Our Blue And White Kitchen Details

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Our blue and white kitchen got a few updates since last time I shared the details, so a refreshed post is overdue! If you are building or renovating, or just dreaming up your own blue and white kitchen, I am going to share ALL the things we love, and what we don’t!

As a side note, this week I gave a quick interview and shared our home tour over on the Serena & Lily website! Take a look at that article here!

Our Blue and White Kitchen Details

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We just switched our cabinet hardware over to brass! I know this is something others often have trouble visualizing when deciding what finishes to use! I included a before photo with nickel pulls below.

Before, with old nickel pulls:

blue and white kitchen with 4 barstools at island

After, with new brass pulls:

blue and white kitchen with brass pulls

vintage runner in a blue and white kitchen

Kitchen Runner From This Shop 

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Blue Kitchen Island:

We designed the island to be one big countertop that could be used as a worktable for our family. Free of a sink or the stove, this space is open to working in multiple ways for us! Mostly in important ways like storing all our piles of crap that stack up, of course.

The island dimensions are 4.3 x 9.7.

When we moved in, our kitchen was white. We had the island painted professionally about a year later. The island is now Sherwin Williams Krypton. It’s a blue with strong gray undertones.

Read about painting SW Krypton on our kitchen island here

I’m still very happy we made that decision. It’s added some personality to our kitchen and feels more like us.

a vintage runner in a white kitchen

Our Downing Table:

Lots of Serena & Lily in our kitchen. Take a house tour of our home on the Serena & Lily website!

We love our new downing table and how it looks in our blue and white kitchen! Guys- it is truly just as gorgeous as it is in the catalog (or store, if you’re lucky enough to live close to a brick and mortar).

kitchen table nook in a blue and white kitchen

As soon as I showed the table on Instagram you were asking me how it’s holding up. I know, I would be the same, because I’ve wondered forEVER!

downing table from Serena and lily

UPDATE: I’ve been using the Downing Table for over half a year now, and because of life’s current situation we are all HOME all day every day. Also, I don’t know about your kids but my kids snack on it every 5 minutes. As in, they will have actual snacks in their mouth while asking me for more snacks.

So this is a great time to really be testing it out! The top does not scratch for me or show any signs of scratching. I am wiping it down several times a day though, and I know that can eventually that will wear down a white finish, so we now eat on placemats regularly. This cuts down on how often I have to scrub the table.

I just use natural wipes or a little water, and gentle soap if necessary.

So, my answer is, so far so good!

blue and white bowl on the downing table

Those blue and white planters are so cute! They come in a set of 3 from Amazon!

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Our kitchen cabinets were made by 1st Choice cabinetry out of Raleigh, NC. The cabinets are Norcraft, maple wood, and soft close. The doors are framed full overlay. If you have kids, soft close might make them last longer! My kids are ruthless with these cabinet doors!

If you are curious about the color of the cabinets (see paint colors of my home), it is actually the standard white these cabinets came in. In my opinion, they are most similar to BM White Dove, just a slight off white.

Something I would have done differently here: it bugs me that the ends of the cabinets are not finished. The sides of the island are, and I feel like this should be the same as the cabinetry. We are going to be fixing this ourselves as it’s a small detail that could look great!


We used quartz around our entire house for all the countertops. Quartz is a material partially man-made and part natural stone. Oh my gosh, I have been SO happy that we used these durable countertops!

>>Read my thoughts about white quartz after living with them for 2.5 years!<<

My kids are rough on our island – and we use it for all sorts of family things. We craft, use hot glue, put down heavy items – and I never worry that the quartz will scratch. There is no maintenance (no sealing!) and no staining, even on the white parts. We clean up with regular soap and water.

Cambria Brittanicca Quartz on kitchen

Sometimes a squirt of Shout Out might get out a red stain faster (usually from something like red slime).

We used plain white Cosmos quartz on the perimeter, and the island is Cambria Brittanica. I love, love, love the movement in the Brittanica! I was giddy when they put that in! To make the island stand out, we put a 3” mitered edge on the island. It’s not 3” all the way through- it just fits all the way around. If you image the way a shoebox lid fits, that is how this is done too. I love this detail that makes a big difference! I am also very happy with that upgrade! It’s all in the details, after all.

Cambria Brittanica slab inside a kitchen being built


I considered using blue tile when we designed the kitchen (before the island was blue, obviously). It was more money of course, like all good things, and I was concerned about the commitment to the look. Repainting a blue island can be done in a weekend on a small budget. Retiling a large kitchen… not so much. So we went with the classic subway tile.

It saved us a ton of money using something basic, and we were able to tile more of the kitchen because of the savings. I have no regrets!

subway tile in a blue and white kitchen a blue pantry door in a white kitchen

Here is my kitchen is all cleaned up but there is still a pretzel on the floor. I feel like this is so on brand for me.

The tile is beveled 3×6 subway tile. You can find our same beveled tile here for $2.40/sq ft! Bringing the tile up to the ceiling was another thing we did later and I LOVE it. Especially how it looks around all the smaller areas – it is just a nice touch without adding on a lot of money since the tile was affordable. The impact is big.

kitchen desk at the side of a blue and white kitchen

Blue and White Kitchen Details:

Below are more details you might be interested in if you are building or renovating.


Our kitchen is open concept, so it looks out into our living room. From the back wall of the kitchen (by the range hood) to the front of the kitchen (where the sofa in the living room backs up to) is 22′. Side to side – from the back wall of the refrigerator to the back wall where the sink measures 22′.We never feel claustrophobic in our kitchen! This is important with 4 kids.

Moen Faucet

The faucet is the Moen StO Motion sense touchless faucet. I love the clean look.


Our appliances are all Kitchen Aid – we have been happy with them. Not thrilled happy, but happy enough. Would I buy them again? Maybe. The refrigerator is not counter depth – it is actually standard. We have a little space behind the fridge (in the garage) carved out behind it so it can sit farther back, which is definitely worth the trouble to make it flush.

Do I hate stainless steel because of the fingerprints? You bet. I would prefer the panel fit appliances.


The hardware is Classic Bell pull in from Liberty Hardware in a brushed brass. We originally used nickel pulls  – and I immediately regretted that decision. Switching to brass warmed the kitchen up and is a nice contrast on the blue island. I like the way it looks with the stainless faucet. Like I said, I do wish our appliances were panel fit.


Highly, highly recommend putting in under mount lighting! We also used puck lights in the top cabinets with glass fronts.

blue and white kitchen island

Another tip you might not think about is the placement of your electrical outlets. After paying all that money for gorgeous tile – why stick electrical outlets into your tile? Even worse if the colors and shapes don’t mix- you will not love that look. Put them in inconspicuous places, like moving them up directly under the cabinets or find ways to blend them in.

We didn’t “hide” ours completely, but we put them sideways to blend in with the horizontal tiles. I am happy with that decision.

The Vent Hood

range hood in a blue and white kitchen

I sketched out the stove vent hood for our cabinet maker to design. The goal was a classic feel. A design that went with the cabinetry couldn’t compete with the large “look at me” pendant lights directly in front of the hood.

I looked at kitchens I had liked on Houzz and saw a lot of similarities between them. I drew something up fairly basic on paper for our cabinet maker.

Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry

We created a spacious walk in pantry that is 10.4 x 6.4. I talk about our walk in pantry in this post here!

5 Things I Would Do Differently:

The privilege of getting to design my kitchen to my liking is not lost on me. But this is always helpful to hear!

  • I dislike that the ends of the cabinets aren’t “finished” along with the sides of the island. It always feels like it’s missing something there! The more I see it the more  I want to fix it. Some trim should be put on the end of the cabinets to finish them off.
  • Along the same lines, I also wish we had taken the time to add furniture feet to the cabinetry. It’s a small detail – something I skipped over when building- that would have had a big impact. Sometimes the small details make the biggest impacts in a room. I plan on fixing this!
  • If I could go back I also would have added spaces for two more stools on the sides of the island where drawers are now. We are big on family dinners- we rarely don’t sit down with our kids at dinner time. But we also eat a lot of casual quick dinners during the week. It would be nice to have space for the 6 of us to all sit together on the island as a family for a casual dinner. Right now, if we eat together at the island the kids sit and we stand. That’s no good!
  • Panel fit appliances for a more cohesive, luxe look.
  • I wish we had mixed in appliance cabinetry to store the toaster, blender, etc. into. This would have made the kitchen easier to clean up.

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