary for mantel decor with tv

Wooden long narrow bowls:

Amazon Greenery:

More Greenery:

To Transition Into Spring:

4. 21 Ideas For What To Use On Your Mantel Under The TV

Group 3 items together, or for a simple trick that always works – use two larger identical objects on either side. Symmetry always looks good in design, so if you are struggling this is an easy way to get it right!

21 objects to style with:

Vases, ginger jars, a stack of books or books between bookends, candles grouped together, lanterns, driftwood, large shells, antlers, or a collection of similarly colored objects grouped together will work.

vases above fireplace as decor above tv


via: 2 Sunny Side Up

Use just two or three colors to create an intentional, curated look, and keep your fireplace decor under the TV looking more put together.

We used blues, whites and greens vases and jars:

mantel decorated with blue and white ginger gars and green leaves
 Coffee Table | Rug | White Dipped Vase | blue and white planter set | faux magnolia stem

During the fall, I kept the color palette simple to green and white only, because I had a lot of large objects!

woman walking in living room holding pumpkin

Using the colors that are in your room already. I would keep this to about 3 colors at most.

5. Size of Objects

The size of your decor makes a difference. Don’t use objects so big they compete with the TV. And stay away from small items, they look like clutter.

Place low objects in the middle, and taller objects on the ends of course.

a girl arranging mantel decor under a tv


I filled in the spaces between the pumpkins with greens. I like these faux silver dollar stems! They are the best for little styling projects like this.

built ins and mantel decor around a TV

via DIY Playbook


Minimal decor here because she has those tall built ins – just an item with some height on the sides. And again with the eucalyptus! See? It is so versatile.

mantel decor styled with a TV on top

via Summer Adams

Creating height on each end, with low prices in the middle here.

girl put-on on candles and mantel decor with a tv

I kept it simple with candle pillars and tall driftwood only here.

6. Trimwork In Place of Decor

You can alternatively use trim work on your mantel. This will allow you to skip the decor all together if you want. Here are some ideas of mantels under TVs with extensive trimwork:

mantel decor with trim work around a tv


fireplace decor with tv

mantel decor ideas like sconces with tv in living room

via: Randi Garret Designs

The knick knacks aren’t necessary if the trim work (box molding, shiplap, or just a border)  is enough on its own. 

One last idea…. If you are simply working around a TV on a wall with no fireplace, a gallery wall with big frames offers a distraction.

gallery wall mantel decor around a tv

via: @JLGarvin

While not a mantel, it is the same idea of keeping an area free of clutter, while adding larger pieces to beautify the space and distract from the ugly big black box. 

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