15 Cute Ceiling Fans For All Budgets

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Finding cute ceiling fans can be just as much of a dilemma as finding one that works well! We live in the south, so when we built our home I had no choice but to dive into the great ceiling fan search.

We ended up choosing 5 different kinds of stylish ceiling fans, because as much as I love statement lighting, we need that breeze!

We used ceiling fans in all bedrooms, our main living space, and both porches too. Cute ceiling fans are hard to come by, but I have a few favorites – and one that I have used in more than one of our homes because its just that good!

Here’s a tip if you’re afraid of losing your fan remote:

a remote installed on a wall for cute ceiling fans

Just install it directly onto the wall, like we did in the photo above! You can use an actual screw – or just a heavy duty command strip.

15 Cute Ceiling Fans

(FYI – I won’t be recommending the TriAire fans in my boys bedroom – both are noisy, and one already had to be replaced).

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15 cute ceiling fans all collected together

one (see below for options) | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen (here or here) | fifteen

1. The Wave: My Favorite Stylish Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking for cute ceiling fans, we used this fan in our girls room (here on Amazon and on Wayfair). It’s quiet – no motor humming – and I love the pretty curved shape of the blades.

a little girls room with cute ceiling fans

The light is bright and has a dimmer option – making this a great choice for a bedroom that needs a stylish ceiling fan.

2. Monte Carlo Maverick

My husband loved this fan. If he had his way we would have these in every room, running at high speed at all times. It is stylish and cool! The Maverick is also offered without the light, here.

Styling Ceiling Fans With No Light

3. The Minka-Aire Wave Fan

Don’t need a light? If you have enough alternative sources of light like recessed or lamp lighting (much more pleasing on the eyes anyway), you can get away with a fan with no light. I love this minimal and cute ceiling fan!

4. Minka-Aire Roto Fan

When we renovated our old house we used this fan (here on Amazon and Wayfair). We loved it so much that when we built, we bought it a second time to use in our living room again!

a living room with cute ceiling fans

It blends right in to the ceiling, is super fast and dead silent. Instead of making a stylish big statement, this is the fan you won’t even notice is there!

*Just a note to make sure you measure the right size downrod for this fan.

Brass Ceiling Fans

5. Hunter Hepburn Brass Ceiling Fan

What a darling fan. This brass and white fan was recommended as a favorite in my Facebook group. A lot of love for this one!

a brass and white cute ceiling fan

6. Brass and Acrylic Ceiling Fan (Save version)

If you are looking for something a little feminine but don’t love a steep price tag – this reasonably priced brass and acrylic fan is one to consider. I think it is equally stylish as the more expensive one that is quite popular, listed next.

brass and acrylic cute ceiling fan

7. Sonnet Satin Brass Ceiling Fan with Acrylic Blades

This brass and acrylic fan is seriously beautiful. If you have satin brass already in a room, consider using this fan as well. You will pay for this beauty though – as unfortunately this fan has a higher price tag.

brass and acrylic cute ceiling fans

8. Wooden Ceiling Fan

This is a beautiful high end fan (here) at a great price! If you’re having a hard time finding stylish ceiling fans, nobody could argue that this fan looks dated or ugly.

wooden cute ceiling fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

9. Coastal Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another affordable option, this indoor/outdoor fan is sleek and coastal. The blades have a whitewash finish on one side, or you can turn it around for basic white.

10. Our Outdoor Ceiling Fans on the Porch

We like this fan so much we bought it in the white version for our front and back porch. It’s great! We used a longer download on the back patio since the ceiling is slanted. It’s available here in a few finishes, and sold in white here.

outdoor porch with cute ceiling fans and rocking chair

It’s powerful and very quiet! Of course we clean it in the spring, but this would be necessary for any outdoor fan.

11. Stylish Xeno Sells Fans

Another fan that blends into the background, this cute Xeno fan is sold at Overstock – but is cheaper at Pottery Barn! It has an option to mounts to a sloped ceiling. If you need a download longer than 4.5″ you can buy one separately (scroll down on both websites).

And yes Pottery Barn sells fans! They do not manufacture them but carry some cute ceiling fans for other name brands.

Affordable Ceiling Fan

12. Honeywell Ceiling Fan

One of the most affordable fan to make the list is right here! If you need a few fans or your on a budget, you will want to consider this one. Sleek styling – and the blades can be switched from black to brown anytime!

wooden cute ceiling fans

13. Boho Ceiling Fan

For those who dislike the minimal look of many fans considered stylish, you will love this unique fan. A little nod to the boho trend with natural beads, it would work in a kids’ bedroom.

14. Flushmount Ceiling Fan (A “Ceiling Hugger”)

I was nervous about our ceiling hugger fan for our bedroom. What if it hummed? What if it wasn’t fast enough? But it’s quiet and powerful. We are hot sleepers and have this running most of the year!

canopy bed with cute ceiling fan that is flushmount

Because we have a tall canopy bed, a ceiling hugger fan was the only option on our 9ft ceilings. (Available here and here – price check it for the more affordable option).

The light is also bright enough alone for our bedroom, although we use lamps and recessed lighting as well.

15. The Harlingen 4

Sleek, stylish, and blends right into your surroundings, this basic white ceiling fan is a no brainer. There is not one thing wrong with the way it looks! If you are suffering from design fatigue with your home, this fan is one you can pick and be done!

This cute ceiling fan is so popular there are almost 2000 reviews for it (available here). It’s simple and clean design make it a great choice.

Guidelines For Getting It Right

If your ceiling height is eight feet, you will want a flsuhmount ceiling fan, like the kind we have in our bedroom. If nine feet or taller, purchase a downrod. I would not go much more than 12″ of downrod for nine ft ceilings.

It never looks good design wise to have an itty bitty fan with small blades in a large room – not to mention it won’t be able to properly cool down the room. Here are some guidelines for picking out the correct size fan:

  • For rooms under 144 sq ft, choose fans under 42″
  • For rooms between 144 and 225 sq ft, choose fans between 44-55″
  • For rooms between 225 and 400 sq ft, choose fans between 50-62″
  • For rooms above 400 sq ft, choose fans above 62″

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