Mantel Decor With A TV: How To Pull It Off

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Figuring out mantel decor with a TV included is a challenge for so many TV loving Americans! What to do- leave your mantel empty and let the TV be the focus? Fill it up with all the things? I am showing you how to style a mantel with a big old honkin TV above it – because with a little effort you can pull it off!

Mantel Decor With A TV – It Totally Can Be Done & Still Look Great!!

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We custom built this house, and I had major anxiety over having the opportunity to not put a TV above our mantel, but still making the decision to purposely plan the layout this way! We considered briefly the idea of carving out a space for the television next to the fireplace, but I wanted windows.

While I don’t particularly love that our TV is the first thing seen in the living room, I am okay with it.

In the end, I really enjoy having our television in this room where our family gathers! I mean, a big ol’ TV is the American way, am I right? 😉 I am only kind of kidding.

Maybe one day we will have the Frame TV and this won’t be an issue. But for now, I made peace with this placement and I am showing y’all the process of how I decorate my mantel with the TV above it.

Let’s start off with some tips, and then I will show you the process I used today.

How To Figure Out Mantel Decor With A TV:

  1. Pick just two or three colors for an intentional, curated look.
  2. Focus on the scale. Don’t use objects so big they compete with the TV! At the same time, stay away from small items- they just look like clutter. Stick to nice medium sized decor options.
  3. Place low objects in the middle, taller objects on the ends.
  4. Keep it simple! You’ve already got the big black box- no need to fill the mantel up with all the tchotchkes.
  5. Greenery always looks nice under the dark TV.
  6. If your TV sits on a long empty wall with nothing on either side, the answer is sconces! Yes, yes! Almost always a GREAT idea! They are a space filler and will save you from feeling like you have to decorate the entire wall. If you use the plug in kind, this can be one of your DIY projects. Just hide the cords. (And please, please always hide your TV cords!)

mantel decor with a tv above it in a living room

You can see I kept it simple with candles and driftwood only all summer.

Because it is Fall, we are going to style the mantel using pumpkins only! I wanted more interest than just 2 items. I picked pumpkins as my theme, and stuck to green and white as my colors.

woman rearranging mantel decor with a tv above it

pumpkins sitting on a mantel with tv above it

Put some height on either side of your TV! I stacked pumpkins up on either side in 2 piles, then adjusted them until they didn’t look too intentional.

woman decorating her fireplace mantel with tvwoman decorating her mantel under a tv

I filled in the spaces between the pumpkins with greens.  I SWEAR by these faux stems! They are the best for little decor projects like this, and for all seasons!  

I just pulled these other stems out of a vase because I basically always have this eucalyptus out somewhere at all times. 

Get The Look:

I kept the color palette simple. I didn’t put any orange pumpkins on the mantel. The simple color palate kept the mantel looking clean and uncluttered. I put the orange pumpkins below.

mantel decor with a tv

(One of the fat warty pumpkins was also LEAKING during our photo shoot, and leaked pumpkin goo all over my navy dress. Uhh, gross. So, there was an outfit change at some point.)

woman walking in living room holding pumpkin in front of fireplacewoman decorating mantel with a tv above it with pumpkins

mantel decor with tv and green pumpkins on the mantel

Shop The Living Room:

Check out all this inspiration! Here are some stunning ways others were able to decorate around a TV to give you even more ideas.

built ins around a TV

via DIY Playbook

Minimal decor – just an item with some hight on the sides. And again with the eucalyptus! See? It is SO versatile!

gallery wall around a tv

via JL Galvin

While not a mantel, I love the idea of keeping the table free of clutter, while adding art around the TV to beautify the space.

mantel styled with a TV on top

via Summer Adams

Love how she created height on each end!

tv above fireplace in living room

Via Overstock

Paneling and trim work always works, and adds interest so you don’t necessarily need knick knacks!

mantel with pumpkins and sconces above fireplace

via Randi Garrett Design

See those sconces on either side? 😉

TV styled with decor underneath it on a mantel

Via Thrifty Decor Chic – love the black shiplap and sconces!

Don’t Forget

The mantel is the perfect place for faux greens like topiaries. Two topiaries on either end is not only an easy solution, but you really can’t do it wrong! It just looks good every time.

Only have small greens? Put lower topiaries in the middle, or grouped in a box.

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I hope this helped you figure out your mantel decor with your TV!
As important as it is for me to have my home look nice, I also love having our TV in the main part of the house for our family. Beautiful decor needs to be practical, too… it is necessary to figure out how to make it all work together!

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