14 Amazon Home Decor Best Sellers We Own

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14 pieces of Amazon home decor I own and love – all the decorating best sellers – are round up in this post today.

Some of my favorite finds aren’t from a boutiques or stumbling upon some little cute shop – some of them are actually straight from Amazon. Recently they have gotten even better at offering pieces that look unique and on trend.

pinterest image with amazon home decor

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Amazon Home Decor I Got On Amazon

1. My Blue and White Porcelain Planters

I share these blue and white porcelain planter pots all the time on Instagram because everyone loves them! These beautiful pots are great quality and have drainage holes. They come as a set of 3- small, medium and large.

Plastic drip catchers are included with the planters, so you don’t ruin your furniture when watering them. Such a quality find!

See blue and white pots here:

2. My Durable Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

The cutest heavy weight mixing bowl set, like the kind that belong in a doll house!

pink mixing bowls that nest in a kitchen from amazon home decor

I set up this little fake baking sesh just for the photo, can ya tell? 🙂 Anyway, I was so pleased to find these nesting bowls not just adorable but high quality. It has just the right amount of weight to be thick but is not overly heavy when baking and picking up bowls. When my kids see these out on Saturday morning they know mama is making pancakes!

I’ve given this set to a friend as a housewarming gift as well!

See melamine mixing bowl set here:

3. My Custom Looking Drapes

If you can find better looking pinch pleat drapes in the same price range I’d like to know where because these are AMAZING!

white drapes in a black and white bedroom from amazon home decor

Mine are the white with blackout liner. They say they take up to 3 weeks to arrive but mine arrived in about 2 weeks. I’m slowly replacing all my white drapes in our house with these- between the linen texture and the pinch pleat top, they look way more expensive than they actually are!

See custom looking drapes here:

4. Faux Magnolia Branch

This magnolia tree branch looks and feels SO stinking real!

a faux magnolia leaf in a vase from amazon as home decor

vase | decor beads (also Amazon) | coffee table

Even the branches are fuzzy and soft like real magnolias. And if you touch it- this still feels real! I was blown away by these branches. They are bendable and stay put so you can make them as big or as small as you want. I cut my stem down a bit so it would look best in my vase.

poetto vase from Serena and lily with blue and green living room decor

5. My Down Filled Sleeping Pillow

There are over 4k reviewers talking about how this sleeping pillow is perfect – and they are not lying!

I was looking through reviews on Amazon a better sleeping pillow but wasn’t finding anything quite right. I discovered this pillow while staying overnight in an Air BnB and ordered it the day we got home! It is PERFECT.

pillows piled up on a bed that from amazon home decor

If you prefer sleeping on down/feathers this is the pillow for you. I can’t recommend it enough. (My euro pillow cases in the photo above are also from Amazon).

>>Tour my bedroom here!<<

6. My Coastal Tissue Box Cover

This white washed tissue box cover sat in my cart for months before I finally pulled the trigger.

blue and white bathroom with white wash rattan tissue cover box from amazon home decor

It looks so much more polished than the Kleenex box that used to sit out. 

See white washed tissue box cover here:

7. My Wood Windsor Chairs

After I saw these wood Windsor chairs in Jillian Harris’s house (Love it or List It) I figured it there were good enough for Jillian they were good enough for me!

white wood kitchen chairs from amazon home decor

via Jillian Harris

The price is so great- you can’t beat it ($120 gives you TWO chairs)! I would compare the quality to IKEA quality, which makes them perfect for families. Here they are in my kitchen:

white chairs with a round dining table from amazon home decor

round table | light

See wood Windsor chairs here:

Windsor chairs part of amazon home decor

8. Our Book Ledges – Wood OR Acrylic!

My wood book ledges are perfect for a small space (instead of a bulky bookcase) OR for younger children who need to see covers to be encouraged to read! I love how they look when close together and lined up.

book ledges in a playroom from amazon home decor

OR, as another option, these clear acrylic book ledges also are from Amazon! I love how Megan Molten styled them in her sweet daughter’s nursery.

nursery amazon home decor


via Megan Molten

9. Our Faux Sheepskins (Softest Amazon Home Decor!)

This little faux sheepskin chair covers don’t shed, are super soft and cute cute cute!

hanging chair in a playroom with sheepskin from amazon home decor

I love them on a kid’s chair (especially where they sit for school!) or any harder chair. We put one on each hanging chair in our playroom.

2 hanging rattan chairs with sheepskins from amazon home decor


hanging chairs | rug | affordable cowhide | coffee table

Shop the faux fur here:

fur home decor

>>Tour our playroom here!<<

10. My Coffee Table Books

Oversized, hardcover, with great photos- these coffee table books are great Amazon home decor items because they look great on display or stacked on shelves.

Styling my coffee table:

stacks of books that are amazon home decor on a coffee table

Pay attention to the colors of the spines and covers.

Here are the books I own. These are in my living room, stacked on my bar cart, and on display on shelves. If you don’t own any coffee table books don’t feel discouraged- just buy a favorite every so often. They are fun to collect and give/receive as gifts!

Shop my coffee table books here:

amazon home decor book

11. My Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

When I heard this cold brew coffee maker had a cult following I was so intrigued. My only mistake was not ordering the two pint size!

cold brew coffee maker from amazon home decor

It is so SIMPLE. Fill up with coffee grinds in the evening (high recommend Counter Culture), pour in water, stick it in the fridge overnight and for the next 4 days I am waking up to delicious iced coffee already made. Chug that down and start your day like the queen you are! 

coffee pot that is amazon home decor

12. My Serena & Lily Inspired Sconces

I gave these affordable sconces from Amazon a high end look with just a little bit of effort!

amazon home decor white sconce in a playroom

These sconces actually take a little DIY to look this cute but it’s nothing major. They come in black and brass- but all the black pieces detach from the sconce! I took my sconce apart and sprayed the black pieces a crisp matte white.

white and brass sconce that is amazon home decor


striped lumbar | white lumbar | tassel pillow | wallpaper

I was so glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on these sconces! They look coastal chic sprayed with white paint.

We hardwired these in our playroom – but they also offer a plug in version.

See sconces here:

13. Marble Salt and Pepper Bowls

These marble salt and pepper bowls look so nice sitting next to our stove. If you are a cook and reach for the salt and pep often- these are not just beautiful but useful!

salt and pepper marble bowls from amazon home decor

Do expect that the spoons will tarnish with use (of course for this price point it’s not real gold- hah!) but a little baking soda makes them shine again. The marble is beautiful and heavy. We’ve had ours for several years.


amazon home decor a salt bowl14. My Artificial No Fade Flowers For Outside (or in)

Keeping my porch/window box flowers alive plus changing them out seasonally was leaving me with dead flowers on display way too often. I started mixing my in these lifelike outdoor faux flowers.

faux flowers in window box from amazon home decor

The light purple lavender is faux! It makes it sooo much easier to get those overflowing window boxes when you mix real with faux flowers.

They don’t fade in the bright sunshine- no maintenance. You can spread each stem apart nicely so they take up a lot of room visually. I can’t speak for all of the colors, but nobody would realize the lavender was fake.

This fall I am keeping all this set up, but adding a few cabbages and calling it a day!

See outdoor faux flowers here:

amazon home decor artificial flowers

Want to see more Amazon home decor?

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I also have an Amazon store front where I keep everything I love and use – from blue and white decor to other home favorites. You will also love 21 Boutique Inspired Amazon home finds post.

amazon pinterest image that says  storefront home decor


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