Spring Home Tour and Spring Decorating

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Today I am sharing a little spring home tour of our downstairs that has me feeling like warm days are on their way! 

I am joining a group of 8 likeminded bloggers who are opening up their home and giving their own spring home tours, all in the name of warm weather. When you get done here I will have the next home on the list linked for you!

While I don’t “decorate for spring” exactly, I do appreciate my home feeling fresh with the change of seasons. I want all the winter and off-season things put away and out of my sight. Who doesn’t love opening up the windows for the warm breeze (before the pollen hits!)?  Fresh flowers, greens, and a new wreath on the door is about all I need!

Welcome To My Spring Home Tour of 2020spring home tour blue double front door with glass

How ya like my new front door color? We painted these doors the same color of our shutters. (Read about our home’s paint colors here). I haven’t actually shown the newly painted doors yet, so you’re getting the first peek! I need to get rid of that dead tree on my porch first before I make it official. 😉

Isn’t that wreath CUTE? I made it with my daughter last weekend – we just hot glued a big velvet ribbon (THIS wide, velvet ribbon) onto THIS WREATH. It only took about 10 minutes.  That’s about all I have in me for a DIY these days!

blue and white spring wreath on the door

I wanted to make this spring wreath for weeks but my Target store was always sold out of the white wreath. I ended up ordering it from Target online – I always (conveniently) forget that Target does that free 2 day shipping! Oh well, it was worth it!

stairs going up on the spring home tour

Come on in. It looks like usual but we stuffed all the toys scattered on the floor into that popular La Jolla basket (right there between the blue chairs!) and I picked the pillows up off of the floor for you. My poor pillows don’t get any respect here.

Hydrangeas on the coffee table just say spring and summer to me! Sometimes I put out these faux hydrangeas in giant square glass vases when I can’t find good ones in the grocery store. They are so lifelike and for that price you can get a whole bunch of them to fill up a vase!

blue and white living room with coffered ceiling on the home tour

Scroll To Get Our Family Friendly Living Room Look Here:

We are loving our indoor/outdoor rug for family life in here! The kids aren’t technically supposed to eat over here, but you know what they say about rules….. It’s nice to be able to relax about maintaining something that’s beautiful!

If you are curious about our sectional, we have bought this exact sofa 3 times. I wrote a Lounge Sofa Review you can read here.

living room with coffered ceiling and blue and white

spring home tour through a living room with fresh greens in a vase

We moved that lovely bar cart in here just to switch things up, and in place of the liquor bottles I put some of those faux greens in a vase. That bar cart is so much fun to style. My plan is to use it for desk supplies once I have my office set up… but this is too cute to move!

kitchen with a small lemon tree on the counter

My lemon tree is totally fake – but isn’t it cute? Perfect for spring! I read somewhere lemon trees are really difficult trees to keep alive – very finicky – so I am satisfied with my faux. If you can convince me otherwise- I’ll gladly take the bait because a real live lemon tree sounds amazing!

I was spring cleaning a few weeks ago and washed our kitchen runner (made out of polyester) and showed you the process live on Instagram. This rug was SO filthy with a year’s worth of grime. I scrubbed it down with the hose and dish soap in the back yard – hung it up to dry – and it looks brand new again!

lemons being cut up next to a sink and styled for the spring home tour

Don’t worry – it does look as if a child was here but there weren’t any kids involved in the cutting of those lemons. That cute dip dye stool gets a ton of use from our kids, but actually Jose and I use it frequently for those way up high cabinets.

baby breath in a vase on a blue island for spring home tour

big table with buffalo check runner and visual comfort linear pendant above

Serena and lily poetto vase on table with Daisys

Fresh daisys in my two favorite matching vases are a free way to decorate. The navy blue buffalo runner is a new find I found at Pottery Barn while browing last weekend. It’s preppy and springlike! I am a sucker for a good classic pattern.

Shop Around My Spring Kitchen:

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed my little spring home tour! I tried to link everything I get asked about, you can always drop me a comment. Don’t forget to continue and head on over to my friend Jennnifer’s gorgeous home tour at Jennifer Maune. Happy spring!

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