The Look For Less: La Jolla Baskets Dupe

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Everyone loves a good dupe, and if you have been eying the popular La Jolla baskets from Serena & Lily you are not alone! The La Jolla is a thoughtfully crafted lidded basket with a functional and eye catching design. These large woven baskets are stylish but so useful too. Maybe that’s why they are all over blogland, and all over my house!

The pricetag is not cheap – but the good news is retailers have caught on and more renditions of the woven baskets are available recently.

A lidded but stylish basket is a game changer! No need to keep your hamper tucked away in your bathroom or closet. Hide your dirty laundry, storage, toys, or anything else you don’t want seen, but make it aesthetically pleasing too. This also works out well if you are in a small sized home, an apartment, or are tight on space.

We are covering all price points of these other lidded baskets too, so there is something for everyone.

3 La Jolla baskets in a playroom

Photo via @winterdaisykids

What Makes The Serena & Lily Baskets Stand Out From The Rest?

The SIZE and the structure give La Jolla baskets their own look. The number one thing about La Jolla baskets is how much bigger each size is then other comparable woven baskets. 

La Jollas come in 3 sizes, but the large at 30″H is so oversized it’s a statement piece! The size that they consider a “small” basket is the same size as what’s usually considered a “large” basket anywhere else. Be sure and measure before you buy, because these fit a lot of storage! 

They offer a woven look, printed with stripes and geometric patterns, and a few colors too.

The La Jolla baskets are fairly light. These aren’t so heavy my toddler can’t lug it around. One of my kids once went flying down a full set of stairs inside the La Jolla basket during a party. She landed – unharmed- with huge eyes! Hopefully that was the first and last time!

Shop La Jolla Baskets Here:

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How we Use La Jolla Baskets

Besides using these to fly down our stairs, we have these baskets as hampers for everyone in our family. 

We placed two in our girls’ room- the small size (21″ height) works as their hamper, and we use the medium size (25″ height) as their toy storage.

a pink girls room with La Jolla baskets in them

We have another medium size in our living room as a catch all. In the winter this basket stores cozy blankets, in the summer when the kids are out of school it’s…. a whole bunch of kid stuff. This makes for easy clean up that can be hidden from guests.

I put a few in the playroom – one for the little dolls, plastic figurines and odds and ends they like to dump out here, and a second holds blankets for movie and cartoon time.

a playroom with La Jolla baskets

(Curious about something else? Read my review of all the Serena & Lily products we own here!)

La Jolla Basket Dupes and Similar Lidded Baskets

I went so overboard with the La Jollas in my house I feel a strange loyalty to this one kind. But I have seen tons of cute similar lidded baskets out there, and you know, when is a basket not a good idea? (Never!)

I am updating this post to include all of the recent lidded baskets and dupes that are currently for sale.

Anthropologie Lidded Basket

Anthropologie has a washed seagrass basket that currently is only in stock with the large. Still, take note- their size large is a equal to the La Jolla size small.  These are made of seagrass and are almost identical.

World Market Baskets

The Ombre Seagrass basket from World Market too cute to pass on! Handcrafted of recycled plastic and seagrass, it looks sturdy and comes with a lid. A little bigger than the small La Jolla, this basket has rave reviews online.

Their White and Natural Seagrass Paige Tote Baskets run smaller, but come in two sizes! There is a big mama basket, and then an itty little baby basket. I actually feel like they missed a size here right in between the two, (maybe the big sister, follow me?). But they have a lid to hide your storage, and sturdy handles on each side. The woven pattern is very similar to the La Jolla baskets. 

Lastly, World Market has a Diamond Seagrass Basket that is about the same size of the small La Jolla.  At full price it isn’t much less money than Serena & Lily’s basket, so I would buy this when World Market is having a sale.

Pottery Barn Baskets With Lids

The Tilda Two-Tone Woven Basket in navy is so chic, with a blue stripe around half. One of them is distinctly wider than the other two. Two of these collected together would look great in a nursery! I think the wide one would be ideal for blankets. They come in medium, wide, and large. 

Pottery Barn has some fun colors. Check out the teal or the yellow!

West Elm Basket With Lid 

I struggle to call West Elm’s lidded basket a “dupe”, as dupe implies it is a knock off. But these baskets are comparable on their own. The price point is similar to Serena & Lily’s La Jollas, but they are a little more modern with their geometric design.

Like Pottery Barn, they have some fun colors too!

Home Goods and TJ Maxx Baskets

As of the time of this post, TJ Maxx did not have any lidded baskets for sale online but I have seen them listed in store frequently! I’m always tempted because they are large, they look sturdy and the patterns are cute. They are VERY similar to La Jolla and the West Elm baskets. The handles are thick, and the patterns are typically off white, brown and geometric. They typically run in the $40-70 range.

Home Goods also has them in store but they currently do not have an online website, for some crazy reason!

Shop TJ Maxx baskets here

la jolla basket pinterest image

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