Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray Review

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Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray is a lesser known but one of my favorite paint colors. If you are looking for that elusive blue gray paint, this is one to consider!

What Color is Uncertain Gray?

Uncertain Gray (SW6234) is foggy blue gray medium paint color. Expect this shade to be more of a cool gray with blue undertones, giving it a sophisticated, neutral look – ideal if you want to avoid a baby blue paint.

Uncertain Gray On Our Blue Gray House

We painted Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray on our shutters… and a year later we gave in and painted our front door the same shade! If you are looking at Sherwin Williams front door colors this is one to consider! It makes a fun pop to a blue gray house.

a brick blue gray house painted uncertain gray

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Would you say this blue gray house looks mostly blue, or would you describe it as gray? Are you uncertain? I love a good paint color that makes you ask yourself that question, because that in between shade makes for a sophisticated color of blue. In my mind- that makes Uncertain Gray the ideal shade of blue-gray paint. 

And honestly, whether this chameleon paint color appears blue or gray may actually depends on factors out of your control, like what region you live in or the time of day. Certain places in the world give off sunlight that appears more cool, or more golden. Here in NC we have a nice balance of both.

When I was considering Sherwin Williams front door colors, this was the top of my list.

front porch with shutters painted uncertain gray

But don’t go in with a few gallons of paint fully expecting this shade to make your walls gray, or totally blue, or you will be disappointed! (And out of a lot of cash!)

a White House with uncertain gray by Sherwin Williams

(Our siding and trim is Sherwin Williams Extra White; the roof shingles are made by Certainteed and the color is silver birch)

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on Our Shutters

We loved this neutral gray blue shade of paint so much, that we actually repainted our shutters after previously having them a different shade.

When we first built our home, we asked our builder to paint our shutters Sherwin Williams Sea Salt – a greenish gray shade. Our HOA had an issue with this (not sure why, but does anyone ever understand their HOA?).

a brand new house being built

I actually loved Sherwin Williams Sea Salt- and I didn’t quite understand the HOA demands. Nevertheless,  I was fine to oblige to my HOA because I thought a paint color a touch more neutral might look more sophisticated. In this case, we picked out Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray.

a paint card showing uncertain gray

It is the third shade down on the paint card, with about a medium saturation level. At the top of the paint card is Misty, a lighter version of Uncertain Gray! We also used Misty in our home – read all about Sherwin Williams Misty here.

Sherwin Williams Front Door Colors

Looking at Sherwin Williams front door colors? We also painted our wood door Uncertain Gray. I know, I know, that’s a controversial decision with all kinds of opinions… Notice how it looks behind a gray chair below: 

blue and green throw pillows on a bench

Looking for a soft gray blue that is almost white… but not quite? read about Sherwin Williams Ice Cube here.

double front doors painted Sherwin Williams uncertain gray front door color

Blues are known for being a calm and relaxing color, so when gray undertones are added, the result is upscale, more neutral than blue itself, and more appealing to everyone.

7 Sherwin Williams front door colors

7 Sherwin Williams Front Door Colors to Try:

  1. Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray
  2. Sherwin Williams Kyrpton the color of my kitchen island! See all about Kyrpton here.
  3. Sherwin Williams Misty Read about Misty here.
  4. Sherwin Williams Upward a soft light blue
  5. Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud a moody, dark blue gray shade
  6. Sherwin Williams Online a  shade with strong gray undertones
  7. Sherwin Williams Northstar a fun coastal blue. A nice pop for a front door color!

What You Need To Know Before You Use Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray

A few things to be aware of before you buy that paint sample.

Where You Live Will Change How Exterior Paint Appears

Natural sunlight has a cool, bluish cast to it. The farther south you travel, the warmer and more orange the light begins to look. This means that the same shade of cool gray and blue that look amazing in Vermont, could take on a more washed out look in the glaring tropical sunset light of Miami, Florida. I live in NC, and I think we are a nice balance here.

Because Uncertain Gray is mostly on the cool side, it looks great mixed with warm colors brought in so that the room doesn’t feel cold and stark.

a wood door open - one is painted Sherwin Williams uncertain gray

The blush tones in my brick, the wood ceiling, and my Hello door mat are all warm tones. 

If you use Uncertain Gray inside your home, I would recommend bringing in some warmer colors. This could be through something like woven baskets, a natural rug (like jute), or the use of brass lighting! Brass looks great with Uncertain Gray.

Here are my 3 recommendations:

Paints on your exterior will cast a different shade in the harsh, bright light of the sun. Inside, the color of the paint will be more saturated.

I used Uncertain Gray outside, and it appears a medium to light shade out here in the bright sun. Even on cloudy days, it never appears dark.

front porch with rocking chairs

Be warned if your room does not have a lot of light. Uncertain Gray is medium shade of paint but it will definitely look dark in a room without that sunlight! Each room has a different amount of sunlight, more or less warmth changing the appearance of paint. That’s why paint samples are so important.

Uncertain Gray will look darker and cooler than the paint chip

This is not to say you can’t use Uncertain Gray, but you should avoid other grays and the use of much black or dark colors in the room if this is the case. Play up other warm tones, and make sure you have a lot of warm white to bounce light off of, as north facing rooms tend to be darker.

If you are painting a bedroom Uncertain Gray, keep the drapes and bedding a warm white. Don’t add a dark bedspread (unless you are going for that cozy cave look!).

shutters painted Sherwin Williams uncertain gray with window boxes

Our window boxes | Artificial lavender

>>See our fall window boxes here!<<

Uncertain Gray is not true blue. It is not really gray, either.

If you are looking for a true blue this isn’t quite it either. I thought my front doors looked fairly blue. People tell me all the time they love my “gray doors”! I would not recommend using this color if you are looking for a true gray, as it has a strong cool blue undertone that will come out even more in certain lights. If you like that elusive is it blue or is it gray look, Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray is one to consider!

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