Our Serena & Lily Coffee Tables

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Serena and Lily coffee tables are the cornerstone to a beautiful living room’s design. We waited several years before investing in two for our home: one in our playroom and one in our living room! We’ve had a couple years of daily use now, so I am answering some questions about them.

a living room with a blue rug and Serena and lily coffee table

Serena & Lily Coffee Tables

When my 4 kids were in their toddler stage, we lived with no coffee table at all. The living area looked off; it felt sparse and unfinished. But I needed the open space for my little ones to toddle and play!

As soon as we got past that life stage (it does pass!) I was excited to invest in a beautiful, high end coffee table to finally pull the whole space together. Serena & Lily coffee tables are a great match for my aesthetic.

Of course, this was several years ago and my kids (and style) has grown a bit – but my design preference remains the same: beautiful, yet lived in! I have zero regrets investing in Serena & Lily coffee tables; they are classic pieces that will endure as your style evolves!

an open concept living room

Our experiences and a review. Lots of helpful information if you’re considering a Serena and Lily Coffee Table!

This post contains affiliate links and /or Amazon affiliate links, at no cost to you. This blog is my business and I appreciate your support. This post is sponsored by Serena and Lily. I was asked to review a piece that I have owned and loved for a long time. Our Serena & Lily tables were purchased by me, and thoughts are all my own.

How do you balance needs and practicality? We envisioned a large white coffee table for the living room. This room is really the main hub of our family life. It sits right off the kitchen and is central to family activity and the daily messes of 4 busy wreckless kids.

The Boonville Coffee Table

We wavered back and forth between the Booneville and Truro coffee table; both offered a similar, coastal look! The top of the Truro is gorgeous in person – polished, patterned and shiny, while the Boonville is a matte white and more rustic.

I moved forward on the Boonville because its’ larger size would fit our open living room better, and I thought the rustic, natural look would fare well with family life.

a Serena and lily coffee table in a living room

Feet on the table. Toys. Juice boxes and a bowl of pretzels in the daytime, a glass of wine or two in the evening. The Boonville might be high end but it’s not delicate; its durable, wipeable, and practical.

little girl playing candy land on the boonville coffee table

The Boonville is advertised as part of the Serena & Lily outdoor collection. I took that to mean if we used this as a centerpiece inside, it could also handle the storm of my kids… know what I mean?

The top of the coffee table is wide, almost 4 ft on the longer end, so it can hold several stacks of coffee table books. We added a gorgeous grasscloth tray this spring which is large, textured, and makes it easy to style the table!

And on the weekends? All those pretties get cleared off to make room for a pile of Barbies and snacks, obviously.

the boonville coffee table

The Boonville is fairly heavy and thick, but it’s hollow inside so I can move it alone if I needed to. This table is cast from a real tree root and has a live edge. A little unexpected and always interesting!

coffee mug and interior books on a table

Sources: Coffee Table | Grasscloth Lined Tray | Glass Beads | Topiary | Planter

How To Care For The Boonville

Because the table is meant to withstand rain, it can also withstand drinks spilling. I wipe down dirty little bare feet marks with a damp rag, and just use gentle soap and water on a spill- no harsh cleaners.

the boonville coffee table from Serena and lily

Anything Important To Know Before Purchasing?

One thing to know about the Boonville is that it has an imperfect shape, but I think that adds to its beauty. The sides have the grooves of a tree trunk, and its’ surface has natural imperfections and small divets.

When I vacuum I usually run the top of the vacuum over the table to suck any dirt that has collected in the divets and small holes. If you’re looking for a smooth top, look at the Truro coffee table or some of the other Serena and Lily coffee tables below with smooth tops:

a close up of the Boonville coffee table
the boonville coffee table from Serena and lily

The Booneville can also be used as a side table in a living room. Pull it between two chairs with the longest side parallel to the chairs, and it will become the side table everyone asks about!

cocktails on a Serena and lily coffee table

See the Boonville here

Our Second Serena & Lily Coffee Table: The Atelier

I have been delighted with our choice of the Atelier coffee table we picked out a year ago to anchor our playroom sectional. With all the colors and textures (and mess) going on in a playroom, I wanted the coffee table to be a resting space for the eyes!

a playroom with the atelier coffee table

Atelier coffee table | square Atelier

The sleek modern look lends itself to many aesthetics; this table is chic enough to grow with our family as my kids age and our needs change!

Admittedly, it doesn’t see the same heavy action as our living room gets daily- but I’m not usually there supervising the action it does see, so it all balances out!

I don’t keep the Atelier styled with much more than the kids’ books and a tray underneath usually – the minimal design of the table lends itself to minimal decor, and that’s just more practical for a kids’ space.

Serena and lily atelier coffee table

(Tour our playroom here!)

The only thing my kids don’t do is color or draw on this table – and I wouldn’t recommend allowing this activity – but everything else is fair game. The finish is strong and doesn’t peel or chip, provided you’re not using harsh cleaners I suspect.

Nothing much has changed since we added it to our playroom a year ago- it still looks great! It’s a fabulous statement piece for the room, it doesn’t compete with all the busyness of the room.

There is a square Atelier option as well!

I am a big believer in investing in high quality but practical furniture that will grow with you through various life stages, and both of these tables hit that mark.

See the Atelier | See all of Serena & Lily’s Coffee Tables

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