Best Christmas Tree Collars 2020

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The Christmas tree collar search is on, and I’ve got some recommendations today to help you find the best one!

What Is A Tree Collar? Let’s be honest- even on the best tree, the bottom part is naked and ugly. The stand, screws, metal pole (if artificial) and any other unsightly parts are not great to look at. It takes away that Christmas magic real quick.

christmas tree collar on a large christmas tree
Source: McGee & Co

Until Christmas Eve, when the bottom of Christmas trees are covered in presents, without a tree collar it just doesn’t look quite finished! A tree collar polishes all that up.


christmas tree collar 1

This is our tree collar. Two years ago, I waited until December to grab this and ended up having to drive to another city to grab it because it was sold out online… don’t be me!

Above is our tree collar and my tree..

Christmas Tree Collars

Below I have rounded up some of the best Christmas tree stand collars for the 2020 season broken up into a small tree collar and large tree collar roundup. Be sure to scroll down below for a sizing guide and more tips!

a pinterest round up of christmas tree collars

Small Tree Collar / Tree Collar For Pencil Tree

Pencil trees are great for little nooks that need some holiday cheer or apartment life.

Here are 5 great options:

Be sure to measure for your specific tree. You don’t want a tree collar meant for a large 9 ft full tree on a 6 ft pencil tree. You need balance! Just ensure the tree stand isn’t any wider than the base of your tree collar.

Large Tree Collar

Below are large tree collars meant for larger trees. Take note of measurements if you are looking for a very substantially sized tree:

There are some great ones on this list! All are in stock at the time of hitting publish on this post.


Christmas Tree Collars From Amazon

Christmas Tree Collar Sizes

Of course before you hit that add to cart button, measure the base of your Christmas tree stand you are using to ensure it isn’t any wider than the base of your tree collar.

You want exact measurements. The last thing you want is to end up with a tree collar that won’t fit your tree.

christmas tree collar measurement guide

To make it balanced, a rough idea is to use a tree collar that is roughly as wide as the center diameter of your tree.

The opening of the tree collar needs to be wide enough around so that your tree’s base fits inside, with enough space to ensure all parts of the tree stand are firmly planted on the ground – no teetering!

Christmas Tree Collar Vs. Skirt

Will a tree skirt work just as well? While it is true that a Christmas tree skirt is the same basic idea as a skirt, it doesn’t provide the same coverage. A skirt simply makes the floor around the tree look cozy and polished.

christmas tree collar in foyer
christmas tree collar on a tree

A Christmas tree collar offers height. The tree collar dresses up the ugly parts of the tree base that may be sticking out, the tree trunk, and that awkward area between the floor and branches. The skirt simply can’t cover all that up. An added bonus is the collar is better for those who have toddlers and pets in the home.

Christmas Tree Collar Tips

  • The Christmas tree collar is much easier to set up before you get your real tree in the stand, or before you set up your artificial tree. Just ask me how I know. 😀
  • If you’re short on storage space, take a look at the Christmas tree collars that come in segments. These actually collapse and disassemble into several pieces. Many of the collars I linked are collapsable.
  • If you have cats who climb the tree or try to terrorize it, a tree collar will help stop this.
  • Pick a collar in a color that compliments, not competes with, your existing Christmas tree decorations and ornaments! See next tip.

What color to pick?

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some suggestions if you’re feeling lost!

  • A red tree collar looks fabulous with a traditional red and green or red and white decorated tree.
  • If your style is glam, try brass or a beaded Christmas tree collar.
  • If you gravitate towards rustic and farmhouse, a galvanized, burlap or a farmhouse basket is your sure thing!
  • Coastal style? How about a whitewashed seagrass or rope tree collar.
  • If you prefer to stick to the classics or have a flocked tree, a woven style or a small traditional basket as a Christmas tree collar is a great idea.

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