Serena & Lily Bar Stools, Dip Dyed Stools, & More

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My Serena & Lily Bar Stools Review was how this article started out, but it soon became so much more as we acquired other pieces (the Serena and Lily dip dyed stools, etc) over time.

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When I nervously ordered my first piece from the California based shop, (the Riviera Stools!), I couldn’t find many reviews. It’s scary to invest in something you’ve never seen in real life. I hope you find this detailed review helpful!

I will be talking about Serena & Lily bar stools, dip dyed stools and their teak step stool today!

I have updated this review to include the Bar Harbor Mirror, Newport Lounger, Shore Bench, the Balboa chairs, the Bonneville coffee table, and lighting.

Serena & Lily Bar Stools, Dip Dyed Stools,  Step Stool, Shore Bench Review

You can read more about my Serena & Lily Pillows here, or read about the Serena & Lily rugs I own here. 

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1. Serena and Lily Bar Stools

We have actually owned two kinds Riviera counter stools  — the backless and the regular Serena and Lily counter stools.

When we first ordered the backless, right out of the box I knew they were the ones. Nevermind that I had already tried some Target stools (too plain), and some Overstock stools (not practical). Obviously, my husband loved this ordeal. I was just trying to save a little money since we needed to buy 4 total. In the end, it just made more sense to invest in these Serena & Lily barstools since they were both practical for the kids and gosh, so pretty to look at!

 2 girls in tutus sitting on Serena & lily bar stools in a kitchen (the riviera)

We bought the Serena and Lily barstools in navy. I chose the backless because I thought it would be easiest for my toddlers to climb in and out of. I don’t know if they were easier or not- but my kids had no problem sitting on these stools or staying in them. They are lightweight- easy for my kids to push around.

I loved the pop of navy in our all white kitchen. Blue and white just speaks to my soul! We sadly had major water damage in our home that required reconstruction and replacing furniture, etc. When we were replacing items, we bought the identical stools in the gray, and painted the island a pretty blue.

Serena & lily bar stools sitting at kitchen islandSerena and lily bar stools lined up at a kitchen island

 I didn’t consider any other kind of bar stool when we had the water damage and were replacing furniture because I was enamored with how durable and family friendly these bar stools are. The entire piece is wipeable! The top is firm plastic that is woven into itself. You could actually just hose this entire stool off and it would be fine.

Sometimes my 3 year old will shove food into the cracks of the woven material on the seat. I rub a brush with soft bristles over the top mixed with a little soap and water. What originally inspired me to write my Serena and Lily bar stools review was when I saw how well these high end stools were handling my 4 kids!

Last winter, we traded our backless stools for the regular Serena and Lily counter stools- the Riviera stools with backs. We kept 2 of the backless for our laundry room.

4 Serena and lily barstools at a kitchen counter

One of my design goals when building our home was to combine the casual and understated with the high end and lux. The beautiful married to the functional. I feel like these Serena & Lily Riviera stools epitomize that design goal in our kitchen perfectly. 

Shop these stools here:

Backless stools | Riviera Counter Stools 

2. Dip Dyed Stools

These adorable dip dyed stools are actually not stools, they are little tables. They make adorable side pieces. Can I say that in reference to furniture? My side piece? I love the way they look as a pair.

They are going to tip over if you want this as a stool. I have stood on them before in a desperate moment to reach something- I don’t recommend! They are fun little side tables.dipy dyed stools next to a chair

The dip dyed stools are teak. Teak is a naturally water resistant wood, so they are functional in bathrooms as well. The dip dyed stools is of my favorite pieces to use around the house because they look good everywhere.

dip dyed stool in shower

Someone with a free standing bathtub, please buy these dip-dyed stools and put them next to your tub!

3. Teak Step Stool

My favorite little piece I always recommend is their teak step stool. I don’t know why I held off on buying this practical and pretty step stool for so long. Right after it came we saw how sturdy it was. We started using it ourselves in the kitchen for the upper cabinets- so we ordered a second for the kids upstairs! Again, it’s teak, so okay for kitchen and baths too.

Unlike their pretty dip dyed stools, this little piece is super sturdy- even my husband uses it. We have had the teak step stool for a few years with no problems- no tightening screws or anything like that.

I love the fresh white on the bottom, but they actually make them in a few colors now. 

mom and daughter standing on Serena and lily teak step stoolbathroom with teak step stool

dip dyed step stool teak in a kitchen

For the price, it’s a solid and well-made step stool that you will own for many years.

4. Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Mirror

To me, the Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Mirror is an heirloom piece. If you are looking for an extra special foyer or bedroom mirror, this mirror is one to consider. The bone inlay makes this piece too pretty to put somewhere it won’t be seen often! Here it is in our bathroom, and dining room:

blue painted bathroom cabinets in a bathroom with shiplap

Mirror | Framed Flag Nautical Art

It’s heavy- you will want it hanging from studs for sure if it’s going in a space with children. The intricate inlay bone pattern is beautiful – it gives it an elevated look. I went with the more subdued fog color.dining room with bay harbor mirror from Serena & lily for review

5. Shore Bench Review

After moving in, I felt that our bed could use something at the end of it. The Shore Bench from Serena & Lily pulled everything together. It took that big empty spot at the end of the bed and made it a centerpiece in the room.

It’s a show stopper of a bench- it is large at 59”, commands attention and is perfect for the end of a king or queen size bed if your room is lacking that special something!

shore bench in a bedroom

Other Serena and Lily Items in the Room:

Mirabelle Rug | Blue Dresser | Blue Tassel Pillow | Quilt 

Serena and lily shore bench and a bed in a bedroom for review

The one bummer about this bench is the cushion is a separate purchase. They offer a few different options. We went with the Shore Bench Cushion in fog velvet. I like that it’s two-sided – lux gray velvet, and white (canvas?) on the other side with thin gray stripes. It is thick and comfortable.

close up of shore bench

6. Newport Lounger

My 11 year old uses the Newport Lounger in his room. It is like the modern version of the beanbag chair we all had. It is updated with a stiff back for sitting upright. I love the nautical rope on the back- it’s a cute touch. We have owned it for about 8 months, it hasn’t lost its shape at all.

Recently our dog threw up on the Lounger last week. Imagine how fun this discovery was! On the Serena & Lily website, this says “spot wash only” – but that was not coming out with a washcloth and water! I unzipped the cover and put it in the washing machine on delicate. I air dried it afterward. It all came out and looks brand new again! No damage to the lounger.

boy reading on bed next to Newport lounger

7. Balboa Arm Chair Review

the Balboa arm chair from Serena & lily in a dining room

These Balboa rattan arm chairs will take your space to a 10! The cushion it comes with is a crisp white but its a heavy duty performance fabric and can zip off. For my own personal style, I think they look best matched with a white table over wood. The combo I have might just be too many wood tones. We started using one at our kitchen desk and I LOVE the way it looks there!

Serena and lily riviera stools and the Balboa chair at a kitchen desk

8. Serena & Lily Boonville Coffee Table Review

a living room with a white Serena & lily coffee table

I figured if this was good enough to be out in the elements, the Boonville coffee table could withstand my kids. It’s heavy and durable, but not so heavy I can’t move it myself. The top is pretty white, but remember it is supposed to be able to withstand being outdoors so it can handle dirt. I clean it with a damp rag. It’s a very unique table.

Serena & Lily Coffee Tabe:

Serena & Lily Lighting Review

1. Westerly Bone Inlay Table Lamp

My favorite light source in our home, the Westerly Bone Inlay Table Lamp, does not disappoint. One thing I was surprised about when I received them was how bright the blue is (there is another natural color if that’s not your thing). I tried to capture the true color in this photo.westerly bone inlay table lamp

These are statement lights. The base is wide, the shade is wider.

We have two big spaces on top of our living room built-ins. These lamps take up enough visual space so it doesn’t look too minimal, but I also don’t feel the need fill it with knick-knacks.

2. Dauphine Table Lamp

We were looking for classic but understated lamps on our nightstands. The Dauphine table lamp is just that.master bedroom with canopy bed, shore bench, dauphine light small brass dauphine lamp

Note that the cord runs down the back. It’s not easily noticeable on the lamp, and it is attached tightly, but it is located on the outside- which might matter to some people understandably. Petite, feminine but classic, I love these lamps on our nightstands! They have a bright and dim option for the bulbs, too.

Used Riviera Counter Stool / Dupes

I have seen the Riviera counter stool dupe in Home Goods, and Target has the Riviera chair dupe here. It’s a fairly decent dupe, both are pretty! They are not identical, but both pretty and similar. The legs on Target’s chairs are shiny plastic. That being said, if you are on a budget this is a great way to get the look because they are very pretty and you can’t beat the savings! 

As far as finding second hand furniture, I haven’t had much luck from this particular retailer, but this could be because there aren’t any brick and mortar shops in my part of the United States. I have sold some myself online and it sold quickly, which makes me think it does get listed but goes fast.

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Other items I have my eye on:

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kids sitting on riviera stools in kitchen

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feet on the mirabelle rug

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I hope reading my Serena & Lily bar stools review (along with everything else!) was helpful for you.


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