11 Gifts for Guy Friends

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Choosing gifts for guy friends without getting too personal/romantic can be a daunting task. When I give a gift, I just want it to be either thoughtful or useful! That’s no easy job! To help you out, my husband and I curated 11 exceptional gifts (that he owns) that he says are sure to impress you guy friends.

From practical gadgets to stylish accessories, these hand-picked items will delight your guy friends!

11 Gifts For Guy Friends My Husband Owns + Recs

gifts for guy friends

If it’s easier, you can see all of these gifts linked in one place on Amazon right here.

  1. Garage Door Control System: I granted my husband the power to control his garage door with just a tap on his iPhone! This offers convenience and security, allowing him to close the garage door from his bed, or open it for neighbors who need to bring a package in for us while we are away. Easy install – took him just a few minutes.

2. Garage Door Keypad: For added convenience, we bought a keypad for the garage door and it is now used by us daily! This is a thoughtful gift. Easily installed on the exterior of the home, it allows us to enter a personalized code to open the garage door without the need for keys / remote.

11 gifts for guys on amazon

3. Folding Ray-Bans: My husband has owned his folding Ray-Ban sunglasses with UV protection for a decade. The key is the ability to fold them in half and slide them into his pocket. This is the perfect gifts for guy friends: “Sold for life.”

4. Herschel Duffel Bag: This brand speaks for the quality! A great gift to give; they want it, but they might hesitate to spend on themselves! With durable construction, and a spacious shoe pocket on the interior, he uses one for long weekend trips and bought a second one for gym sessions.

Funny enough, this was a gift he received from another guy friend.

Herschel duffel bag

5. Herschel Toiletry Bag: The same brand but in toiletries! This will last him for decades. Designed to hold all his grooming essentials, this bag features high quality and stylish storage (or get his team!).

Herschel toiletry bag

6. Nest Thermostat: The Nest will pay for itself in no time! This is a smart device that allows him to control the temperature remotely and can even adjust itself independently once it learns your routine, saving energy and money.

7. Portable iPhone Charger: Small and might iPhone charger – compact and lightweight. We own three so there’s always one available! A great gift for guy friends – and see number 8 that goes along with this!

8. Charger for Four Portable Chargers: We keep the “home base” for our portable chargers in our kitchen! This powers up to four portable chargers simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple outlets / cables, ensuring all his devices are ready to go at once.

9. Everyday Knife: My husband collects hand made cooking knives, but he wanted a reliable everyday knife practical for everyday tasks. He liked this because it has a good design.

10. Cast Iron Pan: When my husband started out cooking, the Lodge pan was recommended to him as a budget brand with quality. Now he’s a more experienced chef and still uses his Lodge! He says there’s no reason to upgrade.

11. Beard Trimmer: He has owned this exact beard trimmer for many years – it gives precision, lots of settings, with a long battery life.

All these ideas of gifts for guy friends would clearly make great husband gifts (they were recommended by items my husband owns, after all) – but they also are non romantic and not overly personal.

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