The 15 Best Faux Garlands For The Holidays

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This is the story of the 15 best faux garlands for the holidays!

Last year we moved into our new home just before Thanksgiving. I bought a HUGE live fresh garland (from Costco!) to liven the house up, and wrapped it around our stairs.

stairs with a the best faux garland and Christmas ribbon tied to it

After the heat from the fireplace and the sunlight, it was dried up to a crisp 2 weeks later. I tried misting, but it was long gone and my floors were covered in needles. It was tossed just before Christmas. I swore would not be tempted by those fresh beauties, and only use the best faux garlands next year!

UPDATE: You can see my tutorial on how I made my faux “magazine worthy” garland here.

best faux garland with candles above fireplace

The 15 Best Faux Garlands For The Holidays

Tip: If you buy a faux garland that did not come prelit, wrap fairy lights (here) around the garland. Do this first, before you hang and add embellishments.

The Live But Preserved Garlands

Preserved is a compromise between fresh and faux, so I couldn’t write this post without at least mentioning these two first. Keep them away from your heaters and direct sunlight. Mist them down every few days. 

1.  Pottery Barn’s Olive Leaf & Myrtle Garland This is what I used around my stairs this year. It is fresh, and technically real, so it’s a nice compromise. It smells great! I just tied some ribbon around it to make it even more special. It will last up to a year!

the best faux garlands made of olive and myrtle

2.  Terrain’s Fresh Eucalyptus + Bay Leaf Farland This garland looks positively luxe.  At 10 ft. long, it’s absolutely stunning!

fresh and thick best faux garland

The Magnolia Garlands

Being from the South, I have a special place in my heart for magnolias! Pottery Barn does a faux magnolia garland really well.

3. PB Faux Magnolia Garland Although only 5ft, I REALLY like faux garland from Pottery Barn. Initially I was going to purchase this. I took too long making up my mind though, and they were sold out by the time I went to buy it! *Note: they restocked!

4. PB Faux Magnolia Leaf Garland This is an even thicker garland if you’re looking for something twice as lush. I’ve seen this in person and it is divine.

5. William Sonoma 12 Foot Long Magnolia Garland: The big daddy of magnolia garlands, this is possibly the most beautiful of all!

girl in dress on porch in front of the best faux garland

via Gal Meets Glam

See The 3 Best Magnolia Garlands Here:

The Classic, Most Lifelike Faux Garlands

 6. Terrain’s Faux Cedar Garland Sometimes classic is best- ya just can’t beat it! Lifelike, wintery feeling, with no frills or anything faux looking. This winter garland has been a best seller year after year – Anthropologie brings it back because the classic never goes out of style. 

 You can keep this simple… or totally magical and elaborate! Caitlin of The Picket Fence Projects used Terrain’s faux garland in a simple way:

faux garland on a mantle

Erin from Sunny Side Up Blog used multiples of this garland, seen below:

best faux garland on a mantel faux garland over a sink

Thats the way to get it done! How magical is this garland?? No wonder they bring it back every year.

7. McGee & Co Woodland Cedar and Pine Garland Last year McGee and Co began offering their lighted cedar garland that is classic and beautiful. Just the right amount of fullness AND it is prelit!

the best faux garland with a white stocking hanging

Shop these lifelike garlands here:

The Best Seller Amazon Garlands

best faux garland hung over red door

8. National Tree Company prelit Artificial Christmas Garland Almost 2k reviews on this classic red and green prelit garland off Amazon. At 9ft, this is enough to hang over a door, but they also can be plugged into each other so you could hang two together if you are going for extra (yes!) because they plug in to each other. 

9. Flocked Spurce Garland For indoor/outdoor use, with a battery option too. 

10. Minimalist Pine Garlandis thinner, and ideal for crafts or projects. I have seen this guy everywhere this year. Although I haven’t used it myself (yet), it has great reviews.

The  3 Best Sellers Off Wayfair

11. Magnolia and Pine Garland An immediate best selling garland just came out in 2019 and was seen all over “blog land”. Although pricer than some others, this garland is mixed with magnolia leaves, various shades of pine and pinecones for a realistic and full look. Battery operated makes it the perfect fit!

12. Frosted Berry Garland Thousands of positive reviews for this affordable under $50 option-  and ideal for your stairs. I’ll let the almost 700 reviews and the photos do the talking! 

13. Carolina Pine 100 Light Garland Battery operated, best selling and well loved garland. This one I have also seen for several years because it does so well. The price is reasonable for the value I think!

See Wayfair garlands here:

 The Eucalyptus Garland: Affordable + Splurge Worthy

14. Target’s Affordable Eucalyptus Garland This garland is affordable and a must because you can hang it year round. I have it shown above my fireplace (below). This one doesn’t scream holiday season so much; I put it up in the early fall left it through the holidays. Add pinecones if you want to give it a more realistic feel.

fireplace, mantel, and a faux garland

close up shot of the best faux garland

15. McGee & Co Seeded Dollar Eucalyptus This gorgeous seeded eucalyptus looks SO real – I was convinced it had to be real at first glance! But make note- despite its beauty, it’s only 5ft, so you might want to double up.

the best faux garland on the staircase

See these eucalyptus garlands:

Shop All The Faux Garlands In This Post:

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Photos of Garlands We Love

Sharing some stunning garlands with you as well. Faux and real, because the needles might be all over your floor, but its hard to beat the real thing and they are great inspiration!

a faux garland hanging asymmetrical

via Francois et Moi

best faux garland on staircase with ribbon

via View From My Heels

White House and white stairs with the best faux garland

via Bria Hammels

best faux garland over fireplace in Monika Hibbs home

oversized wreath on glass French doors

both are via Monika Hibbs

best faux mantle with big garland, little Christmas trees and a gold mirror

via JLGarvin

This looks like a combo of eucalyptus and a pine garland. You can totally recreate this using faux greenery!

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