Stylist’s Secrets For A Cozy Bed With Fluffy Bedding

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Why do magazines images have snuggly cozy beds with full and fluffy bedding inviting you in, while at home the bed sometimes looks… flat? Furniture stores know exactly how to make a cozy bed to make people want to buy their bedroom sets- so why can’t we? I am sharing where I found my white fluffy bedding and how to give your bed more snuggly appeal.

5 things I Do To Get A Cozy Bed and Fluffy Bedding

There are little tricks you can use, tricks that sales people, designers, or stylists use. I’m going to walk you through a few things I’ve picked up along the way.a canopy bed with cozy bedding

How to Use Fluffy Bedding To Make A Cozy Bed 

Let me drop this by saying the BIGGEST factors that will get you on your way to a snuggly cozy bed are

  • It’s all about the LAYERS! Using multiple layers of bedding – each with a different texture.
  • It’s also about the quality of the inserts and layering more than 1 inside. Go big or go home!

I talk more about this below. 

Maybe I will get all 3 photos printed out and in those frames one day. For now, this is how we are rolling and I’m considering two out of three a win! a cozy white bed with different layers of fluffy bedding

White textured euro is indoor/outdoorgray knit throw blanket (from Target!)

I linked our bedding throughout the post, or scroll down more for a bulleted list.

1. The Fluffy Factor For Cozy Bedding: Layering Two Thick and Plush Duvet Inserts Inside 

My favorite trick out of all of these is the duvet that adds the “Ima’ need to jump into that bed” appeal. This is where all the cozy bed elements come from and the fluffy white bedding!

For the insert, you will want to walk a fine line between nice and full, but too much warmth. The key to this is to make sure it is breathable- but large.

Tip:   If your duvet feels flat, use two inserts! Yes, I am giving you permission to do that. It’s okay! You can put TWO lightweight inserts inside a duvet.

This little trick is one I’ve seen stylists use on magazine shoots. Isn’t that clever? This will give you the world’s fluffiest, cozy bedding- so make sure they are both a bit lightweight!

OR, If you have a queen bed, fill your duvet cover with a king sized duvet insert for maximum fill!

Inserts don’t have to be brand new. I have down inserts I have owned for years. But if you’re in the market, I have TWO solid recommendations for you. This insert is our current insert (the reviews say it all!) and it is affordable! It’s just the right temperature and won’t make you sweat. One is not quite enough though- I have two and put them both inside the duvet and it looks amazing. We don’t feel sweaty sleeping under it – just snug.

One of the best things about the seasons changing into the cold months is pulling out our winter bedding! Don’t you agree? After months of endless heat, I am looking forward to a little chill.

For the winter months, we use this down and feather insert which is very fluffy, thick, and warmer.

2. Folding the Duvet Cover to Make It Look Cozy

Fold the duvet into two halves or thirds, fluff it all up nice and big, and place at the bottom of the bed but on top of your blanket. I like to let the blanket peek out on both sides of the duvet so you can see the layers.

This is our affordable white duvet cover we own – (from Target!). It is mostly cotton but a little spandex too – but it looks a little like linen to me. We have an actual linen duvet cover one (a darker gray duvet cover) from Pottery Barn, and I actually love both equally! I love the texture on the Target duvet cover, and the price is right if you are budget it minded! It looks a little like linen to me, don’t you think?

white fluffy bedding and a grey blanket on a cozy bed

Our darker gray Belgian Linen duvet cover just feels lux! Of course linen wrinkle, but that is part of their charm. Linen is great at that beautiful without trying hard look.)

3. Use A Textured Blanket 

This is about TEXTURE, not thickness. Even though you are going for fluffy bedding, it’s not necessary to invest in too hot of a blanket unless you live in a cold climate. You will have the duvet for warmth. 

First put your flat sheet on upside down, and then fold it over itself a few inches at the top of the bed so that pattern peeks out! Pull the blanket all the way up just to the top of the sheet so you can see it peek out.

a cozy bed with 3 pillows and fluffy bedding

Look for a woven weave or puckered, textured blanket. The blanket is about creating texture and another layer of coziness.

This is the luxurious blanket we have on our bed, and I cannot say enough good things about it. It is linen on one side, cotton on the other. Ugh, it is so so pretty! It is a splurge-  but it is gorgeous and honestly, it is my favorite piece of bedding! Hands down. I take pretty good care of it because we want to have it for a long time.

If you are looking for a more reasonably priced blanket, I have this blanket for our guests, which is great for those who sleep hot (it has great reviews!).

4. Use Larger Pillow Inserts – and Always Down/Feather Filled –  Than The Pillow Covers Themselves

Buy high quality inserts – no cotton or polyester fill please, please, please! A home decor group I am part of recommended these amazingly affordable option for inserts here and they live up to their reviews. Nice and perky. I want my pillows to be fat and perky- no floppy or weak pillows here. 

I use these down inserts in some of my decorative pillows – they are pricier than the other one I mentioned, but the fullest and heaviest I have found. 

Our 26″ white euro pillow covers I just stuffed with a 26″ pillow insert – but for our 24″ decorative pillow with the tassels I stuffed a 26″ insert inside- you can see how perky it is!

Stick to pillows 22″ size and larger. Anything smaller looks a little dinky!

The pillow covers you use are not as important as the inserts.  If the insert is high quality, just about any pillow cover will look good. 

5. If You’re A Hot Sleeper – Use A Cooling Mattress Topper

I am a hot sleeper and yes this makes me a horrible person. I hate to be breathed on or have anyone too close to me while I’m sleeping. I know, obviously, my husband loves this side of me!

If this is you, grab a mattress topper. These are not expensive and fit just like sheets over your bed. This is mine we found on Amazon. 

A “cooling” mattress topper does just that: keeps your body at room temperature, and whisks sweat away from your body instead of holding it in. This is important if you are layering your bed with blankets to be cozy.

a cozy canopy bed with white fluffy bedding

6. Extra Credit For an Extra Cozy Bed: Pop A Throw On the End 

If you still feel like your bed needs something, casually drape an extra chunky or knit throw on the end of your bed.

cozy bed with chunky blanket on the end

All you OCD friends- just lay it across the end of the bed casually, making it look like you spent zero effort at all making it look casual. Ha! A chunky knit in the winter months, or a woven knit blanket in the summer adds one more layer of texture.

Our Fluffy Bedding Breakdown

Our Pillows:

But How Many Pillows Do I Need For A Cozy Bed? 

Let’s be honest – they all end up on the floor at night! We like our two sleeping pillows in the back on either side (4 in total), followed by 3 Euros (we have these basic crisp white ones off Amazon), and then 2 colorful pillows in front. 

You could easily have 5 and still achieve the “full cozy bed” look (two sleeping pillows, two Euros, and a lumbar is a nice combo). For a queen-sized bed, five or so is sufficient. 


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