13 White Canopy Beds Trending Right Now

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Our white canopy bed was a purchase made 5 years ago and I love it JUST AS MUCH as the day we bought it. That says a lot for someone who loves to switch things up on the regular.

There is something about a canopy bed that feels regal. It is like your own personal kingdom. I don’t need sheets or anything hanging (to each their own), but it still feels a bit cocoon like to me. It is an oasis of comfort!

The White Canopy Bed: The Bed You Didn’t Know You Needed. 13 King Size Canopy Beds of All Budgets!

What you might already suspect is that, according to Good Housekeeping, canopy beds are trending this year What’s old is new again, and you can make all your 13-year-old self dreams come true (preferably without the pink canopy top). I love the canopy beds with a more sleek and modern silhouette.

I am including 13 white canopy beds of all budgets here today – but first I want to share mine with you.

a white canopy four poster bed in a bedroom

(See my bedroom here).

Our bed  (seen above) was discontinued right after we bought it. I have no idea why- it’s a great shape and I get asked about it all the time! (Here is the link) It is the slightest bit off white; not too cream and not too stark.

But while a canopy bed is not for everyone, it is also not for every room! Canopy beds take up a lot of physical and visual space. The room WILL look smaller with a large canopy bed inside it, even if it has a skeletal frame.

If your bedroom is on the smaller, choose size wisely. Look for canopy beds with a simple headboard and footboard- nothing bulky or heavy. 

You will want to consider light placement. Will your light be in the center of the room and be awkwardly over the bed? Should you move it to be centered over the bed or in front of the bed? We kept the fan centered in our room, but went with a ceiling hugger fan. Think about ceilings (ours are 9ft) and how close they will be to the top portion of your bed.

Our bedroom over the years:

white canopy bed in a bedroom

white canopy bed king size in a bedroom

White Canopy Bed Round Ups: 13 King Size 4 Poster Beds

I am rounding up of all the white canopy beds I loved / almost bought / would have been happy with right here! If you are canopy bed shopping, this post is for you! I have all kinds of budgets here.

When we were bed shopping, I considered every white canopy bed ever made. Because guess what? A king size white canopy bed is actually few and far between. There aren’t a ton of them available. 

pinterest image with text that reads white canopy beds

1. The White Washed Canopy Bed

beautiful white canopy bed with a white wash finish

While not exactly white – this bed is a soft and light whitewashed wood – this is not just the most expensive bed on the list but also the most beautiful. Holy moly! Made out of distressed oak, this bed is a interior designer’s dream. If nothing else, I looked at this bed as inspiration for how I want my bedroom to look and feel.

See the Isla White Washed 4 Poster Bed Here

2. Farmhouse Canopy Bed

This bed isn’t too farmhouse – it has a classic Shaker design that is enough to go with a variety of designs. It’s a best seller at Pottery Barn and has lots of lovely user photos uploaded from people who love this bed!

This is the gray wash but it is available in white!

a king size 4 poster bed in a bedroom

This photo shows the gray wash version but the bed comes in white as well!

See Pottery Barn’s Farmhouse Canopy Bed Here!

3. The Brass & Metal Canopy Bed (Budget Friendly!)

white and brass canopy bed

Aren’t those brass connectors a cool touch? A little feminine, very modern and cool. I love the price and the bed!

See The Celeste Metal Canopy Bed Here!

4. The Emet Upholstered Canopy Bed 

big white canopy bed with upholstered tufting in a bedroom

The details list over 50 reviews and 4.5 stars, with plenty of photos attached. The bed has detailed nailhead trim, so make sure your room can handle how “heavy” this bed will make it feel.

See The Emet Upholstered Canopy Bed Here!

5. Mid Century Canopy Bed

mid century white canopy bed in a bedroom

Leave it to West Elm to create the prettiest, cleanest mid century bed. This is not a true white but more of a “cool toned pebble” color. Usually I am a crisp white kind of girl but not after seeing this in a bedroom! This bed screams cool.

See West Elm Mid Century Bed Here!

6. The Manhattan Bed (Budget Friendly!)

bed from target review

I found this bed from Target to be interesting. I love the clean shape and the lines of it. Truthfully, I wondered how clean we could keep that upholstery behind the bed. I would definitely want to spray that with some Scotch Guard!

Shop Target Manhattan Bed Here!

7.  Whitaker Four Poster Bed (My Fav White Canopy Bed!)

Serena and lily Whitaker canopy bed review

Ahhh, the Whitaker bed is so pretty. A white canopy bed like this is just pure fantasy. Hands down my favorite. I love the feminine back, the curve without being fussy. It’s sort of a simple shape, isn’t it? Low to the ground, nothing too ornate. This bed could last you for decades and still look fabulous and be on trend.

See The Whitaker Bed Here!

8. The Amalfi Canopy Bed

a white canopy bed with upholstery and metal legs

When you mix metal and upholstery, you get a gorgeous bed that is sophisticated enough for your master bedroom and beautiful enough for a child’s room too. I like the matte frame against the look of the upholstery, which appears in the photo to have a gray tint to it.

Shop the Amalfi Bed Here!

9. The Jenny Lind Inspired Canopy Bed

a white canopy bed that looks like a Jenny Lind bed

Although the details don’t specifically mention Jenny Lind, this gorgeous white canopy bed has that same style. I love this bed and the pretty spindles! I wasn’t impressed with the way the images showed this bed decorated in a bedroom on the website, so I am just sharing a stock photo. I think this bed could be so beautiful and classic in a bedroom!

Shop the Anika Spindle Bed Here!

10. The Franklin Four Poster Bed (The Kardashian of Canopy Beds)

Franklin poster bed

Ok, if this bed were human it would be a Kardashian and we all know it. This canopy bed just screams luxury. Of course at this price it’s fully customizable. Add some texture to your bed frame. Take your bedroom to the next level!

See The Franklin Four Poster Bed Here!

white canopy bed in a swanky bedroom

via Palumbo Design

11. The Marion Bed(Budget Friendly!)

bed from Wayfair

What a price, and the reviews gave me major pause. I really like the shape of this white canopy bed, I think it would be gorgeous with fluffy bedding. Judging by the reviews, it appears to be as good as it sounds!

See The Marion Bed Here! 

12. The Stanley Panavista Bed

white canopy bed from Houzz

white canopy bed from Houzz

Stunning but understated, refined, and mature. I love this bed. This partially upholstered white canopy bed has a timeless look that will outlast trends.

Those warm whites make this a great bed for 2020. Very on trend. I love the colors on this one!

See The Upholstered Stanley Bed Here!

13. The Naples Bed (A Farmhouse Favorite)


White Canopy Bed Affordable

I considered this farmhouse bed a zillion times. I really, really wanted to love it, because the price is great! But in the end it was was too far in the farmhouse direction. I didn’t want my canopy bed belonging to any one style too much.  I thought a cleaner style would be better as trends change down the road. But if you are into the farmhouse look for life, this one is sold on Amazon too!

See The Naples Bed On Amazon Here! 

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oversized leaning mirror on the floor in a bedroom

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Serena & Lily mirabelle rug under a bed

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I hope you found this post helpful! Happy white canopy bed shopping!

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