Sherwin Williams Extra White & Ice Cube In My Home

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Sherwin Williams extra white … Sherwin Williams Ice Cube  … white trim

Living Room painted sherwin williams extra white

These are a few of the MOST searched for topics on my blog. Always paint colors! I am a big Sherwin Williams Extra White fan, and of their paints in general! They have some great whites and light gray paints.

Today I am giving you a quick tour around my home, talking about which paint colors we picked out for each space. We painted our home using a series of grays (Ice Cube) and whites (Extra White). A LOT of Extra White! In my opinion that is the best Sherwin Williams white to use for a clear, true white.

My goal for my home was always to create a light and bright space. We already were starting with a lot of natural light!

Our last home, although lovely, was dark. Dark floors, big trees outside blocking the sun, etc. In our new home, I was counting on lots of windows, southern exposures, and the right paints to create a light-filled home.

Sherwin Williams Extra White

I have been committed to using almost all SW paints for years. Although I know there are other great paint brands out there and I use a few of them here and there, I just got comfortable – I am familiar with their paints, and I love the coverage.

When it comes to the best Sherwin Williams White, Extra White is my go-to. It is just that – WHITE! If you are looking for a cream, this is not it. You don’t want to paint your home looking for a crisp white only to realize afterward it’s slightly yellow! (I’m looking at you… Navajo White!)

Three Things To Keep In Mind About SW Extra White

  • Extra White is a crisp, clean white, and slightly on the cool side
  • No creamy undertones
  • In a North facing room with very low natural light or warm tones to reflect off of the paint, it could be stark.

Our house has a lot of windows on the south side. Because of this Southern exposure and our warm hardwoods, our home gets a lot of warm light bouncing around. I wasn’t worried about the walls looking too cold.

Sherwin Williams Extra White Exterior

I knew I was using a Sherwin Williams white on our exterior and it didn’t take it long to narrow it down. For the siding, brick AND the trim we went with – no surprise – Sherwin Williams Extra White.

I was concerned initially before we had it painted that it would be “too bright” or blinding in the sun. But it is lovely and the best part is it always looks clean, not dingy. We get a ton of pollen in North Carolina so we do power wash it in the spring. It is probably only necessary every two or three years.

house outside, painted with Sherwin Williams extra white 

Here is Extra White under a mountain of snow. Is anything whiter than a fresh snowfall? The siding and brick look just like the snow.

house in the snow painted with Sherwin Williams extra white

Other Exterior Choices:

We painted the shutters Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray. The roof is a light silver gray- the shingles are made by Certainteed and the color is their “Silver Birch”. I wouldn’t have picked this light of a shingle if we had trees hanging above our house because they can stain.  I felt confident this light shade on our roof will look good for years to come. A light roof color actually keeps the house cooler because the color is slightly more energy efficient than say, stark black shingles.

Outside of a modern farmhouse painted Sherwin Williams Extra White

Sherwin Williams White Trim Paint

There is nothing wrong with painting interior walls, ceilings and trim all the same color, and we did some of that in our home. I like a crisp white on the ceiling if the walls are clean white too! Just use different sheens on the trim of course, to differentiate.

All our ceilings are Sherwin Williams Extra White in flat. All the shiplap, board and batten and the trim work around our home is Extra White in oil based paint with a glossy sheen.

Our living room is made up of shiplap and trim, painted extra white. Because this is oil based paint, it wipes down decently with a wet rag. I won’t say it wipes down clean every time, but it does a great job compared to regular latex paint.

Elbow grease and worst case the magic eraser take everything off. Remember, I have 4 kids, so there is a lot of this. 🙂

sherwin williams extra white paint on the shiplap and trim and walls


boy walking downstairs

Lamp | Basket

All those photos show the extra white in my home on the trim and shiplap, and ceilings in various sheens. We have been very please with it! now let’s talk about the trim specifically and a common problem.

Sherwin Williams White Trim Paint

kitchen with Sherwin Williams white trim paint

Stools (on sale now!) | Light Pendants

(Tour Our Kitchen here!)

A common problem people run into with white kitchens is making sure all the whites are similar shades of whites. The counters, cabinetry, backsplash and trim are usually the culprits. If one surface is warmer than the rest, it could end up looking dingy.  Do your research before you spend thousands on a warm white countertop against bright white cabinetry!

Our cabinets came from the manufacturer a slightly warm white. On its own, it appears a crisp white! When put next to a clean white like Sherwin Williams Extra White, there is a difference. It is not too noticeable in real life, but I catch it in photos.

You can see the difference between our Sherwin Williams white trim, and the factory white cabinets here.

(Read about our white oak hardwood floor stain colors here!)

I was faced with a decision to make. On the one hand, I could paint the trim just in the kitchen to match the cabinetry. That would solve the problem right in this room, but we have an open floorplan so where the trim hits the trim in our living room it would be obvious that it does not match.

On the other hand, I could spray the cabinets all to match the trim. What an added expense, and of course this would add the additional headache of the paint scratching over time.

I made the choice to do nothing. I kept the trim Extra White so that it didn’t have a different look from the rest of the home. Of course, that means it doesn’t match the cabinetry exactly.

If you are inspecting carefully or someone that notices little things like that, you can see it is just a slightly different shade of white. I still am not convinced this was the best decision, but I don’t know that I could live with trim in the kitchen that didn’t match the trim elsewhere in the home!

(The kitchen island is Sherwin Williams Krypton- it might look gray in some pictures but it is a true blue with undertones of gray. Read all about our decision to paint the island krypton (and eventually pantry door!) here.)

More Sherwin Williams white trim paint in our home… 

Sherwin Williams white trim paint

Shop The Room: Rug | White Console Table  | white chairs

In our dining room and master bedroom the board and batten trim work is Extra White by Sherwin Williams in an oil based paint.

Our guest bath uses Extra White on the shiplap and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy on the vanity. If you like this combo you have to take a peek at my post about how I painted our bathroom cabinets Hale Navy here:

bathroom with painted hale navy vanity

Sherwin Williams Extra White On Drywall

My son Robbie’s room is Extra White on the drywall in a flat. See why I love this shade of white? Clean, fresh.

boys bedroom painted sherwin Williams extra white

See His: Rug | Stools | Flag Art

Tour his room here!

Sherwin Williams Ice Cube

In our bedroom, the drywall above the board and batten is Sherwin Williams Ice Cube. We use flat paint on our drywall. Here, with all that beautiful light pouring in, that tricky Ice Cube looks white sometimes, and gray blue during other times of the day.

bedroom painted Sherwin Williams ice cube

Our master bathroom is also Ice Cube but looks much more gray. We plan to add shiplap and tile to the walls, but this project is on the back burner while we take care of other details.

bathroom painted sherwin Williams ice cube

Handles | Mirrors | Sconces

Sherwin Williams Ice Cube In Our Entry

The only drywall downstairs is in our entry.  We have trim that comes up 5ft or so, painted Sherwin Williams Extra White in a glossy. The drywall is Sherwin Williams Ice Cube in flat. It looks like a very light gray next to that crisp white trim. This room gets a ton of natural light and the paint colors look their best!

An entry way paint sherwin Williams ice cube

Tour our entry and dining room

This picture is accurate of how crisp and clean the Extra White trim looks. The Ice Cube looks nice and gray if you were standing here in the room.

Extra White & Ice Cube In The Kids’ Bedrooms:

bedroom painted Sherwin Williams Extra White and Valspar sweet pastel

The girls’ shared room is Valspar Sweet Pastel in eggshell  on the bottom two-thirds of the wall. These crazy girls definitely mark up their walls which was the only reason I didn’t do a flat. That is Sherwin Williams Extra White in a flat on the top third of the wall. 

And now Ice Cube is showing its’ undertones again, in Leo’s coastal room. We used SW Ice Cube on the bottom and Extra White on top, both in a flat. His room does face north- so Ice Cube reads very bluish gray. 

The color is great in his room- perfect, don’t get me wrong. But almost unbelievable that it’s the same Sherwin Williams Ice Cube color as the walls in our master bedroom. He has two windows so it’s not quite a dark room, but it only gets northern light. 

Alabastor Color For North Facing Rooms

What’s The Best Sherwin Williams Colors For North Facing Rooms?

Most rooms that face north will already have a bluish sort of hue on the wall. Any paint with a blue or cool undertone will be made worse (I’m looking at you Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray!).

This is why Leo’s room is cooler than my room even with the same color of Ice Cube! Try warm whites, creams, or a warm gray like Agreeable Gray, or Accessible Beige. If you must do blue, try a warm blue. (Benjamin Moore has some great warm paints that aren’t too warm for those rooms that face north.)

Alabaster is an off-white paint color that looks white on its own. Never cold or stark, this white has neutral beige undertones that come out especially in cool toned rooms. This makes Sherwin Williams Alabaster my ideal white paint color for a northern room! 

Make sure to bring warm colors into the room with the furniture – like brass and wood tones – to help even more.

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