Sherwin Williams Misty: Why We Love It

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Today I am highlighting Sherwin Williams Misty – one of the more popular light blue gray paint colors. I am using it in my own home because after carefully considering a few other shades – Misty is a clear winner.

Lots of us tend to gravitate towards blues – but it can be so tricky to get it right! And the lighter the blue, the more sneaky undertones come out.

I recommend buying a fan deck from your favorite paint brand to make sure you get things right, and don’t wast time going back and forth to the paint store for endless paint cards.

a paint card showing Sherwin Williams misty, blue gray paint

Sherwin-Williams Misty, SW 6232 222-C1

Sherwin Williams Misty (SW 6232) is a light blue paint color with a soft undertone of gray mixed in it. It’s considered a neutral light blue shade that leans towards the cool side, but blends well with warm elements in the room.

Misty sits at the top of the paint card, just two shades above Uncertain Gray. When compared to it’s cousin Uncertain Gray, Misty appears softer, a touch more feminine and lighter.

We are familiar with Uncertain Gray and love this darker shade – we painted our front doors and shutters this color.

Below you can see Uncertain Gray is a more saturated version of Misty, with the gray more pronounced. You can see and read more about Uncertain Gray in our home here.

the outside of a house painted white and uncertain gray

When Misty is used inside, it’s a true light blue shade that fits in with natural elements in a room – think of it as a soothing, subtle blue. Misty pairs well with rattan, jute, and wood.

misty by Sherwin Williams in the kitchen


You can actually even think of Misty as almost a natural color, because it has just enough gray in it to blend with so many other color families. The slight hint of charcoal makes Misty less baby blue, less in your face light blue. Generally speaking, you want a gray undertone in your blue paints. It adds a level of sophistication to your space.

Misty leans cool, so try blending it with brass or the warmth of wood and you’ll love how the warmth balances out. We are using it with cool grays and a warm brass in our bathroom.

a door painted Sherwin Williams misty


If you’re looking for a tranquil color, Misty is that. After it is on your walls it’s not going to turn violet, or mint, like some other blues.

Which Direction The Room Faces Will Change How Misty Appears

Unless your room has no windows, natural light and exposure is going to mess with every shade of paint!

  • In rooms that face North, you have a lot of gray light already, with a bluish cast. The Northern light is a cold witch, making everything a touch sterile! Misty will look cool, almost chilly, and very gray. Make sure to pair it with some warm colors.
  • In rooms that face East, you have a good soft light – and cool paints like Misty will look especially good in the morning sunlight. In the late afternoon these rooms are almost like North facing rooms, as the sun is all but gone.
  • In rooms that face South, Misty will look warmer and lighter all day. The sunlight that comes in has a yellow cast (especially in Southern areas of the world). Misty could appear more washed out if the sun is especially bright, but in general Misty is a reliable combination with that warmer light.
  • In rooms that face West, paint colors like to party at night! Misty might look a touch cool in the morning, but will appear lighter and brighter as the day goes on. The coolness of the morning will disappear by noon and even more so with the afternoon warm sunlight. And by sunset, Misty will be its lightest.
Sherwin Williams misty in a bathroom


Sherwin Williams Misty On Exteriors

Proceed with caution using Misty on the exterior. For a beach or coastal home, Misty is an easy choice, because it will look tropical with the warm sunlight.

misty on an exterior


In other areas think carefully over what kind of light you receive, as it could look washed out in the sun.

Facing North, it will appear a light gray color.

Remember, exterior paints receive a different shade in the harsh, bright light cast by the sun. Outside, every paint color appears lighter, less saturated.

misty on the exterior of the house


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