Christmas Bedroom Decor: Green + White

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Christmas bedroom decor feels so extra, so special! Taken out of the living room and into a more personal space, you get to decorate just for yourself (and your spouse, too, if there is one).

This year I did a lot of green and whites in our bedroom. The bedroom is a favorite room to decorate at Christmas- I can keep the decor as simple or as elaborate as I want.

With all that’s going on, we utilized the less is more idea to keep our life feeling a little less complicated… I’ll thank myself in January!

Come Peek At Our Christmas Bedroom Decor

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christmas bedroom decor

We put up just a few decorations early this year – early as in right after Halloween. Although I meant to bring in more pieces, I loved the Christmas bedroom decor so much as it was I decided to keep it simple. So I never brought down anything more out of the attic- and I am loving it!

We all want to take the season slow and really enjoy our home and the people inside, instead of all the hustle and bustle. Although that comes with its own set of challenges, I also love it that way. I hope you are able to enjoy it too!

Fresh Greenery As Christmas Bedroom Decor

large mirror with a garland that is christmas bedroom decor

This was our first year decorating our large leaning mirror, and of course it had to have a garland trailing over it!

This is a little twist on the traditional Christmas garland. I love fresh garland – but I fight myself every year on it. Some years I am happy to use all faux, and other years I can’t help but use the real thing. This garland is fresh and actually from Costco – it comes in 25 ft and is actually pretty reasonable in price for so much real garland already put together.

garland hanging over a floor mirror in a bedroom

The direct sunlight doesn’t hit this wall, so although I had high hopes – it was dried before Christmas. Ha! That could be because I didn’t mist it as much as I should have – but I think fresh greens are just tough!

The Faux Greens In The Bedroom

christmas bedroom decor with a tree
christmas tree in a bedroom decor

I love having a Christmas tree in our room – if you don’t have one in the bedroom you should consider it! This year we moved the flocked tree right in the center of the three windows. I used greenery picks in various shades of green that we already owned, champagne and white glass bulbs, and a blue grosgrain ribbon tied around the top!

Less Is More

dresser with a garland on top with christmas bedroom decor
Dresser | Frame TV

A long needle garland on the dresser, and I added some fairy lights on a battery timer. I took everything else off except our large candle bowl to let this garland have it’s own moment and really shine. I know this paired down decor isn’t for everyone, but I am really enjoying having less!

That is a Frame TV, and you can read my thoughts about it here. (If you’re interested in how to get that exact photo on your Frame, I have instructions saved on my IG highlight bubble.)

a nightstand and a Christmas tree on top
a white bed decorated with christmas bedroom decor
Sources: Nightstand | Lamp | Rug

The small white potted pine tree on the side table is a nod to Christmas. I love the warmth of the cane on the nightstands.

Christmas Bedding That Doesn’t Say Christmas Bedding

No tartan plaid for me this year – I just used our throw pillows to bring in some greenery with layers of whites.

green pillows on a white bed

These sage plaid pillows are crisp and light, while still bringing in gorgeous color. They are my favorite throw pillows of the year! Be sure to use an insert a size bigger to really get the full look.

a white bed with Christmas bedroom decor

Our sconce over the bed is a little bit of a trick. Not only does it look expensive (it actually is a great price!), it also works on a remote because there are just puck lights sitting inside each shade. I attached it securely on the wall using a thin nail.

We keep the remote on our nightstands – I love having that cozy light on in the evenings.

a bed with pillows on it and wallpaper on the wall

I just tossed that white quilt I am obsessed with over the bed. It has linen on one side and cotton on the other. You see it in all my pictures of this room – no matter the season – because the texture is so stunning! It is a splurge but in my opinion worth it.

Underneath the quilt is a gorgeous gray waffle weave blanket from Boll & Branch. This has a beautiful texture and weight- it drapes perfectly over the edge of the bed. You can make the bed with this folded neatly across, or just casually throw it onto the end of your bed and it always falls and hangs7 just right! I do both.

a bedroom with christmas decor and a tree

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I hope you enjoyed this little tour, and feel inspired to bring some simple Christmas magic into your own room- even if it’s just some fairy lights to bring you a smile.

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