25 Of The Best Kitchen Runner Rugs

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Got any good recommendations for kitchen runner rugs? Someone on Instagram asked me that question recently. Why, yes, I have 25 of them! The easiest way to add a pop to your kitchen is to lay down a beautiful kitchen runner! I included all kinds- including affordable rugs, rugs you can take outside and hose off…. and vintage kitchen runner too.

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pinterest image of kitchen runner rugs

25 Kitchen Runner Rugs

There is a shocking amount of really, really beautiful kitchen runners available – it can be overwhelming! I spent a good few hours this morning, googling through page after page of options. Instead of searching the internet aimlessly, I am creating a collection of stunning kitchen runner rugs that would be a beautiful addition to you home.

For reference, high quality wool is the most durable and the easiest to professionally clean, and polyester, while cheaper, allow you to clean yourself with soap and water.

The 25 best kitchen runners sorted into:

12 Coastal Runners, 12 “Vintage Inspired” Runner Rugs, and true vintage runners from my favorite shop. 

Just a note: If your rug is sliding around your floor like mine was, I used this Rug Tape to keep my runner stuck in one spot.

I couldn’t find a rug mat that gripped well on my hardwoods. This rug tape is crazy sticky! It doesn’t damage my hardwood floors underneath, either.

Kitchen Runner Ideas With A Coastal Vibe

Below are 12 coastal runner rug ideas. Be sure to scroll down for the other 12 vintage inspired runner rugs, as well as a favorite Etsy shop filled with great runners!  Click each number below to check out the runner, or scroll down:

Pinterest image that says best coastal kitchen runner rugs

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9 / 10 / 11 / 12

  1. The Corynnne Rug:

best runner rug teal and blue

 I absolutely love this runner, and if you have pops of teal in your kitchen this rug would look fantastic. I love that it is not too saturated and has some fading to it.

2. West Elm’s Reflected Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor Runner:

coastal kitchen runner rug

A highly durable coastal looking rug that looks cotton but is easy to care for – this guy is indoor / outdoor. I love a good gray blue color!

3. Cooke Indoor Outdoor Rug:

coastal runner rug with blue stripes from Serena and lily

Don’t be scared because this beach house runner has lots of pretty white. This is made of durable outdoor recycled materials. Recycled materials usually mean it can be hosed off, or scrubbed clean with hot soapy water!

4. Turnstone Indoor Outdoor Runner:

blue outdoor kitchen rug

This is another indoor outdoor find! The geometric pattern is fun. This comes in a few other colors in addition to the navy.

5. Bungalow Rose Fontanne Oriental Runner:

best pink kitchen runner rug

One of my favorite colors for kitchen runner rugs. Not only is this the prettiest pink, it has just under 2000 glowing reviews right now! If you love soft, feminine or muted colors you will love this one. 

6. Abstract Loomed Runner:

a popular modern kitchen runner

This print has been everywhere lately – and why not in a runner? This runner has TWO sizes – an 8ft long and a 12ft. If you have black or gray cabinetry this would be a great addition. It is light enough to not feel drab. This rug also comes in blue!

7. Safavieh Handmade Boston Tilla Coastal Cotton Rug:

navy blue kitchen runner rug

This one has a sophisticated coastal, nautical print and is made of cotton to keep it soft under your toes. You will definitely need a non slip pad under this one!

8. Flatweave Natural Fiber Jute White Stripe Runner:

jute and cotton runner rug in stripes

I LOVE this option, which is why I included it twice in different colors. Coastal and a little modern, the thick stripes with neutral two-tone hues would look great in any kind of coastal decor!

9. Flatweave Natural Fiber Jute Navy Stripe Runner:

jute runner with navy stripes

The bolder more nautical sister to the white stripe jute runner above. Jute hides dirt and the mix of cotton makes this runner not scratchy underfoot. Read the reviews, they are great!

10. Diamond Geometric Platinum Indoor / Outdoor Runner :

an outdoor kitchen runner rug

The beach house we rent in the summer has this big runner in their kitchen so I can attest to this runner! It makes me want to put this guy all over my house. It’s great for catching sand and dirt- nothing sinks into the actual carpet. Dash and Albert are known for their high quality rugs and you will love this runner! (Check out the reviews!)

11. Woven Flatweave Herringbone Indoor / Outdoor Runner:

a blue kitchen runner

This indoor/outdoor runner is also from Dash and Albert and comes in many colors. It has been around for years and has lasting power because it is so well made. Again -check out those positive reviews!

12. Classic Gingham Indoor / Outdoor Runner Rug:

buffalo plaid runner rug gingham kitchen runner rug

I was SO EXCITED to see this kitchen runner being offered. I also love the smaller rugs as a rug in front of the sink! Such a classic pattern, but I have yet to see this done in a runner rug before! I included both colors because I couldn’t pick a favorite.

Vintage Runner Rugs 

Vintage runner rugs in kitchens right now are all having a moment- whether it’s the real thing or not! We have owned both- which one is your favorite?

Real Vintage Runner In Our Kitchen:

a vintage kitchen runner

Etsy Shop Where I Found This Vintage Runner Rug

Our Vintage Lookalike:a vintage looking runner rug in a kitchen

My Vintage Inspired Rug

I shared on my Instagram stories how I hosed this kitchen runner down outside with dish soap and water. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and after it dried it was looking brand new. After a year of build up it needed it! You can clean any 100% polyester rug like this! Below are my vintage runner rug inspirations.pinterest image of vintage kitchen runner rugs

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

5 / 6 / 7 / 8

9 / 10 / 11 / 12

1. Alexander Home Leanne Traditional Distressed Printed Rug:

grey runner with pink

Alexander Home has a lot of great prints on rugs. This has beautiful prints and is made of polyester, so like my rug, you can wash it off with a hose. 


2. Santiago Runner:
pink and teal vintage runner

 The teal and pink are so pretty in this rug! Beautiful colors to liven up a room.The runner comes in two sizes – the 6 ft long and 10 ft. This could be nice for smaller spaces.

3. Distressed Arabesque Wool Rug
Blue west elm vintage looking rug
This rug is all wool, and has such a good faux vintage print. It comes in other vibrant colors and is a crowd favorite! I love that the runner is extra long at 12′.

4.  Julianne Printed Rug:

a pink rug

This Pottery Barn runner is made of vibrant colors and is also all wool, so it should be highly durable in your high traffic areas!

5. Whitley Patterned Rug:
Pretty blue patterned vintage runner

 One of my favorite polyester kitchen runner rugs. And polyester means washable like mine was. Wash it down with a hose outside once a year! 

6. Hannah Printed Rug:

Highly durable kitchen runner
This is our rug that I shared above. Washable! Here it is again:

vintage runner in a long hallways


7. Union Rustic

coastal runner rug

This beautiful runner is my favorite in this round up. I don’t know if you can find a prettier runner then this. Beautiful colors and I love the mix of vintage and traditional.

bathroom with union vintage looking rug in it

Look at how pretty! All the heart eyes for this flat weave runner.

8. Haute-Hali Navy & Pink Runner Rug

vibrant knock off Caitlin Wilson rug

 This rug looks oddly similar to Caitlin Wilson design rugs… but for a fraction of the price. This rug is quite popular and has a lot of great reviews. 

9. Brighton Printed Rug:runner with vintage looking design

 The Brighton rug is one of those that is actually softer than it looks. My neighbor has it in her home and it looks great! I love the graphic print.

10. Roze Rug in Blush and Grey:

pink kitchen rug runner

 Look at those muted colors. Don’t you love this one? I could not love those colors anymore! Love the pattern.

11. Zoe Tufted Rug:

pottery barn pink rug

This rug is so bright and happy it’s unbelievable. If you are a pink lover you need to own this! Kidding… but not really! It has such a cheerful, happy pattern. The size for a runner is smaller.

12. Rani Rug:

grey and pink vintage looking runner

What a pretty West Elm runner that also comes in a beautiful blue!

My Favorite Vintage Runner Rug Shop

My favorite shop that I love to buy actual vintage runner rugs from is the Chef Rug Shop on Etsy. They have pages and pages of pretty rugs in all the colors I like. Their rugs arrive within just a few days- like less than a week! You just need to measure carefully because the sizes are not standard sizes. Remember, when you are buying vintage rugs they are not brand new and just out of a factory. So look over them for any natural imperfections.

vintage kitchen runner


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