The 23 Best Faux Garlands For Christmas 2023

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For years I decorated with the same tired garland- it was worn out and needed a refresh. Last year I went on a hunt to liven up my Christmas decorations with quality faux garlands! After sorting through all kinds, I settled on the most beautiful faux pine and cedar garland (scroll down to see it in my home).

Welcome to our (updated!) Best Garland Guide that unveils the 23 BEST faux garlands to adorn your space with holiday magic. We handpicked the most lush and lifelike garlands to make your home festive!

a pine garland for Christmas decorating a set of stairs
My real garland was beautiful – but it dried quickly, leaving my floors a mess of dead needles, and tossed before Christmas. I swore the next year I would invest in better faux garlands after this!

Your Guide to The 23 Best Artificial Garlands For Holiday Decorating

Artificial holiday garlands have come a long way- these days, they can be incredibly life like! If your faux garland isn’t prelit, wrap a few of these fairly lights around them first.

stairs with a the best faux garland and Christmas ribbon tied to it


Pine Garlands

1.Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland: Sold on Amazon here (where I purchased mine), and on Afloral website here. I ranked this first as this is my personal favorite artificial Christmas garland! If you are getting one garland, this is it.

See the garland below in my current home, and below again in my previous home. The branches fluff out nicely and are bendable to hide hooks etc.

garland hanging over fireplace
pine garland over a fireplace for Christmas
4 pine garlands layered

sources: | blue jars here and here | sconces | stocking | Frame TV

an artificial christmas garland over the stove
using just 1 garland

Also offered in a large 12 ft. garland seen below- could be used on a long staircase! My fireplace with the extra long Norfolk pine garland, and 1 cedar garland on top:

faux cedar garland

sources: Norfolk pine 5 ft. or 15 ft. Norfolk Pine | 1 Cedar garland | mercury bell garland in matte cream | brass bells

This pine garland sells out every year! Shop: on the Afloral website here, or on Amazon.

2. Real touch Spruce and Pine Garland: From the company who brought the most famous garland seen above; another option. This 48″ pine garland is thicker and mixed with various shades of faux pine and pinecones for a realistic and full look. The below photo has two.

a pine garland is the best artificial garland

3. National Tree Company Prelit Artificial Christmas Garland: Almost 9k reviews on this classic red and green prelit pine garland off Amazon. At 9ft, this is enough to hang over a door, but you could hang two together if you are going for extra (yes!).

a faux pine garland

4. Hearth & Hand’s Pine Garland: (currently out of stock – check back October 2023): If you want affordable and realistic this greenery is for you! Fluff two of them together and drop on your mantel.

a pine garland coming down the stairs

5. Wondershop 6 ft Pine Garland: This budget find made it to the best faux garlands list because is so affordable and looks great doubled up! Add pinecones and lights if you want to give it a more realistic feel.

6. Nine Feet of Lightly Frosted Garland: I love this brand you can buy off Amazon – we bought a Christmas tree from the same brand years ago that we still love and use! This made the best faux garlands list because it’s affordable and extra long – ideal for your stairs or entrance. I’ll let the photos and reviews do the talking! It’s plug in only.

best faux garland for porch

7. Nine Feet of Garland With 100 Lights: Best selling and well loved Christmas garland! This one I have seen for several years because it does so well. The price is reasonable for the value and it’s nine feet! Make note: it’s plug in only.

best artificial garland for porch

8. Battery Operated with Timer 9 Ft Pine Garland: If you aren’t interested in plug in, this is a battery operated and thick Christmas garland.

faux pine garland with battery and a timer

9. Snowy Flocked Garland: King of Christmas does flocking best, the it covers this pine garland. Not too messy and it stays on well. I’ve own 2 of their thickly flocked trees and I can say the same for that.

flocked garlands

Faux Cedar Garland

10. Terrain’s Faux Cedar Garland: Anthropologie (and Terrain) sell this faux cedar garland year round because it is so well loved. This can be used as a single strand, but I suggest at least two. I like to layer one on top of my Norfolk pine garland (see number one).

faux cedar garland over a sink
Sunny Side Up Blog
best faux cedar garland on a mantel
Sunny Side Up Blog
faux garland on a mantle
The Picket Fence Projects

11. Amazon’s 6 Ft Cedar Garland: This offers a lovely texture and color and just over 6 ft, I would layer this faux cedar garland on top of a Norfolk pine and consider it done!

a faux cedar garland spread out

12. Afloral Faux Cedar Garland: When fluffed out this faux cedar garland is a full 10″ wide! The most popular cedar garland from Afloral, this cedar is a perfect recreation of the real thing!

a faux cedar garland hanging over fireplace

13. Pottery Barn’s Faux Cedar Garland: This cedar garland is made to look like a genuine cedar branch, and offered in 6 ft or 9 ft.

faux cedar garland branch

14. McGee & Co Woodland Cedar and Pine Garland: Last year McGee and Co began offering their lighted cedar garland that is classic and beautiful. Just the right amount of fullness AND it is prelit.

a faux cedar garland hanging around front door

Various Mixed Greenery Garlands

15. Eucalyptus and Pine Garland: Currently on clearance so we’ll see if this is picked up in the fall of 2023. This pine garland has various evergreen and eucalyptus, plus loops at both ends for easy draping across a mantel.

pine garland

16. Faux Apple and Pine Christmas Garland: This is a unique piece made up of magnolia leaves, pine, fruit and apples, all faux so it lasts for years. This can be used as a beautiful table centerpiece, in addition to your mantel and the more obvious places.

a Christmas garland for a table centerpiece

Faux Magnolia Garlands

A magnolia is a must have in the south, but a classic piece loved by other parts of the country too. Below are some high priced and more affordable options.

17. Faux Magnolia Garland: A faux magnolia garland arranged by hand, 12 inches wide and 5 feet long. This is not a piece you buy and use once – the quality speaks to the price tag, as this is a premium piece that will last for years!

a faux garland for Christmas

18. Preserved Magnolia Garland: This piece is preserved, meaning it’s dried and will last a few years if stored properly in a box without moisture or excessive humidity. This uses green and brown magnolia leaves, providing a multilayered festive backdrop. Previously, this magnolia garland was offered in 12 feet (seen below) but is now only offered in the 6 feet.

girl in dress on porch in front of faux Christmas Garland
The 12 ft. magnolia garland (only carried I the 6 ft. currently), picture via Gal Meets Glam

19. Arhaus 15 inch Wide Magnolia Garland: Another premium option, this is stunning in real life. Full and lush, with a few flowers through out, Arhaus is known for it’s premium items; the quality on this piece matches the price tag.

magnolia garland

20. Mixed Magnolia Garland: A more affordable but still good quality garland! This is 6 feet long and 10 inches wide, mixed with berries to give a Christmas garland feel. Fluff each individual leaf out when it arrives for the full feel below:

magnolia garland over fireplace

21. Affordable Magnolia Garland: This is much more budget friendly which will give you the same look without the price. Many happy reviews!

faux magnolia garland

Dried, Preserved Faux Garlands

Preserved is a compromise between real and artificial garlands, so I couldn’t write this post without mentioning them. Keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Mist them down weekly. They can last for a few holidays!

22. Pottery Barn’s Olive Leaf: This is what I used down my table this year. It is fresh, and technically real, so it’s a nice compromise. It smells great! You can tie some ribbon around it to make it even more special. It will last up to a year!

a Christmas garland

23. Ballard’s Preserved Garland: A well done boxwood garland is so chic! Boxwood is classy and loved for years – you can’t go wrong! If you found cheaper garlands too thin, you will like this one from Ballard. At 65″ long and extra full, it’s absolutely stunning.

a christmas garland draped on a fireplace

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

You can see my tutorial on how I made my faux “magazine worthy” garland right here!

best faux garland with candles above fireplace

Photos of Christmas Garlands To Inspire You

Sharing some stunning holiday inspired garlands with you here! Faux and real, because they are all a great inspiration for your Christmas garland.

a faux garland hanging asymmetrical

via Francois et Moi

This one is real and gorgeous. A little pine, and some cedar garland make for a statement piece!

best faux garland on staircase with ribbon

via View From My Heels

This looks to be possibly a few thick faux cedar garlands combined!

White House and white stairs with the best faux garland

via Bria Hammels

best faux garland over fireplace in Monika Hibbs home
oversized wreath on glass French doors

both are via Monika Hibbs

a white brick fireplace with a cedar garland decorated with other Christmas garlands

This looks like a combo of eucalyptus and a pine garland, via JLGarvin. You can recreate this using faux greenery.

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