Drapes in My Son’s Bedroom

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Today I am sharing Leo’s bedroom, our 9 year old, and the final touch – these drapes! This was the last little update to his room, and guess what stole the show? Pinch pleat curtains from Curtarra!

When we moved in, this was a carpeted white bedroom with a single baby blue wall! All we kept from the original room were those cute plantation shutters.

Leo’s Bedroom

Childs bedroom with Balboa rattan bookshelf

All we kept were the plantation shutters – so we used drapery to elevate the design, not to actually use!

curtarra curtains in a bedroom

Curtarra Curtains

Doesn’t drapery finish off a room so nicely? These curtains from Curtarra are what I would consider affordable luxury.

Have you ever had windows with more space on one side of the window than the other? Here is a possible solution. In this case, we have Leo’s Balboa rattan bookshelf in between the windows, leaving not much room for drapes. Extending the curtain rod a few extra inches on the wider side of the window allows room on that side.

Next, we put a very wide set of drapes on just the side with the most space.

green curtarra curtains in a child's bedroom

I love wide drapes! The “dusty aqua” compliments the blue green notes in his paper.

Details about my Curtarra curtains here:

  • These are the double pinch pleat style that I love because it gives a rich, tailored look.
  • Each panel is 90″ width x 98″ length. I prefer my drapes to not puddle but just kiss the floor, so measure accordingly.
  • Mine are the Sabrina, in “Dusty Aqua” color with a white liner. See them here!

Curtarra allows you to select curtains by:

  • liner (black out, linen or sheer)
  • header that fits your home’s style. This I have is double pinch pleat, the style I recommend that looks best. The clips you need come with it. Not rings, of course!

We used and love this rod (slender rod in matte black is an “always yes”) and these super affordable rings, both from Amazon.

Expect Curtarra curtains to arrive within just a few weeks, in high quality packaging with clips and helpful instructions. Also… expect your Curtarra curtains to change the room!

The Rest of His Room

a sheepadoodle in a Childs bedroom
Childs bedroom with the black harbor cane headboard
the Balboa bookshelf by Serena and lily in a bedroom

Shop the whole room below:

This post is a partnership with Cartarra.

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