Make A Magazine Worthy Christmas Garland

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I am picky about my mantle garlands, so I used to insist on a real Christmas mantel garlandl! As high maintenance as they are, I love the lush and full look! But they dry out so quickly, which means replacing it half way through the season, or worse, tossing it and being done with the whole thing!

Committing to a real garland also means no fires in the fireplace for the entire holiday season, and needles everywhere. So this year I am trying something new and going faux!

My lush “magazine worthy mantel garland” was fairly simple to create, and it has a big impact. Today I am showing you how to make a Christmas garland for your fireplace!

How To Make A Christmas Mantle Garland For Your Fireplace

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You can easily create the garland of your dreams for your mantel this year.

Today I am going to show you how! It doesn’t take a lot of time, or really even too much money.

mantle garlandChristmas Garland in front of fireplace

My idea is that mixing garlands of different materials and textures is what makes an ordinary garland look custom and fabulous! One big faux garland acts as a base. This garland sets the structure up for everything else.

It’s okay if this garland is on the cheaper side because it will be in the back, just adding the shape and greenery. Placing a few quality faux garlands and/or real greenery on the top brings the magic!

My whole garland ended up being faux which was unplanned. Trader Joes was out of eucalyptus, and mine at home was not looking great, so I went faux with everything! Regardless, it turned out great. You can easily do this too! See? You don’t need anything special!mantel with Christmas Garland

What You Need To Make Your Christmas Mantel Garland:

dog in front of fireplace with Christmas Garland I made

How To Hang Your Garland On The Mantel

Start by clearing off your mantel and attaching the 4 command hooks. You will put the command hooks backwards on top of your mantel. One hook on each end, and two in the center. (The hooks are placed backwards so the garland can hook over it easily and stay in place.)

My garland just sat over the hooks and I bent them a bit. If your garland is heavy, you can attach them to the backwards hooks with the twisty ties.

a command hook for hanging a garland on mantle

Steps To Make Your Christmas Garland For Your Fireplace

Step 1. Fluff your faux garland out and each individual branch. You don’t want to rush this step, as this amount of fluffing you do will greatly effect the overall look. Pull each branch out until it is as big as possible.

Step 2. Drape the first garland over the backwards hook on the side of the mantel, and then over the first middle hook. I left a good amount hanging down on one side, and draped it over the middle. If it feels loose, secure it with the twisty ties. Each of my garlands was 9 ft, which meant I had 18 feet of garland for my 6 ft mantle. It was large- but look how lush! You could get away with using 2 6ft garlands as well.

Your mantle garland should look a bit like this:

half of a Christmas Garland for your fireplace

Then I did the same to the other side of the mantel garland. Now you will have two pieces of garland hanging down in the middle. Pull these middle pieces together on each side, so it looks like one long garland. Use twisty ties / floral wire if necessary for the garlands to combine. I was able to just wrap mine together without wire because the garland was stiff.

close up of faux garland on mantle

Christmas Garland for fireplace

Step 3. Don’t skip the lights! Battery operated is nice; I have a little plug next to the mantel so I use that. Tuck in the wire behind the garland a bit, and pull out the lights so you can see them.

Step 4. Lay the real greenery stems on top. This is where the magic happens! The mix ins can be anything you want, but they should be your better looking pieces if they are faux. Look for a different color and texture. I used two different types of faux greenery.

First I took apart an old garland my dog had partially chewed up (thanks Zion!).  I pulled out a few stems and just stuck them in the garland randomly until I liked the look. The stems had wire on them so I could secure them.

Christmas Garland for fireplace

After getting the garlands to look the way I wanted, I draped each eucalyptus garland over each side. Weave the greenery in and out a bit until you like the look.

These stems (again, without the berries) might even be easier! They do not have pinecones though.

eucalyptus garland hanging on mantle

Step 6. Embellish! Battery operated faux candles, (these have a timer), velvet ribbons, bows, pinecones, or a few stockings at one end. You can do whatever you like.

Christmas Garland on mantle

Helpful Tips When Learning How To Make A Christmas Garland For Your Fireplace

If you are using real greenery on top of your mantle garland, remember it will dry out. You can mist it to prolong the life, but that only goes so far. Don’t place it where direct sunlight can hit it (through a window). If it’s above a fireplace, the more you use the fireplace the faster your garland is drying out. Heat = bad.

In fact, if you decorate early, you may need to replace the real pieces half way through the holiday season.  And you might find yourself sweeping up quite a lot! Think about what colors and textures look good together when you are picking your top greenery.

On a budget? You can find real greenery for free at Christmas tree lots! Most places let you grab the extra pieces off the ground from their garland and wreath making- they are just going to trash it anyways. Trader Joes is another good source for live greenery. Or take a look at trees around your yard. Just grab a few wintery stems!

Take off your command hooks after the season- they don’t leave marks if taken off in a timely manner, but if you leave them for months at a time they might mark up your walls.

Get The Mantle Garland Look:

garland above mantle with christmas tree

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I hope this post helped you make a Christmas garland for your fireplace! There are so many ways to do it, but if you make it yourself you can use it year after year. It is always fun to switch it up a bit! Good luck with your mantle garland.

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