Serena & Lily Fall Sale: Fav Items Around My Home

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Exciting news – the Serena & Lily site wide fall sale is happening this week with their big Sale Event, with everything 20% off! Use the code NEWSEASON.

I am sharing what we own in just about every room. We recently moved to a new home we are renovating (I’m documenting all of those fun projects on IG stories!) but we brought almost all of our Serena & Lily furniture with us.

Serena & Lily Sale Furniture Around Our Home

Shop The Fall Sale Here!

The Hillsborough Rug In My Office

home office wallpaper with a desk and 2 big lights
You can really see the colors well in the Hillsborough Rug here. A beautiful, flat weave rug, this is made of performance fabric and has held up beautifully in the last 5 months. We don’t have high traffic in this room – but the dog and I are in here daily and the weave does not catch on his nails. I love it with our slipcovered desk chair, also a Serena and Lily find.

This rug would make a beautiful bedroom rug!

It also pairs well with the 5×7 Jute Border Rug in the denim our foyer – you can see the two rugs together at the same time, and the pattern plays well with the solid border!

Serena and lily jute stripe rug in a foyer

Jute Rug | Green Stripe Pillow | Smaller Green Stripe Pillow (amazon!) | solid white pillow

S&L Items In Our Kitchen

Serena and lily sale items in a kitchen

Riviera Stools

The stools are part of the Serena & Lily sale. We’ve been very happy with our Riviera stools. You can see a quick video of how I clean them on this post! Ask any parent with these stools and they will rave about how great they are with kids.

I had a parent mention on my Facebook group that they actually power wash the seats (on gentle!).

The legs are rattan and have natural imperfections in the wood as rattan does; as a mom of 4 rowdy kids I am all for minor imperfections that blend in.

cheeseboard from Serena lily

Our large white serving board is functional and works as kitchen decor – we bought this over the holidays. I love displaying it as much as I love using it (hello booze + cheese spreads!).

Other items: Lights | Clear Canisters | Clock | Blue Bowl

riviera chair at a kitchen desk from the Serena and lily sale

We use our Riviera arm chair as a desk chair! Family friendly, comfortable for sitting and beautiful to look at.

Our Bedroom


All On Sale:

La Jolla Basket (our hamper) | Night table | Lamp | Rug | Bench | Lumbar Pillow | Linen Puckered Quilt | Similar Bed (mine is PB + discontinued)

Shore Bench

We have owned the Shore Bench for about 3 years now!

shore bench

After all this time it is still in the same new condition. Although it’s really a place to pile up our laundry and for the kids to use as a step stool to our bed – it sure looks great holding our laundry if ya know what I mean.

This summer I moved the bench into our office to a little corner nook, and updated the cushion from the gray to the linen stripe to go with the room.

a shore bench from the Serena and lily sale

Shore Bench | pinstripe bench cushion | blue rug | blue and white pillow | solid pillow

Driftway Dresser

driftway dresser from Serena and lily sale

Driftway Dresser | Blue Fringe Pillow

We am very pleased with our Driftway dresser. I have yet to see any other dresser that looks close to it. The texture is even more beautiful in person and it has held up so nicely.

I would be very careful about putting anything wet on it! This works so beautifully for us as a dresser, but I know myself and I am not careful enough to use the Driftway nightstands or anywhere I like to place a drink.

Cabot Console

Serena and lily sale on the cabot table in living room

Cabot console | sofa | antelope pillow | green floral pillow | small topiary (Amazon!) | Poetto dipped vase | La Jolla basket

I thought I needed a longer console since the back of our couch is 120″, but I realized with a basket popped right next to the Cabot console it fits just right, and visually is the perfect size!

Boonville Coffee Table

Serena and lily sale on the Boonville table in living room

The Boonville coffee table is meant for outdoors but makes an equally lovely indoor coffee table – or it could work as a side table between two chairs! This works especially well for a home with kids inside – this is so easy to keep white and wipe down! It is unique and beautiful.


a white canopy bed with wallpaper

Lighting is a great part of the sale – we have these lamps and I love the delicate features and the aged brass look. Here they are in our new home, unstaged but still looking beautiful.

dauphine lamp from Serena and lily sale
Serena and lily sale lamp in a living room

We placed the Bone Inlay lamps on either side of the fireplace cabinets; they are HUGE and beautiful! Really lovely pop of color.

Serena & Lily Table + Dining


All On Sale: End Chairs | Downing Table | Tucker Side Chairs | Light

If you’re hesitating over the dining table, I wrote a 1 year (not sponsored) review over of the Downing table!

We love our end chairs – they are so comfortable for long term sitting.

I would be careful with the side chairs – they work well for our family and our kids, but if you are tall you may not like them for yourself. They have a much petite frame than you can tell online. (I am 5.4″ and my husband is 5.8″).

Serena & Lily Pillows

I am looking to refresh our spring pillows for our living room from their new line. I just want to pop a few new ones into the mix I have going on.

My favorites are all in our playroom…. although I steal these and move them around sometimes, they are supposed to “live” here!

a playroom with the atelier coffee table

blue fringe pillow | pom pom stripe | navy lumbar | white plaid pillows | tall brass lamp

white Atelier coffee table (this has held up really well in our playroom!)

Below are a selection of my favorites from their new pillows:


I was excited to see they are carrying that extra long lumbar. That’s a new size, and perfect for a bed. They have the corresponding insert as well.

All On Sale: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

8 | 9 | 10 | 11 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

See All Their Pillows Here

bedroom with a bean bag chair and large art behind bed

We have a few pieces in Robbie’s room. Their loungers are a modern bean bag and big enough for 2 small children (or one large teen) to spread out on. 🙂 Their teak camp stools sit at the end of his bed and bring a fun stripe to his room.

Other items: rug | art | lamp | pillow | bed

Hanging Chairs: Indoors and Out

white hanging outdoor chair on a porch

We LOVE the outdoor hanging chair on our porch and so do our kids (and the neighbor kids!) Just make sure (before you buy) that you have about 3 feet for this to sway.

two ceiling chairs in a playroom

We put these two hanging chairs up last fall in the playroom and they are well used and well loved. Again, make sure you have enough room behind them to keep them from hitting the wall.

(See Our Playroom Here!)

Pacifica Dining Chairs


Pacifica Chairs | plaid outdoor pillows | blue and white planter pot | Eastport Umbrella

I can speak to the durability of the Pacifica Dining Chairs – even after they were out this past winter (we do cover the cushions though and I would recommend doing that for sure). We also are very happy with the gorgeous Eastport Umbrella (it’s heavy duty).

pacifica serena and lily outdoor patio

Pacifica Sectional | Pacifica Chairs | Coffee Table | Striped Rug | Umbrella | Side Table | Patterned Pillow | Blue Pillow | Plaid Pillow

Shop The S&L Outdoor Collection on Sale

20 Favorite Pieces from Serena & Lily Sale

Below are 20 high end beauties from the sale. You can click any of the images below to see more about the it.

Shop The Fall Site Wide 20% Sale Here

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