The 12 Best White Round Dining Tables

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Updated: January 3rd, 2022

A round white dining table is a look that never gets old! Airy and classic – a white table can mix with a myriad of styles and tastes. Our family was looking for a round dining table for 6, which could also fit 8 comfortably.

A Round White Dining Table

Today we are rounding up aesthetically pleasing white round dining tables all in one blog post! We looked for a round dining table for six that can withstand daily use. Is that too much to ask? (We are using washable placemats regularly now that our table is white, and that makes a big difference.)

The Best White Round Dining Tables For Six Or More

Here are 12 of the most stylish white round dining tables for your kitchen.

These cover just about everyone budget-wise. Some tables have a marble top, and one has faux marble, and many are wood.

white round dining tables round up for Pinterest and google

one | two | three (offered in 48″ or 60″)

four | five | six

seven | eight | nine

ten | eleven | twelve *no longer sold

1.Poppy Expandable Dining Table I love this adorable stylish table! Modern but not too extreme. The perfect happy breakfast table.

cute breakfast table with dark chairs

2. Antique Wood Pedestal Table. The cutest little stylish table It is sold at a great price point right under $500.

affordable round table

3. Downing Table A super versatile piece, this comes in 48″ width, or a 60″ width. I bought this table for our family because it’s a classic piece.

downing table round dining table
white round dining table with bench

4. Thornhill Round Dining Table Stunning. This table would look good anywhere. I love the stone top paired with seagrass! Casual notes with sophistication. A beautiful high end table.

5. Faux Marble Round Kitchen Table The classic modern white table – with a twist of FAUX marble! Look how pretty in the beautiful kitchen of @Palmanndprep (her blog). Ummm gorgeous! This table actually has a few sizes on Amazon.

Shop 48″ size | Shop 60″ size

white kitchen table in a nook with big windows

6. Reign Marble Dining Table. Large or small. Why are marble, gold and black so good together? That top combined with the pretty black pedestal!

a dining table with a modern marble top

7. Chapman Marble Pedestal Table. Ahhh, a larger version of number 6 for you. I have all the heart eyes for this beauty! This is a favorite of mine!

If you have black accents in your home already – this table will be a show stopper!

marble round white dining table

8. Tegan High Gloss Lacquer. Budget minded, this one is affordable and cute too! This table comes in under $500. I love the glossy top.

9. The Southhampton Table. This chic table from Serena and Lily is classic in every way. It looks amazing with rattan but it doesn’t scream beach house with different chairs. Pair it with white, woven or wood chairs – it’s a stylish 48″ chic table.


10. Gold and Marble Tulip Round Dining Table A pop of brass on a smaller table with marble, an ideal table to sit in a nook. So luxurious!

white round table used as a desk

Via @hauteofftherack who used this table as her desk

11.Aniston Extension Round Table If you are looking for something a little more modern than your traditional pedestal table, but you don’t want to veer too extreme, the Aniston is for you. I love the clean pedestal shape. Above all, the extension is a bonus for bigger families!

white modern round table with extension

12. Liv Round Marble Table *no longer sold

This airy classic modern shape gets an upgrade with a marble top.

small white round dining table

Our Round Dining Table For Eight

When we were considering a white dining table, I had one in mind from the beginning for our family. I loved it because it wasn’t too farmhouse, too modern, too casual…. after spending quite a bit of time on google, I was convinced it was the one for us and bit the bullet.

We went with the Downing table. I love, love this table. This is set up perfectly to fit our family of six.

white oval dining table in a kitchen

This table comes in two different round sizes!

So far, the top is looking great and like it will withstand abuse from our kids.

Update: We have been eating on it for just over a year at this point and it looks great! I shared a 1 year update on our Downing Table, with a review here.

white round dining table called the downing table with bistro chairs in a kitchen

What is the Best Round Dining Table to Buy?

The best round dining table is one that fits your lifestyle and all the members of your household. To figure out the shape of your the two main factors that should determine the shape of your dining room table should be the shape and size of your dining room or dining area and the number of people you usually seat around your dining table.

What size round dining table do I need?

You will want to give yourself at least two but ideally three feet of space between the walls and the chairs when pulled out. This way, nothing feels or looks like a tight squeeze, and you are able to walk comfortably behind chairs too.

To figure out the maximum size of your dining table, measure the dimensions of the room or breakfast nook and then subtract by five feet. That’s the maximum ideal table size! If you don’t entertain much, account for your household plus two extra seats. 

Pottery Barn recommends this guideline:

  • To seat four to six people, choose a round dining table with a diameter between 40 inches and 60 inches
  • For eight people, consider oval dining tables, round tables with leaves, or round tables over 60 inches

What Material is Best for Your Table?

Our table has to withstand constant wipe-downs, spilled cereal, tomato sauce, etc. If you are in the same stage with the little ones, you need a table with a strong finish. Think of your dining table as an investment; you want it to grow with your family! 

  • Wood is ideal for frequent use.
  • Synthetic or laminate is not as strong, but more affordable.
  • Marble has a high cost and needs more care, but it is stunning and lux. Try a faux marble top if you have little ones!
  • Metal is easy to clean. They are modern so take care they don’t make your space feel cold.

What style of Dining Table is Best?

White round tables aren’t just for coastal or beachy styles, so pay attention to the legs. They can lean mid-century (hairpin legs or straight), farmhouse (trestle legs), contemporary (tulip base), traditional (pedestal), etc.

Are Round Dining Room Tables Popular in 2023?

Round dining tables haven’t ever gone out of style! But as home design trends lean slightly more towards balance and simplicity, the kitchen table and a dining area that is not the kitchen island will be trending in. Community is more important than ever, and a round table accomplishes just that.

Benefits of Round Dining Tables

There’s more good news – the beauty of a round table is it’s easier to squeeze extra seats in with no sharp corners. Has an extra guest stopped over? They can squeeze right in!

Good Flow for the Space

The dining table is the center of the family activity or the household hub.  So much life happens around the kitchen table. The round shape is a great flow for a kitchen nook or a corner, as opposed to hard angles. A round table makes the best use of space in a crowded spot!  And as long as there is enough room between the chairs and the wall, a round dining table is the most welcoming shape.

Fosters Better Connection

A table with a circular shape is more inviting for conversation than rectangular one, meaning while eating, nobody gets left out, and everyone has equal seating. Community, connection, feeling a part of the conversation – this is the purpose of sharing a meal, whether this is accomplished with two people or a large group!

Great for Small Spaces

If you’re working with a small kitchenette, an apartment, or a galley kitchen, you can squeeze a round table for 2 into the corner. Or butt the table up against a window where two seats can face out. This makes for a cozy and intimate dining space.

The only small space I wouldn’t recommend a circular table for is a long narrow dining space. The angles of the room make it best suited for a narrow table.


White Round Kitchen Table Inspiration

white sound dining table in a nook with big windows
white round dining table in a kitchen nook with rattan

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen nooks using white round dining tables. Enjoy! 
This pretty kitchen nook with the faux marble table is number 5 off my list – comes in a larger size too – and belongs to @Palmanndprep

Gorgeous kitchen from Jane At Home! I love simple eucalyptus on the table, don’t you? In addition, those bistro chairs (in Fog) under that basket light fixture make the perfect duo! This little nook looks casual but upscale all at the same time.

white table with bistro chairs in a kitchen

Lovely blue and white nook from Lemon Stripes. Bistro chairs for her in blue.

round white dining table at a bench in kitchen

Lilypad Cottage has a little white round dining table. In addition, it looks great at that built in bench!

breakfast nook with white round dining table

Lovely. Thanks House Beautiful for this inspo. Now that we have a round table, we will stick with this shape for our family.

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  1. GM – I have a tablecloth sizing question. The round table measures 42 x 57 with the leaf in it, which now makes it look oval in size. What shape table cloth should I purchase + in what size ? The leaf will remain intact permanently. I really would appreciate receiving your advice. Many thanks in advance.


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