24 Stunning Brass Flush Mount Lights

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Looking for the perfect brass flush mount light was something I spent wayyyy too long on when designing our home. And after I picked everything out – I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decisions, so I scrapped everything and started over from the beginning!

After overthinking the entire thing, not to mention looking at every light ever created, I went with my original picks and I’ve never had any regrets.

Can anyone else relate to staying awake at night over little details like this??

Finding A Brass Flush Mount Light That Works

I collected 12 stunning high end flush mounts. These choices are totally lux and sure to be the crown jewel of a room. Then I rounded up 12 affordable but just as beautiful flush mount lights in the $50 – $200 range here. All of these are brass.All of these options are my light I adore, leaving out any lights I felt were just okay. Have confidence that you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Just because it is a flush mount doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement!

But First – What Is flush Mount?

When we were renovating our previous house with it’s 8 foot ceilings, I suddenly realized those stunning chandeliers I originally envisioned wouldn’t work on our lower ceiling heights. 

Flush mount and semi – flush mount is a style of lighting with a lower profile fixture for rooms, typically used with lower ceilings. They are called flush mounts because they are mounted flush with the ceiling. Flush mounts typically have a depth of about 4-8 inches, so if your ceiling height is 8 ft, you will need these in most spaces. 

Semi – flush mount lights hang a little lower, often times with a short extension so the light mimics chandeliers or pendants, but they do not hang quite as low. We currently have semi – flush mounts in the hall on our 9 ft ceilings!

These do not have to just be used with lower ceilings though- they can be used anywhere and I love the versatility!

Affordable Brass Flush Mount Light Round Up

If you don’t want to spend a lot (and when you hear the word flush mount, who really wants to spend a lot there?) you can get into trouble. Beware – you can find an ugly $20 brass flush mount light from the big box stores easily. They might be cheap but they look boring… and dare I say… depressing? Don’t fall for the low price tag trap and ruin an opportunity to elevate the space you are working so hard on!

Each option has a + box next to it. Click the + to be taken right to the source. Or, scroll below to click on the link.

1. Custom Tapered Metal Hood | 2. Custom Mercury Glass Globe | 3. Yearwood Globe | 4. Cedar & Moss 6″ Semi Flush | 5. Bell White Flush Mount Light | 6. Metal Ring 


7.  Linen Drum Shade With Brass | 8. 3 Light Bulb Flush | 9. Sculptural Glass Geo Flushmount | 10. Schoolhouse Newbury 6″ | 11. Brass and Glass Semi |

12. 3 Light Bulb Drum

Thankfully, some retailers are paying attention and offering beautiful brass flush mounts at affordable prices too. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get something nice, as you can see from the picks above.  All of these options in my affordable round up come in priced under $200!

High End Brass Flush Mount Lights

For those who want to spend on the other end of the spectrum, the choices are endless. But some you will see all over Pinterest, used again and again in high end homes. These lights are classic and timlesss.

Remember – the right brass flush mount light can take a room from pretty to spectacular! Take a peek at this luxury brass flush mount lighting.

Each option has a + next to the image: click the + to be taken right to the source. Or, scroll below to click on the link.

1. Hillam Small Universal Crystal Globe | 2. Dot 13″ Flush Mount | 3. Concial Drum Semi-Flush Mount  | 4. Crosby Flush Mount (personal fav and there are two sizes!) | 5.  Sophia Small Star (also comes in two sizes) | 6. Cristol Large Triple Flushmount (A great choice if you need an extra bright light)

7. Basil Flushmount Alexa Hampton (an old favorite) | 8. Breton Flush Mount (seen in SO many stunning homes, used by designers everywhere) | 9. Jacqueline Beaded Flush Chandelier | 10. Capiz Flushmount (love this one in a bedroom or a closet reno!) | 11. Cedar & Moss Conifer | 12. Jane Semi Flush Mount (darling in a girl’s room. If only my girls didn’t insist on a fan!)

If using any of these lights in a hallway or small room, the flush mount alone should be enough light. But when using these in a bedroom or a bigger room, plan on using a few table lamps as well. I like to use several sources of lighting for the best effect in a room anyways.

pantry with visual comfort basil brass flush mount light

Via: @cookdesignhouse

Shop these flush mounts here: Basil Flushmount Alexa Hampton

girls room with Jane semi brass flush mount light with scallop edge

via: Bria Hemmel Interiors

Shop this flush mount seen here: Jane Semi Flush Mount

breton flush mount light in a playroom

Via: Studio Mcgee

Shop This Flush Mount Seen Here: Breton Flush Mount 

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