April 2022 Amazon Favorites

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This post is full of the Amazon finds I reference during April. I hope you find something helpful here.

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April amazon favorites

Brass or Dark RH Inspired Floor Lamp

Our new lamps in our bedroom lounge! Sturdy and bottom heavy, not cheap feeling. I wanted to try these because they look so much like the RH lamps, but for a fraction of the price. I am so pleased with these! Definitely recommend.

brass lamps in a lounge

Battery Powered Magic Light Bulb

I hate how the cords look on these lamps next to our bedroom chairs… but you can use the magic lightbulb. It is a standard size lightbulb that doesn’t need to be plugged in! Rechargeable – you recharge the battery by pugging light in. Brilliant.

Magnetic Kids Cups

Sanity saver alert! cut down on kids’ using a million cups all day! Magnetic cups stick to fridge / dishwasher, or use the adhesive and stick them inside a cabinet like I am doing. My kids were using all the cups at my parents’ house and driving us crazy. Brilliant for this summer.

La Rochere Glasses

My designer recommended these La Rochere glasses off Amazon – they are iconic. Heavy, thick, and the perfect size. Reviews are amazing!

Adorable Umbrella Drink Holder

Necessary? Debatable, especially if you love to have a few friends over in the summer. It’s so little and so so cute.

“Marbled” Can Opener

Cinches edges so nothing is left sharp. Bonus points for a pretty can opener! Looks like they recently upgraded the blade.

Upholstery Cleaner (Rugs + Sofas!)

This is what we clean the arms of our Lounge sofa with (I detailed how we clean our Lounge sofa here). We’ve also used it on dirty rugs. It comes with its’ own soap but I recommend a little powdered Tide and water. *Test fabric first

Cold Brew Maker

Only 54,000 reviews on this! Water goes in the clear part, grinds in the center, and plop it in the fridge overnight. In the morning you have chilled ice coffee ready to pour.

Grout Cleaner

After I let my tile floors soak, the dirt all clumped up in balls and it fell right out.

Amazon Fashion Finds

Handmade Gold Plated Hoops

I don’t buy much jewelry on Amazon but hoops are back and these have that pretty wavy handmade look – plus they are exactly what I want to spend on hoops. Lightweight!

Levis 501 Short Shorts

No booty hanging out but shorter style. I got my regular size and found them comfortable and true to size. – if you like shorts loose go up.

TKEES Look Alikes

My Amazon sandals are identical to these TKEES but $18. I LOVE them! Soft padding makes them feel great on. I got my regular size. I own both Trees and these Amazon brand and they are comparable.

sandals from amazon

Rufflebutt Swim

I love this brand and this little pattern. Camille has the blue/white stripe!

amazon bathing suits girl

Ruffle Skirt

These are on trend and so cute! Order your regular size. I will probably style this with a loose white tee in a knot, a tank top tucked in or a body suit.

Embroidered Mini Dress

Summer One Shoulder Dress

Bought this dress – wore it out immediately and loved it! I felt so pretty in it. I am 5.4″ and it was not too long, but a good length. True to size.

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